How did Ricky Bibey die? what happened? cause of death revealed

How did Ricky Bibey die? what happened? cause of death revealed

Ricky Bibey was discovered dead in the Hotel Continentale in Florence, along with a British woman who had been critically hurt and was at the hospital presently receiving treatment. Let’s see what happened, How did Ricky Bibey die, and what was his cause of death.



According to a police source, Mr. Bibey showed no visible symptoms of an injury that may have contributed to his death, and no other party was engaged. To check for the presence of drugs, Viagra, or other substances, samples were obtained.

“A specific item they appeared to be using has been taken for forensic analysis.”

The source continued, “As all the blood in the room would appear to have come from the lady, there is no evidence to imply Mr. Bibey died after being assaulted.”

More details are on the way.


What happened to Ricky Bibey?

Ricky Bibey, a retired rugby player, has been identified as the British man who was discovered dead in an Italian hotel room.

A UK citizen was discovered dead in his room at the Hotel Continentale in Florence yesterday at 8 a.m. local time, prompting police to be rushed to the first floor.

Another woman who may have suffered significant injuries was also taken to the hospital.

Manchester-born Rugby league player Bibey, 40, was believed to be the man found dead by the Italian media site La Nazione while his former team Wakefield Trinity paid tribute to him on Twitter.

Trinity is saddened to hear of the passing of former prop-forward Ricky Bibey, aged 40. Ricky played for Trinity between 2007 and 2009, making 60 appearances. We send our condolences to Ricky’s family and friends at this tough time.

The severely injured woman is identified as Owner & Managing Director at Jennie Platt Estates, Jennie Platt.

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How did Ricky Bibey die?

On Friday night, Bibey and Jennifer Platt, a 43-year-old colleague estate agent, arrived in the picturesque city.

At 2 a.m. on Saturday, they returned to the Hotel Continentale “in high spirits.”

July 17, 2022, Exactly 30 meters from the Ponte Vecchio, in a room on the first level of the Hotel “Continentale” at Vicolo dell’Oro 6r. A forty-year-old man passed away, and his 43-year-old companion was taken to the hospital with extremely critical injuries and had surgery right away. 

Both the man and the woman were discovered to have various physical injuries, however the woman’s injuries were more severe.

Englishmen from Manchester had only the day before visited the “Continentale”; he was a rugby player with a notable past in the English league named Ricky Bibey, and she is co-owner with the man of a real estate buying and selling business. The room where they heard noises in the early morning was thoroughly examined from top to bottom by the Mobile team, which included manager Andrea Di Giannantonio and the forensics, with blood all over the place and the room upside down. Ricky Bibey was lying on the ground; possibly his body had been moved so that the rescuers could simulate unsuccessful resuscitation attempts. Coroner Dr. Martina Focardi, who was present for the inspection, avoided making any hypothesis.

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Ricky Bibey Cause of death

One of the possibilities that the police still need to confirm is that the two visitors got into a fight that turned violent. However, it is not completely ruled out that an erotic game had a terrible outcome.

The rumor of a heart attack or seizure-related death had circulated, but in the case of a healthy 40-year-old sportsman, the scenario raises some questions. Unless the eventual substance abuse has crushed the former athlete. Furthermore, there are no indications on the rugby player’s body that point to violence as a primary or secondary cause of death.

There are a lot of things that need to be clarified. Everything is put on hold for the results of the autopsy that prosecutor Ester Nocera, who is also there, requested as well as the results of the histological, toxicological, and alcoholic testing. If the woman has sufficiently recovered from the long intervention, the interview with her, scheduled for today, will be assertive and even decisive.

In order to recreate what happened on the night of excesses, the police collected a few items. Up until late in the day, the forensics kept looking. exclude the existence of narcotic drug residues.

The first description provided by the police and other investigators leans heavily toward extreme eroticism and appears to rule out the presence of additional persons at the crime site. It is impossible to believe that someone “aggregated” and entered the couple’s room, even if the employees of the “Continentale” confirmed that the pair arrived back to the hotel alone and that no one approached them. The Mobile team neither possesses nor would have the necessary elements for an assault. For now, not even half of the investigations completed, according to a trustworthy source.

Despite not being married to the Ricky Bibey, according to police sources, the lady had children from a prior relationship.


Who is Jennie Platt?

Jennie Platt is the Owner & Managing Director at Jennie Platt Estates.

Jennie has been specialising in high-end rentals and sales across the city, as well developing properties and growing her portfolio over the last ten years. She started her career in Marketing & Advertising in London before returning to her roots and setting up the sister brand, City Centre Chic, in 2009. Jennie has a keen eye for property improvements and styling; she loves to share when helping clients to prepare their property for sale.

The company specialises in selling and renting residential properties to end users on the high street, rather than just estate agents. Most recent expansion sees Hale, Altrincham, Bowdon and Prestwich added to her portfolio of Prestwich & Whitefield branches.


Updates on Ricky Bibey’s death

“Although she was in a serious condition right now, she is stable, and her wounds are not life-threatening. We are attempting to reach out to her.”

According to travel publications, “honeymooners and those searching for a romantic weekend” visit the £350 per night hotel.

But while the horror played out on national television, British tourists could be seen watching from the adjacent Ponte Vecchio bridge as the crime site was taped off.

Following the incident, the UK Foreign Office claimed to be in contact with the Italian authorities.

In response to the death of a British man in Florence, a spokeswoman said: “We are in contact with the Italian authorities.”


Ricky Bibey rugby life

Ricky Bibey was a professional rugby player in the English league who played in the years 2000 and 2010. Tall 1.91 for 95 kilos of weight, at least at the time of the competitive sport, he represented England and at the club level, he played in the Wigan Warriors, Leigh Centurions, St. Helens, Oldham, and Wakefield Trinity Wildcats, as a prop, or second line.

He was born on 22 September 1981 in Leigh, Greater Manchester, UK.

Judging by the comments and post photos on social media, the couple had come several other times on holiday in Italy, perhaps also for any possible business in the field of investments or other business in the real estate sector.


Tributes to Ricky Bibey

Ryan Brierley tweeted Awful news this morning hearing the passing of Ricky Bibey, who looked after me in the early years at Leigh and always put his arm around me. Rest easy big man

Andy Grundy tweeted, Shocked to read this morning about the very sad news of the death of Ricky Bibey. I played with him briefly in the reserves at Wigan, a real character. RIP Ricky!

Louise Woodward-Styles tweeted, Tragic news coming out this morning that will shock the Rugby League Community. The untimely and sudden death whilst on the holiday of former Saints, Wigan, Wakefield & Leigh Prop Forward Ricky Bibey aged just 40. Condolences to Ricky’s friends, family & former teammates.

Eorl Crabtree tweeted, Very saddened to hear of the passing of Ricky Bibey, only 40 years of age, rugby league is a tough game but life is often far more brutal. My thoughts are with the family.

OldCodger-666 tweeted, Another young athlete dies! Ex-rugby league star Ricky Bibey dies on holiday at 40 as tributes pour in – Manchester Evening News



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