Here’s why did Trent William Millsap kill Bobby East? Cause of death Covered

Who murdered Bobby East, Trent William Millsap

Bobby East, a former Nascar racer, is stabbed and killed at a gas station. Trent William Millsap is a potential suspect in the alleged killing of the stock car racer. Let’s see who is Trent William Millsap, and why did he kill the racer.


Who is Bobby East?

Bobby East, sometimes known as Robert East, was born in Torrance, California, on December 17, 1984.

Bobby competed in stock car racing professionally.

He competed in NASCAR, USAC, and ARCA races for a living.

Bobby participated in Ford’s driver development program during his career in NASCAR and ARCA.


How did Bobby East die?

Bobby East passed away on July 13, 2022, at the age of 37. The United States Auto Club released a statement on July 15 regarding his passing. He allegedly passed away on Tuesday in a Westminster, California, stabbing.

On Wednesday afternoon in Westminster, California, close to Los Angeles, East passed away from stab wounds. East died at a nearby hospital after sustaining a chest wound, according to

Scroll down to know who is Trent William Millsap, the alleged suspect.

Who is Trent William Millsap?

Trent William Millsap, 27, has been named by police as a suspect in the alleged slaying of the stock car racer.

At 5:51 p.m., East, who Westminster police characterized as “probably itinerant,” was stabbed in the chest at a 76 gas station.

The man was discovered on the ground with a significant knife wound to the chest, according to a statement from Westminster Police Department (WOPD).

Officers tried to save the man’s life until OCFA paramedics came and took him to a nearby trauma center, where the victim passed away from his injuries.

Detectives from the WPD arrived on the site and took control of the inquiry.

According to WPD, Trent William Millsap is suspected of stabbing the victim and is believed to have fled the scene before officers arrived.

The suspect is described by police as a male, white, 6’5″ tall, with a strong build, bald, with tattoos all over his body, including his hands, arms, neck, chest, face, and hands.

“Additionally, Millsap has an unfulfilled parole warrant. He should be viewed as dangerous and armed. Millsap is a nomad who is known to stay in hotels in Westminster, Garden Grove, and Anaheim.”

Investigations are still being investigated.

Why did Trent William Millsap kill Bobby East?

There are no updates on why the murderer killed Bobby East. Few Reddit speculations claiming that there was a dispute between them in the 76 gas station resulted in the murderer stabbing Bobby East. But no information on what happened between them. We will update this article once the information is available.


Bobby East Cause of death

Bobby East was stabbed in the chest by a man while he refueled in Westminster, a city in northern Orange County.

At 5:51 p.m., a stabbing was reportedly reported at a 76 gas station in Westminster.

He was transferred to a nearby hospital where doctors declared him dead.

According to a source, Trent William Millsap, 27, has been named by the authorities as a suspect in the alleged murder of the stock car racer.

The accusations made against him are unknown.

The local police said in a statement that the victim was found on the ground with a significant stab wound to the chest.

Tributes to Bobby East’s Death

Shawndanner said,

What pisses me off about the suspect stabbing bobby east the same nite before bobby this dude stabbed a 76 yr old man they suspect is a transient and is wanted for parole violations makes me even angrier

Ric said,

No one should experience homelessness. No one whose substance use becomes a problem should face incarceration as the community’s “solution.” No one should end up stabbed to death at the 76. Details of the last years of Bobby East’s life reflect poorly on all of us, not on him.

Jacob Wilson said,

There was a stretch where Bobby East was so dominant at IRP, that everyone knew showing up you were racing for second. One of the best to ever do it on the pavement. Thoughts are with Bob, Janice, and the rest of the East family.

Charles Krall said,

I have the best memories of working with Bobby East. In an open-wheel car, there was no one better. So sorry to hear the news today. My love and thoughts are with his parents Bob and Janice, and the entire East family. Race in peace Bobby

Lance Jennings said,

A friend of mine, Noyce Naylor, had introduced me to Bob and Bobby East at the 2004 Turkey Night Grand Prix at Irwindale Speedway. Noyce had helped Bob during his days with CRA. Here is a photo of Noyce, Bob, and Bobby from that day.


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