How did Paul Ryder die? What happened? cause of death revealed

How did Paul Ryder die? Happy Mondays Star Cause of death

Paul Ryder, 57, a bassist with Happy Mondays, passed away unexpectedly. Let’s see what happened, How did Paul Ryder die, and what was his cause of death.


What happened to Paul Ryder?

‘The Ryder family and Happy Mondays band members are profoundly heartbroken and shocked to say that Paul Ryder passed away this morning,’ the band wrote in a tribute on Twitter.

A real pioneer and legend. He’ll always be missed.

We appreciate you respecting everyone’s right to privacy at this time.

Long live his funk x


How did Paul Ryder die?

Just hours before the band was scheduled to perform at the Kubix Festival in Sunderland, the musician was discovered dead today.


Paul Ryder’s drug addiction

Paul has previously been fairly open about his struggles with addiction during the band’s formative years and his usage of drugs.

He said, “It was crazy,” in 2013. “At age 18, I was working on an album. Although I had learned to read and write in school, my true education started on Mondays.

“Since I was 17 years old, I had used drugs. If you have the means to live comfortably, it comes with the territory, especially when those who work in the field provide it to you for free.

“This was particularly true in America. They rapidly realized that without drugs, there would be no show.”

The bassist also discussed his troubled connection with his brother, referring to him as a “k**b” who constantly twisted his melon in the past.

“By deed poll, our Shaun should adopt the Walter Mitty name. I’ll need to be apart from them all for four years to heal “said he.

He referred to the late Tony Wilson, the co-founder of Factory Records, by saying: “Tony told the world we were slime and that was how he marketed us.

Yes, we used a lot of drugs and enjoyed ourselves. Shaun, however, went too far. He started lying to me and spoofing me. He enjoys the spotlight and manipulates history to claim he was the first to do this, that, and other things.

I’ve held my tongue for 30 years. But no longer. The tour is beginning, our followers are returning, and people ought to be aware of my story. Yes, Shaun has brilliant lyrics, but there are moments when I watch him perform and think, “What a knob.”

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Paul Ryder’s son’s illness

Paul explained to MailOnline in 2014 how he used cannabis to cure his 11-year-old son’s illness.

He had claimed that despite being in recovery from addiction, he would never have pushed Chico to use drugs.

The performer claimed he and his wife made the choice to use cannabis oil after learning that their son had been diagnosed with a rare form of soft tissue cancer.

In November 2012, Chico became unwell and reportedly had a sore throat.

But only a few weeks after that Christmas, his family received the heartbreaking news that he had cancer, namely rhabdomyosarcoma.

The family’s doctors in Los Angeles recommended a synthetic version of cannabis to treat nausea and vomiting that came with the chemotherapy.

With the full backing of his medical staff, Chico’s parents went one step further with the treatment by delivering their then-11-year-old son cannabis oil through a stomach tube.

Paul, a Salford native, said to MailOnline: “I found myself advising him on how to take cannabis vapor via a vaporizing machine.”

It seemed strange, yet it provided him with immediate comfort and worked well.

“My drug usage struggles have a long history. My life was almost lost. However, they are currently being utilized to assist Chico.

Chico’s parents and older brother Sonny, who was 12 at the time, was completely taken aback by his condition.

He was a healthy, active little child until he became unwell, according to his mother Angela, 50. He adored football, dirt riding, and skateboarding.

“Everything was going great until we received a bombshell,”

On the side of Chico’s neck, a swelling developed along with a sore throat that persisted. Initial testing for lymphoma came out negative, which gave the family reason for relief.

But he fell seriously ill five days before Christmas in 2012.

Paul was on tour with the recently reformed band, and Angela sent him updates.

And one evening, just before he was due to take the stage in London, his phone beeped with news that would forever change his course of life.

“They are taking him to the hospital for more testing.” It has a 50/50 possibility of becoming cancer, the notification said.

Paul stated, “I was in a daze the entire show; I have no memory of performing at all.

“It was so bizarre to realize that while we were in a hospital coping with our biggest fear, the rest of the world was unaware, enjoying the celebrations, stuffing their faces with turkey, and having joyful family moments.”

Chico received a rhabdomyosarcoma diagnosis three days after Christmas.

Paul said to MailOnline, “I totally lost it when I came into his hospital bed because he looked so ill and weak.”

I immediately entered the restroom and threw up.

It was the beginning of a struggle in which Chico would escape death more than time, all the while keeping his parents’ and uncle Shaun’s secret pain from the public.

Shaun was really taken aback, according to his wife. He texted Paul to express his disbelief and to wish we weren’t so far away.

Like most others, he just lacked the words to respond.

Chico underwent a 43-week treatment of chemotherapy and radiation since surgery was deemed too unsafe.

To treat chemotherapy nausea, doctors recommended Marinol, a medication that is a synthetic version of cannabis.

Paul could not miss the irony of giving his son drugs.

I am a recovered addict and haven’t used alcohol or drugs in many years, so there’s no way I would ever have pushed my kid to use cannabis, he said to MailOnline.

But after hearing what Angela had found, I was forced to admit that we needed to acquire some for him.

We made the finest decision possible. It’s a medication, not a drug, in my opinion, and thank heavens we were residing in California.

‘As his tolerance increased, we gradually increased the dose. It significantly improved his general state of health.

It undoubtedly made the procedure more bearable. He began to smile. Although the therapy did not necessarily provide a solution to every issue, it did make his life more tolerable.


Paul Ryder Cause of death

The details of Paul’s passing and cause of death remain unknown. There are lots of speculations on social media about the star’s cause of death. But so far no update from the family side on how did Paul Ryder die. For further details, Medico topics have been in touch with a spokesman. We will update this article once the cause of death is revealed by the Paul Ryder family.

There were a few more performances in the last 3 years, but they were progressively spaced apart, so until last Saturday there was no news regarding the Ryder brothers.

The Happy Mondays’ initial founders were Shaun, 59, and Paul.


Tributes to Paul Ryder

James McMahon tweeted, Imagine Paul Ryder turning up at the gates of heaven. “Can’t let you in, you did loads of drugs and killed pigeons and all that shit”. “But I wrote the bass line to 24 Hour Party People”. “Okay then Paul, in you come”

Dave Haslam tweeted, Really very sorry to hear of the death of Paul Ryder – he made a massive contribution to Happy Mondays and was good company and a top fella RIP.

Scott said, Terrible news about a Manchester / Salford legend. Whilst Sean & Bez took the plaudits many missed just what a musical talent he was. RIP Paul Ryder.

Serenade said,

Very sad. I’m too young to have seen them live sadly but always thought they were under rated as musicians, well maybe aside from bez haha. They were an incredible and unique band and the bass lines were a big part.

People bang on about the stone roses but the happy Mondays are the better Mancunian band by far imo. Way more interesting.

Also that’s no age, rip man 🙁

the absolute scenes of this gig

What a band!

no disrespect to Bez, he was pure vibes

Shirly Moose tweeted, “That is awful news. What a good man he was. Thinking of all who knew and loved him”

Paul Houston said, So sorry to hear this Shaun. Condolences to all the family, band, and friends.

Stesmithy said, My deepest sympathies to you and all the family. RIP Paul.



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