How did Pamela Rooke die? “The Queen of Punk” cause of death revealed

How did Pamela Rooke die

How did Pamela Rooke die: Pamela Rooke, aka Jordan Mooney, a British model, and punk star, died of cancer on April 3 at the age of 66. Her partner and family were reportedly the first to learn of her death.


Who was Pamela Rooke?

Jordan Mooney was best known for her work with the legendary British rock band S*x Pistols and fashion designer Vivienne Westwood. Pamela Rooke became an icon of punk aesthetic through her association with Westwood and is often credited as one of the style’s leading pioneers.

The East Sussex, England native possessed numerous talents and had made a name for herself in a variety of fields, including modeling, acting, managing bands, writing, and working as a veterinary nurse. Jordan Mooney was a powerful figure who helped establish the ‘punk’ scene in 1970s London.

Jordan Mooney previously worked at the Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren boutique S*X before joining the band S*x Pistols. Mooney also made several appearances at S*x Pistol shows and was frequently seen in a ‘punk’ look at the band’s early televised gigs.

The model released her autobiography, Defying Gravity: Jordan’s Story, in 2019.


Cause of death

How did Pamela Rooke die: According to her family, Mooney was diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma (a rare type of cancer that affects the bile duct) a few years ago. The statement reads as follows:

“She did not want any rumors about her death and wanted the world to know that she died after a brief illness.”

Jordan, Pamela Rooke, died in her homeland of Seaford, East Sussex, England. At the time of her death, the late 66-year-old model was surrounded by her family.

An official statement by her family

“Jordan (Pamela Rooke) has made her mark on the world, whether as ‘The Queen of Punk,’ or for her veterinary work and numerous prize-winning cats…Jordan was a wonderful woman who will be remembered for many decades.”



Mark Rees tweeted
RIP Jordan: “Pamela Rooke, punk rock fashion icon, dies aged 66: Scene hero who appeared on stage with Sex Pistols and in films by Derek Jarman later became a veterinary nurse”: Ray Stevenson/Rex Features
Clem Burke tweeted
Jordan in Vogue. RIP Darling.
Líam Rudden tweeted
Farewell to model and actress Jordan, born Pamela Rooke, who played Amyl Nitrate in Derek Jarman’s cult 1978 classic, Jubilee, and was known for her work with Vivienne Westwood. Gone at 66. An icon. #RIPJordan #RIP
Wilson tweeted
Pamela Rooke aka Jordan, a regular at @pistolsofficial shows, manager of Adam and the Ants, a true punk rock fashion icon, has sadly died at the age of 66.
Katie Rife tweeted
RIP Pamela Rooke (aka Jordan), who spent her youth defining punk fashion in fetish gear and dramatic eye makeup before retiring from the scene to hang out with cats.
Adjoa Andoh tweeted
So sad to hear of Pamela Rooke’s, aka Jordan’s, death. A powerful encouragement to young girl punks like me to be our own walking works of art and never shrink for fear of the opinion of others. Rest In Power Jordan – punk rock fashion trailblazer
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