How did Ernie Nimmons die? Negro league basketball player cause of death explained

Ernie Nimmons cause of death

Ernie Nimmons, a former Negro Leaguer, passed away at the age of 92 on November 18, 2022. Let’s see how did the Negro Leaguer die and Ernie Nimmons cause of death in detail.

How did Ernie Nimmons die?

Ernie Nimmons, a former player of the Negro Leagues passed away. The following is an excerpt from a piece of news on Nimmons from the Sherrod Brown for Senate campaign.

Brown stated that “professional baseball players like Mr. Nimmons spent years in relative obscurity.” “Despite their skills and talents, baseball’s color barrier stood in the way of the opportunities that should have been open to them. It is time that those who played in the Negro League receive the attention and due they deserve.”

Ernie Nimmons cause of death

Nimmons, a Sandusky native, played first base and outfield for the Philadelphia Stars, the Kansas City Monarchs, and the Indianapolis Clowns. Ernest “Ernie” Nimmons, 92, died Friday, November 18, 2022, at the Ohio Veterans Home. Ernie had lived in Lorain for a while.

Ernie Nimmons cause of death is due to the age factor. He died peacefully at his home.

Hank Aaron and Nimmons were teammates and roommates while Hank Aaron was a member of the Clowns in 1952. Nimmons spent 34 years for Ford Motor Company in Avon Lake after graduating before retiring.

Additionally, Brown noted that Mr. Nimmons followed this tendency. Despite the fact that these possibilities should have been available to them given their skills and qualities, they were prohibited from pursuing them owing to the colour barrier.

Despite the fact that these chances ought to have been available to them given their abilities and capabilities, they weren’t. They ought to have been given access to these chances given their skills and certifications. The time has long ago passed for individuals who were a part of the Negro League to receive the respect and recognition they deserve.

Who was Ernie Nimmons?

Ernie Nimmons is a Sandusky native, who was a baseball player. He played professional baseball with the Indianapolis Clowns, Philadelphia Stars, and Kansas City Monarchs, in that order, throughout his career.
For each of these groups, he was an outfielder and first baseman. Nimmons was a lifelong resident of Sandusky.

Nimmons was formerly a pitcher with the Philadelphia Stars at one point in his career. Nimmons and Hank Aaron shared a room in 1952 when Nimmons was a member of the group known as the Clowns. He was also a member of the band the Clowns.

The Clowns band at the time included both Nimmons and Aaron. Nimmons joined in the United States military forces after his employment contract expired. After that, he continued his schooling and graduated with a bachelor’s in agriculture from the North Carolina Agricultural and Technical Institute. After finishing high school, Nimmons started working at Ford Motor Company in Avon Lake right away. He went there as soon as he was able to start working. He continued to work for the business until retirement.

Tributes to Nimmons:

Damon Cook commented,

Rest In His Heavenly Peace and Grace, Mr. Nimmons.

Mike Craig commented,

Prayers to The Family!! Rest in Heavenly Peace Mr. Nimmons!!!

David Stevenson posted,

BLESSED with a good long productive life. GOD REST YOUR SOUL Sir.


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