How did Pablo Milanes die? Cuban singer songwriter cause of death Explained


How did Pablo Milanes die? Cuban singer songwriter cause of death Explained

Pablo Milanes, a Grammy-winning and well-known Cuban balladeer, passed away at the age of 79 leaving the entire music fans in deep sorrow. Let’s see what happened to him and Pablo Milanes cause of death in detail below 

What happened to Pablo Milanes?

Pablo Milané’s demise was announced on various online sources.

one of the statements reads,

At the age of 77, Cuban troublemaker Pablo Milanés died in Madrid, Spain, after several days hospitalized due to a case of infections derived from an oncohematological disease; that was detected several years ago. And two weeks ago it was reported that he was in the hospital tied up but stable.

Another statement reads,

Legendary Cuban singer-songwriter Pablo Milanés has died in Madrid, Spain, at the age of 77, Cuban state media reported. Milanés, one of the most prominent representatives of Nueva Trova Cubana, has been admitted to a Madrid hospital for several days. The artist suffered from poor health, kidney disease, etc., for which he underwent a kidney transplant in 2014. The rendition of classics such as “Yolanda”, “El breve espacio que no estás” or “El amor de mi vida” has had to cancel several of his performances on the Días de Luz tour in recent months…



Pablo Milanes cause of death

The Latin Grammy-winning balladeer Pablo Milanes, who co-founded the “Nueva Trova” movement in Cuba and traveled the world as a cultural ambassador for the revolution, passed away in Spain, where he was receiving treatment for blood cancer. He was 79.

One of the most well-known singer-songwriters from Cuba, he produced numerous albums and hit songs including “Yolanda,” “Yo Me Quedo” (I’m Staying), and “Amo Esta Isla” (I Love This Island) during a more than 50-year career.

The death of Pablo Milanes has caused culture-wide grief in Cuba, according to a tweet from Prime Minister Manuel Marrero Cruz on Monday evening. According to Cubadebate, Milanes passed away on Monday. He canceled shows and said that he was going to the hospital at the beginning of November. Therefore, Pablo Milanes cause of death was revealed as various illnesses related to blood cancer.

Pablo Milanés “is still hospitalized and his medical report is stable”: his daughter denied the alleged death (Nov-16)

The singer was admitted to a Madrid hospital due to infections related to another disease.

The great maestro Pablo Milanés has all his followers and fans pending any news about his state of health, after four days ago the singer’s team published an official statement on their social networks announcing the cancellation of their next concerts, due to a health breakdown that ended in hospitalization.

” The teacher Pablo Milanés is currently hospitalized, in a stable condition, being treated for the effects of a series of recurring infections that in the last three months have been affecting his state of health,” says the first part of the statement, which It can be read in the official profile of the troubadour, his wife Nancy Pérez Rey and his daughter Liam Milanés.

In said communication, it is also stated that Milanés’ current health loss is “secondary to an oncohematological disease” that the artist has had to assume and attack for several years, which made him have to settle permanently in the capital Spanish since 2017 because there is a treatment there that he could not access from his native Cuba.

“For these reasons, for the moment, it has been necessary to cancel the concerts planned in the coming weeks and suspend all his artistic activity while this circumstance lasts,” adds the statement that also thanks, on behalf of Pablo, all his followers and fans, who even before found out about the difficult situation and began to express their concern and affection on social networks.


What is oncohematological disease?

Hematology, often known as the study of blood illnesses and oncology, is the diagnosis, therapy, and prevention of cancer.

Hematology-oncology treats tumors of additional organs in addition to thalassemias, hemophilia, sickle cell disease, leukemias, lymphomas, and iron deficiency anemia.

Hematology oncology specialists, often known as Heme/Onc. doctors are experts in diagnosing, treating, and preventing cancers like leukemia and lymphoma as well as blood disorders like anemia, sickle cell disease, bleeding disorders, and hemophilia.


Who was Pablo Milanes?

Cuban singer-songwriter and guitarist Pablo Milanés Arias passed away on November 21, 2022. He was born on February 24, 1943.

Along with Silvio Rodriguez and Noel Nicola, he helped found the Cuban Nueva Trova. He distinguished himself from Silvio Rodriguez’s sound with music that had roots in early 20th-century Cuban music traditions including the Trova, Son, and other traditional genres.

First public performance(1956)

In 1950, Pablo Milanés also referred to as Pablito, relocated to Havana with his family from Bayamo. The most prominent music school in the nation at the time, the Conservatorio Municipal de La Habana, was where he studied. 1956 saw the first of his public performances. By the age of 15, he was involved in Havana’s “bohemian” musical scene, which included the so-called “filin” musicians. Despite his support for the Cuban Revolution, he was transferred in 1965 to the Camagüey UMAP agricultural forced labor camp.

To protest the injustice of the labor camp, he deserted and arrived in Havana in 1967. He was imprisoned as a result, first for two months in La Cabaa, a Havana fortification from the 18th century, and then for a while in a prison camp. When the prison camp was shut down as a result of international pressure, he was liberated.

He joined the Grupo de Experimentación Sonora in 1969, a significant group of young musicians, many of whom went on to develop the Nueva Trova, a movement that got its start on February 18, 1968, with a performance by Pablo, Silvio Rodriguez, and Noel Nicola. Nueva Trova was the unofficial musical genre of the Cuban Revolution up to the late 1980s.

First Debut Album

Since his debut album, “Versos Sencillos de José Mart,” was released in 1973, he has released more than 40 solo records as well as numerous records with musicians from Cuba, other countries in Latin America, and Spain.

It took until 1976 for the release of his debut album of original compositions, “Pablo Milanés.” His creative peak was arguably in the early 1980s, when he released the albums “El guerrero,” “Yo me quedo,” and “Comienzo y final de una green maana.”

While Pablo is open to a variety of musical influences from different modern traditions, such as Brazilian music and Blues, he is often regarded as one of the Nueva Trova musicians who are most connected to the traditional origins of Cuban music.



Political anthems to masterful love melodies

His songs cover a wide range, from stirring political anthems to masterful love melodies. The poetry of Cuban authors like José Mart and Nicolás Guillén has been set to music by him.

Mara Teresa Vera, Lorenzo Hierrezuelo, Barbarito Diez, Benny Moré, Lucho Gatica, and Johann Sebastian Bach are a few of his most significant musical influences.

Personal life

With his Spanish wife and two sons, he has been in Vigo, Spain, since 2004. He had a kidney transplant in 2014, thanks to his wife’s organ donation.

Milanés has publicly criticized several aspects of the Cuban regime since moving to Spain, but he is still committed to the Cuban Revolution. His openness to discuss the revolution’s shortcomings harmed his friendship with Silvio Rodriguez. He hasn’t taken part in any pro-government campaigns recently.



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