How did Isabel Salgado die? Brazilian volleyball player cause of death Explained


How did Isabel Salgado die? Brazilian volleyball player cause of death Explained


Icon of Brazilian volleyball, Isabel Salgado dies at age 62 in São Paulo. Let’s see what happened to her and Isabel Salgado cause of death in detail

What happened to Isabel Salgado?

The death of the Brazilian volleyball star, Isabel Salgado, who was 62 years old, generated commotion on social networks after the news was released. Celebrities began to pay their respects in posts on the web with praise and remembrances.

The former winger was admitted to a hospital in São Paulo with a rare condition, adult acute respiratory syndrome (ARDS). The information is from the newspaper O Globo.

Among the famous, Astrid Fontenelle was one of the first to speak out. “The universe taking away from us another incredible, powerful, beautiful, politicized woman. Isabel, from volleyball, from Brazil, passed away today. She was on the transition team, and she was fine. 

Isabel Salgado cause of death

The death was confirmed by film producer Paula Barreto, in a message in the group Esporte Pela Democracia. “I made a call with her on Monday. She had the superflu. I told her to go to a hospital, she told me that she had already gone and tested negative for Covid. to the Sírio hospital on Tuesday morning.

When she woke up on Tuesday, she was already much worse. She was admitted to the Sírio in the CTI. They detected a bacterium that had already taken over her entire lung. She was intubated and had a cardiac arrest at 4 am today”, wrote Paula…

The strong flu knocked her down. It was NOT Covid, but one of those crazy, killer bacteria. There’s no way not to be shaken. Another one of my muses. I wish I had her strength, her claw. To the family, those beautiful children, my mother’s hugs. RIP Isabel “, he said. Thus, Isabel Salgado cause of death was revealed as complications from adult acute respiratory syndrome (ARDS)

The family took a position in a note: “We confirm the departure of one of the most important athletes this country has had. At the moment the family is reunited and we will not have any declaration. We ask for everyone’s understanding. This will be done as soon as possible. at the Caju Crematorium and Cemetery. Wake 11 am, Historic Chapel. And cremation scheduled for tomorrow at 2 pm.” COB regretted Isabel’s departure.



Isabel was one of the main volleyball players of the Brazilian national team in the 1980s and the owner of six World Cup medals. She participated in the 1980 Olympics, in Moscow, in the extinct Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), and in 1984, in Los Angeles, in the United States of America (USA).

She had also been announced that week as one of the names to compose the sports group of the Lula government’s transition team. Along with her, former volleyball player Ana Mozer and former soccer player Raí were nominated.

Maria Isabel Barro Salgado Alencar was born in Rio de Janeiro on August 2, 1960. She started playing volleyball for Flamengo. She left five children: Maria Clara (former beach volleyball player), Carol Solberg and Pedro Solberg (beach volleyball players), Pilar Salgado, and Alisson.


Isabel Salgado: Who was she?

Maria Isabel Barroso Salgado Alencar was a Brazilian volleyball player and coach. She played for the Brazilian national team, at the 1986 FIVB Volleyball Women’s World Championship Salgado was the mother of Pedro Solberg Salgado, Maria Clara Salgado, and Carolina Solberg Salgado, all of whom are beach volleyball players.

Isabel was the first Brazilian women’s volleyball star. Carioca from the gem, a girl from Ipanema, started her career in the youth teams of Flamengo. At the age of 16, she was already a regular at the club and soon joined the Brazilian national team, leading Brazil to the Olympic Games in Moscow, in 1980, and Los Angeles, in 1984.

Volleyball career

She was a pioneer when she became the first Brazilian woman to play professionally abroad, still a novelty at a time when volleyball was beginning to become professional in Brazil. Afterward, she paved the way for beach volleyball in Brazil, being a pioneer on the World Tour, when the modality reached the Olympic program. 

In 1994, she won, with Roseli, a stage in Miami. At that time, she was already a mother. There were four pregnancies in full career, something rare even today in the sport. Being a mother never stopped Isabel from continuing to be an athlete. On the contrary: later, she turned it into a technique for her children.

Isabel Salgado for Brazilian volleyball

An official statement reads, how Isabel Salgado important for Brazilian volleyball

Leaving the pain a little to the side, I need to talk about the importance of Isabel Salgado for Brazilian volleyball. I met Isabel in the 80s and quickly understood that I was in front of an icon of the sport. A woman who took up CBV and lack of transparency with sponsors at the time. First volleyball player to play outside, playing pregnant. I will never forget her attacking the net entrance with a massive belly. Unforgettable his attack power.

If inside the paintings she shone, outside her she was an example to follow as a Brazilian citizen. Revolutionary, truthful, consistent, good mom, fun, affordable. Raised children who became giant athletes just like her. Never omitted in the face of inequalities, hypocrisy, and reactionism. Orum is certainly partying as he was welcomed by a Queen today. My condolences to all the family and friends of this special woman called Isabel Salgado.


Three of her five children have had solid careers in beach volleyball. Carol Solberg is one of the favorites to go to the Paris Games — she currently works with Bárbara. His son Pedro won bronze at the 2015 World Championship and won the world tour in 2008. Maria Clara, the eldest daughter, aged 39, retired. As a youth, she won three World Youth medals.


Tributes to Isabel Salgado 


Maitê Proença also manifested herself on her Instagram with a tribute. “Isabel from volleyball left us. What evil winds take our best?! It wasn’t Covid, it was a strong flu with one of those crazy bacteria that took over the lungs of a cheerful, energetic, beautiful athlete, loved by everyone. My condolences to the family”, said the actress.

“The Brazilian Olympic Committee (COB) expresses its deepest regret for the death, aged 62, of Isabel Salgado, one of the most important and talented Brazilian volleyball players, this Wednesday, the 16th. COB sympathizes and sends condolences to Isabel’s family and …

The president-elect Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) and the president of the Workers’ Party (PT), Gleisi Hoffmann, paid homage to the former volleyball player of the Brazilian national team, Isabel Salgado. The athlete died this Wednesday morning (11/16), aged 62, in São Paulo. 

On social networks, Lula said that the player was a symbol not only in sport but also in the “fight in defense of her ideals”. “Her pioneering spirit in the sport opened doors for many Brazilian women. Her achievements took Brazil to another level in the history of women’s volleyball”, wrote Lula on her Twitter.

The former player had been announced this week as one of the names to compose the sports area of ​​the transition team of the next Lula administration. Isabel was hospitalized at Hospital Sírio-Libanês, in the central region of São Paulo, and reportedly received a diagnosis of Adult Acute Respiratory Syndrome (ARDS), which caused the athlete’s death.

Isabel Salgado cause of death Shocks me “My feelings and solidarity with the children, grandchildren, relatives, and admirers of Maria Isabel Barroso Salgado, our eternal Isabel of Vôlei”, he wrote. 

The president of the PT, Gleisi Hoffmann, also lamented the death of the former player. On Twitter, Hoffmann said that Isabel “contributed directly to the victory of democracy”. 

“We lost Isabel do Vôlei today with great sadness. A woman of talent, courage, and firm positions. She contributed directly to the victory of democracy and was in the sports group of the Transition Cabinet. Our solidarity with her family and everyone who admires her”, said.


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