How did Ros Singleton die? Cause of death & Cancer battle Explained

Ros Singleton Cause of death

Ros Singleton, a 39-year-old woman who fought cancer passed away. Let’s see how did Ros Singleton die and Ros Singleton Cause of death & Cancer battle in detail.

How did Ros Singleton die?

Ros Singleton, wife of Ray Singleton who appeared on The Ellen Show, who fought cancer has passed away suddenly.

Ray Singleton, husband of Ros Singleton shared her demise news on his Instagram post saying,

“Our wife earned her wings yesterday while peacefully sleeping right at home where she wanted to be.

This road ahead is going to be INCREDIBLY long & difficult! She taught us all SOMETHING…She’s where we’re all trying to get one day so no need to be sad! Now we celebrate her legacy, her impact, her story & HER SPIRIT!

She will LIVE FOREVER!!”



Ros Singleton cause of death:

Roslyn Singleton passed away due to cancer. Roslyn Singleton, a former navy officer, received her stage three brain cancer diagnosis in 2013—many years before she met Ray.

She visited the doctor because she had been suffering symptoms including headaches and impaired vision.
Her brain had an orange-sized tumor, according to an MRI. Roslyn had the tumor surgically removed and was now asymptomatic and cancer-free.

Roslyn returned for annual scans and had a clean bill of health for six years running. Cancer then came back on October 10, 2019. A second tumor, about the size of a half dollar, was found in the same area of Roslyn’s brain during a routine check-up.

Roslyn underwent scans, MRIs, blood tests, and visits to the doctor three to four times each week for the following three months. She used to sleep with a device that monitored her for seizures or any other unusual brain activity. Roslyn had previously experienced this diagnosis, but she didn’t have to go through it alone this time. Ros and Ray approached cancer with a positive mindset. But unfortunately, Ros passed away. Ros Singleton cause of death was cancer (glioblastoma).

Ros Singleton’s cancer story:

Members of her cancer care team at Novant Health are among those who are helping the former U.S. Navy veteran fight glioblastoma, an aggressive form of brain cancer.

Her stage 4 cancer has spread despite four operations and numerous rounds of radiation and chemotherapy, reaching parts of the brain that a scalpel would not dare to touch.

Ros Singleton death

“Whenever something is going on in my life, God always puts the right people just in front of me to make it a little easier,” she explained.

Only 5% of glioblastoma patients have a five-year survival rate above average. But Singleton is confident that she can overcome the odds, as is her husband, Ray, who has documented their journey on Instagram.

What happened to Ros Singleton?

Ros Singleton is confident that she can survive. In the past time, she always has a positive mindset. She has a glioblastoma, a rare form of cancer. 

She said, “I know what God can do,” Roslyn said, her voice rising with conviction. “My constant statement to him is: ‘Prove them wrong, prove them wrong.'”

Charlotte’s oncology specialist, Dr. Justin Favaro, her oncologist, said that nothing would be better.

Favaro said, “Roslyn is a fighter. She’s-never-say-die, I’m-going-to-keep-doing-what-I-have-to-do-to-beat-this.’’

“And I love that about her,” he added, “Because that does help her to keep pushing ahead for newer and better treatment options.”

TTF- New treatment:

Roslyn, 39, is not like other glioblastomas. Approximately half of those diagnosed with these rapidly expanding tumors are 65 years of age or older. Glioblastoma Foundation says men have a 50% higher risk of developing them than women do.

TTF treatment:

Roslyn Singleton is undergoing TTF treatment to help delay the progression of her cancer. She uses a portable instrument called Optune to stop cancer cells’ electrical activity.

At age 31, Roslyn received her initial diagnosis of a less severe form of brain cancer. She has already received the maximum amount of surgery and radiation. Her cancer cannot be cured; doctors can only attempt to manage it. Recently, Favaro added a more modern tool to her arsenal of therapeutic techniques called TTF.

Roslyn sought out Dr. Ziad Hage of Novant Health Brain & Spine Surgery – Cotswold, who specializes in these tumors after she relocated to Charlotte from South Carolina in 2016.

As her original tumor was aggressive, she needed to keep a close eye on her condition throughout time.

Rosyln, a real fighter:

“Every time she thought she was cured, you know, she would be and then, unfortunately, the disease recurred,” said Hage, who has developed a special relationship with the couple.

“You always try to prepare your patients that the disease may come back, but she never thought about that. She always thinks forward about it. She’s a fighter and an inspiration.”

Hage and Roslyn met to discuss her most recent brain scan in late January. The disease had spread into her brain stem. It controls vital biological processes like breathing, while another region of concern was diminishing. Hage reluctantly informed the Singletons that there was nothing else that could be done surgically.

He then said, “It’s in God’s hands.”

Tributes to Ros Singleton:

Carolyn Murray WCBD TV posted,

Their story of love and devotion captured our attention. Ray Singleton, shared with the world on The Ellen Show, America’s Got Talent, and even on WCBD News 2, his commitment to his wife as she bravely battled brain cancer.

With the family’s permission, I share the news that Ros Singleton passed away.

“This road ahead is going to be INCREDIBLY long & difficult! She taught us all SOMETHING…She’s where we’re all trying to get one day so no need to be sad! Now we celebrate her legacy, her impact, her story & HER SPIRIT!

She will LIVE FOREVER!!”

Ray Singleton

Drina-Dreams Clark posted,


And I did not want to see this post this soon. Every day I was going to Ray Singleton, MEd] page to check on Roz and to open IG and see this all I can say NOOOO

I feel like I lost a friend. So sorry, Ray Singleton, MEd. Because your love and care for her were beyond admirable. So, we pray for you during this process. Because I have been following her journey for a few years now and these past couple of months. She battled the return of brain cancer this time stage 4 she kept fighting “her words”

Death is sneaky and uncomprehending.

Take your rest @iamrosroyal

Hamilton R. Grant posted,

While I strongly believe that life is full of lessons and never losses. But this is a monumental loss. The world fell in love with Roslyn Royal Singleton & Ray Singleton from afar but many of us were spoiled to have a front-row seat to this fairytale. God thank you for our dear sister’s life and thank you for our brother’s example. So, Help us to somehow rejoice with this heavenly gain while dealing with this earthly loss


hermusicofficial posted,

Celebrating her beautiful light and praying for you 🙏🏽❤️❤️

24 Foundation tweeted,

We are to share that Ros Singleton has passed away. She had a major impact on everyone at @24foundation  especially at the survivor breakfast at #24HoursOfBooty Thoughts are with Ray, their family & the cancer community that they both touched so very much. #LongLiveRos


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