How did Gerhard Rodax die? Cause of death & Train accident Explained


How did Gerhard Rodax die? Cause of death & Train accident Explained

Former Austrian international Gerhard Rodax passed away at the age of 57. Let’s see what happened to him and Gerhard Rodax cause of death in detail


What happened to Gerhard Rodax?

Gerhard Rodax, a former international for Austria, has received tributes in the wake of his terrible passing. The 57-year-old reportedly died on Thursday after being struck by a train near Traiskirchen.

One FaceBook statement reads,

Former ÖFB striker and former Atleti player Gerhard Rodax have passed away. He was only 57 years old. Our deepest condolences to family and friends. RIP

Rodax made 20 appearances for the national team. He lived his peak in the Admira: in 192 games he scored 84 goals, and in 1990 he was crowned top scorer. As such, he moved to Spain to join Atlético Madrid the following summer. As runner-up for the Rojiblancos, he returned to Austria in 1992 and signed for Rapid. He finished his career in 1996 at Admira.

He was reportedly hit by a train on the southern railway line near Traiskirchen on Wednesday morning. Must have been an act of desperation. He leaves behind his wife and two daughters.

Gerhard Rodax cause of death

Two daughters were left behind by Rodax, who was married. He had been suffering from illness before this tragic incident.

Rapid Wien issued the following statement: “Today we received some really sad news. “After a protracted illness, our former player Gerhard Rodax passed away tragically at age 57.


His devastated family has our deepest sympathies. “The OFB family mourns the passing of his former striker Gerhard Rodax,” the Austrian Football Association (OFB) declared. 57 years old was the Austrian’s death age. His thankful memory will live on in the OFB.


Who was Gerhard Rodax?

  • Gerhard Rodax was an Austrian striker who played professionally from 29 August 1965 to 17 November 2022.
  • He was born in Tattendorf, Rodax. His professional career began at Admira Wacker, where he spent seven years before leading the Austrian Football Bundesliga in goals scored in 1990.
  • That got him a contract with Atlético Madrid in Spain, but he only played there for a little over a season before returning to Austria to join Rapid Wien, where he ended his career in 1993 at the age of 28.


  • He had a brief comeback at Admira during the 1995–96 campaign.
  • In 1985, Rodax made his international debut for Austria. He competed in the 1990 FIFA World Cup and scored in the 2-1 victory over the USA in Florence.
  • He accrued 20 international victories and three goals. The encounter against Sweden in May 1991 was his final international appearance.
  • Rodax played in 246 Bundesliga games for Admira and Rapid, was named Austria’s top scorer in 1989, was a legionnaire at Atletico Madrid, and finished 246 games as a member of both teams.
  • Rodax had previously played for Admira in his youth, where he was able to turn pro in the 1982–1983 campaign. He had an exceptional 1989–1990 season playing with the Lower Austrians.
  • On March 28, 1990, in Malaga, the blond striker grabbed international headlines for his top-scoring performance (35 goals), selection as Austria’s footballer of the year, and other accomplishments.
  • After falling 2-0, Rodax scored the winning goal in a 3-2 victory over Spain, which caught the attention of Atletico Madrid and led to a summer transfer to the Spanish capital.
  • Due to the then-current foreigner restrictions, he was no longer regularly used by Atletico and left the club in Austria at the end of 1991. In his first season, he scored nine league goals for the club.


Tributes to Gerhard Rodax

Sana said,

We mourn the sensitive passing of our former player Gerhard Rodax. The red-and-white striker died at the age of 57. From our Peña we join the sorrow that overwhelms his family and friends. R.I.P

Josef said,

It was news that shook you, at the very least affected you. Gerhard Rodax, once a goal-getter for Admira-Wacker (84 goals in 192 games), then for Atletico Madrid, also at the Italian World Cup 1990, died at the age of 57 under dramatic circumstances – caught by a train on a rail crossing! The locomotive was reported to have no chance of slowing down the train.

Alpha said,

Unfortunately, the former ÖFB team striker and former Atleti player Gerhard Rodax have left us. We pray for his eternal rest as well as all our love to his family and friends, especially his wife and 2 daughters

Bobby said,

My God, we were young back then – today Gerhard Rodax, 1989 Austrian Footballer of the Year, has passed away. Rest in peace.

Franz said,

The death of Gerhard Rodax is a tragic loss to the sporting world.
My condolences to his family and all those who were close to him!

Protekthar said,

#DEPRODAX Today we learned of the death of Austrian Gerhard Rodax, a charismatic forward who played for the @atleticodemadrid

in the 1990-91 season. He won a Copa del Rey and earned the affection of all the mattress makers. Before @karimbenzema, he was already playing with the arm protected. A pioneer. A great one. Always in the memory. #RestInPeace



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