How did Courtney Kampa die? Cause of death & Car Accident Explained

Courtney Kampa, a celebrated writer, and poet, unexpectedly passed away. Will Anderson, her husband, provided official confirmation on Tuesday, November 15. Let’s see how did Courtney Kampa die and Courtney Kampa cause of death and about car accident in detail.

How did Courtney Kampa die?

Courtney Kampa’s internet obituary from November 15, 2022 states that she passed away unexpectedly as a result of a deadly car accident.
However, the precise reason of death was kept a secret.

Courtney Kampa Cause of death

According to reports, the reason for Courtney Kampa cause of death was a horrific vehicle accident in which one other person died.

Although the death has been confirmed, Courtney Kampa cause of death have not yet been made public.

Medico topics have been trying to reach out to the family and relatives for comment on the incident. So far no responses have been received. We will update the page once enough information is available. More information on Courtney Kampa cause of death will be added soon.

“Always will be my dream girl”

Courtney was married to William Charles Anderson who is a singer and Songwriter from America. He was a member of the Parachute Pop Rock band.

“Always will be my dream girl,” said Courtney Kampa’s husband about her passing.

The musician Wil Anderson shared the sad news of his wife’s passing on Instagram under the account @willyj1234, although he did not provide a cause of death.



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A post shared by Will Anderson (@willyj1234)

The selfie in the post showed the duo donning coordinating grey sweatshirts.

Anderson informed his 327k followers of the sad news in a heartfelt post, remembering Courtney Kampa for her intelligence, humor, and kindness.
He proclaimed his love for her as he concluded the little note.

Who was Courtney Kampa?

Virginia is where Courtney Kampa was born and raised. She graduated from Columbia University with an MFA after earning her undergraduate degree from the University of Virginia.

She also worked as a fellow with the Stanford University Wallace Stegner Fellowship from 2017 to 2019. Before beginning to write, she studied ballet as a child.

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Courtney was most well-known for being a talented poet. She was a poetry and writing instructor in Nashville, according to the biography on her website.

Kampa was a prolific author who has been featured in several publications.

She was well-known for having work published in several prestigious publications, including the Boston Review, the Journal, the Atlantic, Poets & Writers magazine, and the National Poetry Review.

Her first book, ‘Our Lady of Not Asking Why’, a collection of her poetry, was published.

Some of Kampa’s work 


“Our Lady of Not asked why” her book was widely read and led her to get a national award for her work.

In addition to the national award, Courtney received numerous other honors, including those from Nest New Poet, North American Review, The Atlantic Poets and Writers magazine, and many others.

She was a finalist for the Ruth Lily Prize in 2016 and her poetry has received numerous honors, including the Rattle Poetry Prize Readers’ Choice Award in 2014.

She also received the University of Columbia’s David Craig Austin Memorial Award, which honored her with the memorial.

Tributes to Courtney Kampa

Fans and well-wishers wish Will and his family nothing but the best.
The poetry collection Courtney wrote is now available wherever books are sold for those who wish to pay tribute to her memory.

Elizabeth Foss, a fellow novelist, and writer addressed the passing of Kampa and Irene Starrs in a Facebook post, expressing her incomprehension over it.

She wrote:

“Grief upon grief. And grief still unspoken. An incoherent post because I cannot make sense of it all. Please pray for the repose of the souls of Irene Starrs and Courtney Kampa. And please, please pray for the consolation of the people who love them.”

margot tenenbaum tweeted,

“Courtney was truly an extraordinary person – this is truly a devastating loss. She taught me how to trust my voice and write without fear. I feel so lucky to have known and loved her. Much much love.”

Amy Lemmon tweeted,

“I saw Will’s post on Instagram. I can’t believe it. In shock.”

Nichole LeFebvre tweeted,

“Oh god, this is so sad.”

We wish her eternal  peace and send our thoughts and prayers to her loved ones,family, friends.May she rest in peace.


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