Watch Video: How did Shanquella Robinson die? Cause of death & violent attack Explained



Watch Video: How did Shanquella Robinson die? Cause of death & violent attack Explained

A distressing video of Shanquella Robinson, a native of Charlotte, being assaulted by a friend has gone popular on social media. Friends said the North Carolina woman died from alcohol poisoning after being brutally beaten in Mexico. Let’s find out How did Shanquella Robinson die, What happened to her, and the cause of death in detail.

Watch the horrifying video of Shanquella Robinson being beaten up in Mexico.

This article discusses physical violence and content for adults (18+). Reader discretion is recommended.




The mystery unraveled (Nov-16)

The businesswoman from North Carolina went on vacation to Cabo with some buddies to honor one of her friends’ birthdays.

Surprisingly, the 24-year-old passed away just 24 hours after the group arrived.

Shanquella Robinson’s parents Salamondra and Bernard were informed that alcohol intoxication was the cause of her death.

However, the authorities discovered that there was another potential cause of death after the parents informed the FBI about their daughter’s inexplicable death in Mexico.

According to Salamondra, her daughter suffered a “broken neck” and a “cracked spine in the back” in an interview.

Brutally attacked by her friends

Although a formal explanation of how the victim’s injuries occurred has not yet been made public, it is possible that she was attacked by her friends.

Friends brutal attack

The shocking video, which has not gone popular on social media, shows a woman repeatedly beating Shanquella Robinson as she is naked in a room.

The violent attack in the room was later captured on camera by the friends. The buddies appeared to be supporting the attacker at one point as the victim lay on the ground. At least fight back, a man who was recording the brawl was heard saying.


Six friends who traveled with Robinson

The six buddies that traveled with Robinson to Mexico were depicted in pictures provided to The North Carolina Beat. Strangely, there is no internet access to the social media accounts of friends Khalil Cooke, Malik Dyer, Wenter Donovan, Alysse Hyatt, Daejhanae Jackson, and Nazeer Wiggins. This seemed strange to internet users.


UPDATE: Suspect 


Who is Daejhanae Jackson? Shanquella Robinson death

Many people have more questions than answers about Shanquella Robinson’s passing. Although a friend’s beating of her can be shown on film, the reason behind the incident is still a mystery. But it’s obvious that before she passed away, Shanquella was the victim of a horrifying act of violence.

The attack’s footage is brutal and upsetting. It shows Shanquella being repeatedly struck and kicked by her friend. While her friends observed and recorded the assault on their phones, the victim stayed naked the entire time.

Although the motive for the attack is unknown, it is evident that Shanquella was severely battered before she passed away. Also, the video of her attack serves as a somber reminder of the violence she experienced before passing away.

Since the video went public, the names and images of Robinson’s companions have surfaced online, raising doubts about their loyalty. Additionally, Twitter users learned that the suspected attacker of Robinson was Daejhanae Jackson.

Her pictures have been making the rounds on social media thanks to several netizens. The attack’s video has sparked questions about the city’s safety and security and has once again brought attention to the problem of violence against women.


However, it is important to note that this is an assumption. Till now it has not been confirmed by the police. check back for updates.


Shanquella Robinson’s cause of death Death certificate statement (atlas luxation)

News outlets were able to get Robinson’s death certificate, which listed his cause of death as “severe spinal cord injury and atlas luxation.”

Atlas luxation: What is it?

Shanquella Robinson died as a result of neck trauma and spinal cord damage. According to VCA animal hospitals, Atlantoaxial luxation or atlas luxation is a condition where unstable or extreme movement is present in the first two vertebrae of the neck.

The atlas and axis are the names of the first two neck bones. The first bone in the neck, the atlas, is situated closest to the head.

Traumatic injury or a hereditary condition can both lead to atlas luxation. The two bones that are put on the spinal cord must move unstable against one another for such an injury to occur.

It’s reasonable to believe that Robinson’s injuries were from her companion physically assaulting her. Robinson can be seen in the now-famous social media video being stripped down and repeatedly thrashed by her pal.

The people she traveled with recorded the incident on camera and applauded the attacker. In the footage, a man can be heard urging, “At least fight back,” at one point.

The cause of Shanquella Robinson’s death is still under investigation. Check back for updates.


Shanquella Robinson death case: Explained (Nov-12)

After the entrepreneur from Charlotte, North Carolina, Shanquella Robinson, 25, passed away while traveling to Cabo, Mexico, with several friends over the weekend of Halloween, her family is in deep sorrow.

Bernard and Salamondra Robinson, her parents, are looking for information about what happened to their daughter.

According to Shanquella Robinson’s mother Salamondra Robinson, she won’t feel at ease until someone is taken into custody.

Both the cause of Shanquella Robinson’s death, at age 25, and whether anyone should be arrested are still up in the air.

Shanquella Robinson who was widely renowned for her braiding hair business was discovered dead in Mexico after only one day of travel. Her family claims that Robinson’s acquaintances informed them that she was intoxicated.

Salamondra stated, “They had a villa, and they spent the entire night there.” They hardly left the house.

She explained, “No one told the same story, so I never believed them anyhow.


Shanquella Robinson’s Autopsy reports

Robinson’s death certificate, which Queen City News received, states serious spinal cord injury and atlas luxation as the causes of death.

That indicates instability in the top vertebrae. The line “individual discovered unconscious in her living room” appears in the part where officers could have seen any signs of alcohol.

Salamondra remarked, “They didn’t call us until the last minute, and on top of that, they stated the maid found her.

On, a home called Villa Linda 32 was where the group lodged. According to a corporate representative, the group requested assistance from the concierge Saturday afternoon.

The concierge made a doctor-on-call, who performed CPR. Robinson passed away at 3 p.m., roughly 15 minutes after being hurt.

The seven visitors that checked into the villa were listed, and Queen City News was able to reach them at the phone numbers they left for the rental agency. Other numbers went to voicemail while some were invalid.

Was it a violent or accidental death? is written on the death certificate

It’s unclear which option the authorities intended to choose since “Yes” was put into that section.

Before this, the U.S. State Department informed Queen City News that according to Mexican authorities, there isn’t any conclusive proof that Robinson was killed.

Her death was not caused by drinking, according to Shanquella’s autopsy, which also found that she had been beaten and suffered from a broken neck and a cracked spine.

Salamondra claimed that Shanquella’s face was swollen, she had a knot on her head, her eyes were swollen, and her lips were split in images that were sent to her and her family.

Internet users furious with FBI conclusions regarding the death of Shanquella Robinson

When it was discovered that Robinson did not pass away from alcohol poisoning, internet users were furious. Many questioned the innocence of the victim’s companions. The six individuals who traveled to Mexico with Shanquella Robinson were blamed by several online users.

Several tweets stated:

Don said,

Omgggg I didn’t know she died!!!! This is exactly what happened to Keeneka Jenkins in Chicago a few years back! I hope they all get punished. Justice for Shanquells Robinson!

Mark Freeman said,

All the friends would have had mysterious accidents that resulted in their death if that was my daughter. They show no remorse.

Asia tweeted,

It’s so sad how people would secretly hate you and start plotting on you! She was invited on the trip because they had all this plotted already..within 24hrs of arriving she’s dead? No way.

mstrillkay tweeted,

It’s very suspicious that you can’t find any of them on social media. They’re guilty.

saran tweeted,

Nah those “friends” did something to her. Even if it was an “accident”. They did it or know which ones did. Smh

Tina snow tweeted,

That’s disturbing & I hope the family gets justice

The victim’s family was concerned about the primary cause of death

In an interview, Shanquella Robinson’s sister Quilla Long disclosed that the family had received phone calls from individuals in Mexico who claimed that Robinson was physically assaulted during a fight. The family continued to accept the alcohol poisoning allegations, nonetheless.

Long also stated that Cooke seemed nervous when he met the family. The victim’s mother said

“Now that stuff did happen, I can go back and say “that’s why he was pacing,” I mean, you would have thought he was coming off something like he was high. He was nervous, he was sweating, and grabbing his beard… It had to be eating him up then.”

Bernard, the victim’s father, said that he thinks Cooke is aware of Robinson’s death.

“They left her there,” man, an emotional Bernard, said. “They left my daughter over there. I can’t believe it.”Bernard stated repeatedly:     “He knows what happened. He knows what happened”


After Robinson passed away, the victim’s pals went back to their homes, but Robinson’s body was still in Mexico. The victim’s body was delivered to his or her house two weeks and $6,000 later.

The Charlotte office of the FBI has been asked to help investigate the victim’s death mystery. Robinson’s family has also been advised to consult a private eye.

A new update: A Shanquella Robinson friend speaks out.

One friend of Shanquella’s has only recently spoken out about the horrific event. One of her purported companions claimed they were not there during the incident in a video that The Neighborhood Talk was able to obtain.

The unidentified individual asserted that he didn’t get to Cabo until the next day after everyone else did.

See what he said after the break.



People began sharing their outrage and sense of justice for Robinson as soon as the shocking footage of her abuse became public on social media.

Susan hall,

We are requesting that to investigate the murder and cover-up of #shanquellarobinson in Mexico by 5 “friends.” All info is posted on all social media platforms. No one should suffer a brutal, fatal beating and get filmed by instigators. Arrest them all. #justiceforshanquella

Sudan tweeted,

This is so sad. The video is disgusting. There’s nothing worst than a jealous friend. This reminds me of Keneeka Jenkins. Praying for her family  #justiceforshanquella

Only She said,

The fact that they recorded that situation happening, beat her up, and then called her mom and said “ alcohol poisoning” is beyond jealousy  they weren’t baby girlfriends, to begin with… #justiceforshanquella #shanquellarobinson that video broke my heart 

April tweeted,

I feel we judge those who have “no friends” very harshly. Sometimes “no friends” is for your protection. Jealousy is very dangerous. I watched that video of #ShaquellaRobinson and it breaks my heart that she trusted those evil people as her friends #justiceforshanquella

Slim said,

One of the things that disturb me the most about situations like this is how people can commit (or witness) a MURDER & go on about their business gleefully as if nothing happened. To turn around & live it up on IG after like nothing happened is truly VILE. #JusticeForShanquella

Wendy Williams said,

I pray for Justice for this Mother & family. I pray that the jealousy and envy amongst Women stop. These haters weren’t her friends they were her enemies! #justiceforshanquella #shanquellarobinson
Keke bee said,

How tf is that poor girl dead not even 24 hours into entering Cabo? Then her “friends” left her and lied to her mom! No one has been charged yet and now it’s a video of one of them actually fighting her and she’s not fighting back!!?? OH, I HAVE BEEN PISSED! #justiceforshanquella

Hurricane said,

I’m not gonna post the video of her getting beat up, but have y’all heard this story about the young lady going to Cabo with friends and dying within 24 hours of the trip?? #justiceforshanquella

Sensua psychic said,

#daejhanaejackson you MURDERED #shanquellarobinson with your little friends watching. What is wrong with you? Why would you Beat a Naked Drunk Woman so severely you KILLED her!!! #justiceforshanquella #justiceforquella

sage said,

There is no such thing as friends anymore these days. Just jealous and evil demons fr. This poor lady was beaten and humiliated and her ‘best friend’ didn’t do a thing. #justiceforshanquella be careful who y’all call y’all’s friend. Keep ya circle small.

essentially essence said,

This #shanquellarobinson case sounds too much like the #kennekajenkins case. & that case literally haunts me. Watch the company you keep because ain’t no way I can tell my best mom that some shit happened to her daughter and I left w/o her body, weird as. #justiceforshanquella

Crows feet said,

I’m so glad that a lot of things unfolded the way that they did with me this year mainly the past few months because I’ve ALWAYS known that jealousy and hate were very real‼️ my momma always told me to be careful who u call your “FRIENDS” because them H**s ain’t real friends nowadays u gotta be more observant and if your gut telling you NO then stick with it … SHANQUELLA ROBINSON didn’t deserve what was done to her ‼️‼️ I pray that her family received the justice she deserves





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