How did Don Morris die? Speedway racer cause of death Explained


 How did Don Morris die? Speedway racer cause of death Explained

Another legend passed away: Speedway legend side-car rider/passenger and NSW Long track Champion Don Morris unexpectedly passed away yesterday. Let’s see what happened to him and Don Morris cause of death in detail.


What happened to Don Morris?

The pole line official FaceBook page announced the passing news of Don Morris yesterday, the statement reads the following,

Don Morris passed away yesterday doing what he loved. He was a true gentleman and loved by everyone. I was very close to him and there are really no words. If anyone needs a chat give me a call. Rip don poppy morris

Don Morris cause of death

We regret to inform you that Don Morris, the NSW Long Track Champion, has passed away. Donny was considered a good friend with a great passion for music, sport, and touch footy (best teammate) Wallsend Wolves and was a fan of our band as much as we were of him a statement by his buddy. Some online sources report that he passed away after an automobile crash one of the statement reads the following,

RIP Don Morris …. only just found out he was involved in a crash last night... Even though I have had a few years of the track now that day when we catch up will never happen… Going to miss u champ…. but u will be on the track in the afterlife with the rest of them…Condolences to Liz and her family for their loss. Although, Don Morris’s actual cause of death has not yet been disclosed. We’ll update this article as soon as we learn more details.

We would like to send our deepest sympathy and condolences to Liz and the family of Speedway legend side-car rider/passenger and NSW Long track Champion Don Morris who sadly passed away yesterday. We had a lot of admiration for his craft, there aren’t too many people that have the courage to swing from the back of a sidecar. RIP mate, you will be sorely missed.


Don Morris obituary

End of the road(s) for the Triumph and Morris marques – 1984. As discussed in a couple of recent posts 1973 saw Triumph celebrate 50 years of building cars while Morris celebrated its “Diamond Jubilee” – 60 years after the first Morris was built at Cowley.

But just eleven years later, both were coming to the end of the road, with obituaries for both Morris and Triumph appearing in the Times in 1984 (attached).

The last Morris vehicle introduced by BL (though not the last one built) would have to be the (short-lived and mostly forgotten) Morris Metro van introduced in October 1982 – which was itself superseded by the better-engineered Austin Metro 310 van (with a higher 310kg payload, flat floor, and bulkhead) in late 1983.

The Morris Metro van appeared only shortly after the revised (and Longbridge-built) SL and SLX versions of the Morris Ital cars, which appeared in mid-1982 and count as the last Morris cars – though they were just lightly revised versions of the Morris Ital launched in mid-1980 – itself an evolution of the Morris Marina launched in 1971.

The last Morris-badged vehicle to have been built by BL would have been a Morris Ital (440/575) van. Although currently, one can buy an electric Morris JE van from “Morris Commercial”. (Also – MG is now selling vehicles badged “Morris Garages” )

The last Triumph to be introduced would be the 1981 Triumph Acclaim or – if we’re being specific – the Triumph Acclaim L – an entry-level model that joined the range in 1982… Triumph Acclaim production at Cowley ceased in 1984 in favor of the new Rover 200 Series, built at Longbridge.

But if you don’t regard the Acclaim as a real Triumph, then I suppose the final Triumph car to be introduced would be either the 1979 Triumph TR7 convertible or the TR8 (launched in the USA in 1980)

Tributes and condolences to Don Morris

Norm Moore

RIP Don, hell this terrible, great guy Donny was, his brother Brian use to work for me. So sorry to hear this.

John N Sandy Bennett

What an amazing human being been friends for decades. We are going to miss our chats and catch-ups. Rest in peace our Dear friend.


RIP, Don Morris. The long-time and popular speedway sidecar passenger passed away from injuries sustained in an accident on Friday night at Lake Liddell Speedbowl. He was 65. Our condolences go out to all of Morris’s family and friends during this difficult time.

Michelle Shield

Awesome tribute to honor Donnie well done Dave  RIP Don keep racing up high. 

Katrina Goldsmith

It took so many goes to do the voice-over. Kept cracking, but I’m happy with what I did for Donny.

Robyn Farrell

Dave Donny would be so proud of the lovely tribute you put together. RIP Donny A legend was taken to soon.  



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