How did Chic Henry die? What happened? Cause of death revealed

How did Chic Henry die

Anthony Robert “Chic” Henry died on Thursday, April 14, 2022, in Canberra, his adopted home. He was 75 years old when he died unexpectedly. Let’s see how did Chic Henry die.


Who was Chic Henry?

Summernats – named for’summer’ and ‘national’ – was founded in 1988 by Henry, a self-confessed’rev head’ and modified car enthusiast, and has grown into a legendary event held annually over four days in Canberra.

It became known as the largest, loudest, and most colorful car show in the Southern Hemisphere, attracting over 100,000 car fans and revelers.

It is famous for its legendary burnout displays, parades of restored vehicles and ‘street machines,’ night concerts with lots of drinking, and hundreds of women, many of whom are scantily clad to accommodate the event’s 30-degree January temperatures.

More than 1,800 cars compete in a street machine judging competition and ‘the world’s largest burnout battle’ in a Chic Henry-themed burnout pad grandstand.

Summernats began as a small car show in the nation’s capital and grew into a huge success, inspiring ‘Nats’ car festivals across the country.

The festival featured a variety of driving events, crowned a grand champion, crowned a Miss Summernats, and was the site of several accidents.

At Summernats 2006, one such crash injured several people, and there were crowd control issues with street cruise events involving up to 400 participants.

Following one incident, Mr Henry was quoted as saying it was the result of “people having a bit too much fun, maybe having a bit too much alcohol.”

Luke Newsome, 30, of Queensland, died in 2017 after falling from the back of a ute during the festival.

It was the first death in the event’s 30-year history, and police were called in.

Following the incident, revelers were temporarily prohibited from riding in the back of utes.

Mobs of men reportedly harassed female patrons in 2008 and 2011, holding placards that read ‘t*ts out for the boys’ and shouting at them to ‘take your top off.’


Cause of death

Anthony Robert ‘Chic’ Henry, the 75-year-old founder of the Summernats car festival, died on Thursday After a long battle with cancer, in his adopted home of Canberra.

Chic Henry’s wife, Debra Henry, survives him. She is the daughter of Georgia Henry, the son of Kody Henry and his wife Filia Henry, Angela Henry, Angela’s partner Jason Pettet, and Lauren Henry. A memorial service will be held at a later date.

Chic’s family is planning a memorial service at Exhibition Park in Canberra, with specifics to be finalized.

Furthermore, the event is open to the public, and cool cars are encouraged to attend. Instead of flowers, Henry’s family requests that supporters consider donating to the Canberra Cancer Centre.



Markus tweeted,
Summernats founder Chic Henry is dead at age 75. Loved and unloved.


I hope we have resolved all doubts about how did Chic Henry die!

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