Why did Rihanna and Asap Rocky breakup? Explained

Why did Rihanna and Asap Rocky breakup

Rumors are circulating that Rihanna has split from ASAP Rocky, and the internet is reeling from the news. Let’s see why did Rihanna and Asap Rocky breakup.


Reason for Rihanna and Asap Rocky breakup?

According to the allegations, the pop star ended her relationship after finding that he had cheated on her with shoe designer Amina Muaddi. Muaddi was in charge of designing Fenty’s footwear line, and Rihanna is frequently seen wearing custom shoes from her own label.

Rihanna and the rapper were widely regarded as one of the most secure celebrity couples. After months of speculation, the couple announced Rihanna’s pregnancy with their first child in the most fashionable way possible just two months ago.

They took to the cold New York City streets without an official announcement, stylishly sauntering through the wintery streets of Harlem with her tummy bare for the paparazzi to snap.


People react to breakup

That’s why fans are surprised that their relationship appears to be over. “I know ASAP Rocky didn’t have the audacity to cheat on Rihanna,” one Twitter user commented. “Cheating on Rihanna has to be the biggest fumble in fumble history,” another person wrote.

“Even serial cheaters don’t understand how and why ASAP Rocky would cheat on Rihanna,” someone else speculated. “Women are about to despise men 10 times more than they do now,” said another. “ASAP Rocky cheating on Rihanna is a crime, someone calls the cops, he deserves to be in prison,” a Twitter user mocked.

Many other people threw Drake into the mix. “Drake after hearing Rihanna and ASAP Rocky are no longer together,” someone wrote on Twitter, alongside a picture of Drizzy screaming with joy. Another fan jokingly posted a photo of Drake typing on a laptop, implying that the rapper was the source of the breakup rumors.

This is a developing story, and we’ll keep you updated if there’s any confirmation of the Rihanna and Rocky rumors.

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