How did Carlos Salazar Die? What happened? Cause of death

How did Carlos Salazar Die

How did Carlos Salazar Die: Carlos “Rusty” Salazar, a former movie actor who rose to prominence in the 1950s, died today, April 7, according to his family.


Who was Carlos Salazar?

Rustico Roldan, popularly known as Carlos Salazar, is a Filipino actor and Matinee idol who was born on October 26, 1930, in Manila, Philippines.

Carlos Salazar, who began in the 1950s, was considered a contemporary of Delia Razon, Rosa Rosal, Jaime Dela Rosa, and Nestor de Villa.

Salazar adopted the stage name Carlos Salazar and started his career with LVN Pictures, where he produced several successful films.

Salazar acted in a movie under Champion Pictures titled Objective: Patayin si Magsaysay after having made about 15 films for the said studio.

He also appeared in a movie called Student Canteen, which was produced by Larry Santiago.

He made his film debut in Madaling Araw, a film starring Amalia Fuentes and Juancho Gutierrez.
He followed it with Alaalang Banal (“Sacred Memory”), which starred Gloria Romero, and Talipandas (“Traitor”), which starred Lolita Rodriguez and Luis Gonzales.

The actor continued to work in films until the mid-1980s.


Cause of death

Carlos “Rusty” Salazar, a veteran actor, died on Thursday morning (October 26, 1931-April 7, 2022). He is ninety years old.

How did Carlos Salazar Die: His son Anton Ram Roldan confirmed this to the Philippine Entertainment Portal (

“He passed away peacefully in his sleep.” He passed away as a result of old age.

“He was also weakened as a result of the pandemic. He lost his social life, became bored at home, and became depressed because my mother was the first to be taken by the Lord, whom he adored “Anton stated.

The public viewing of Carlos’ remains will begin tomorrow, April 8, at Funeraria Paz, Araneta Avenue, Quezon City.


An official announcement

The actor’s son, Anton Ram Fernandez Roldan, revealed Salazar’s death on his Facebook page today, April 7, while posting throwback photos of his father. Roldan did not specify the cause of Salazar’s death, but he expressed joy that Salazar would be reunited with his late wife, commercial model Carmen “Menchu” Fernandez.

“You are now with Mama; keep your infinite love going in Heaven.” “We love you, Papa, and I’m lucky to have you as my Papa,” Roldan said to his late father. “May you rest in peace.” We will love you until the end of time. Until our paths cross again.”


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