How did Camdan McWright die? Electric scooter accident Explained

Camdan McWright

The freshman football player died Friday morning after colliding with a school bus while riding an electric scooter. Let’s see how did Camdan McWright die, Camdan McWright cause of death, and what happened to him in detail.

How did Camdan McWright die?

The San Jose State football team experienced an unimaginable tragedy just hours before they were scheduled to go to New Mexico State to play on Saturday. According to officials, a San Jose State University freshman football player died Friday morning after his electric scooter crashed into a school bus. The accident was Camdan McWright cause of death.

Camdan McWright, an 18-year-old running back from Southern California, has been identified as the victim. The San Jose State football team has published the notice and it shared its condolences to the player. Click to read more: San Jose football team statement.

The collision occurred two blocks from the San Jose State University and is examined by the California Highway Patrol, which has authority because McWright was struck by a school bus. Officer Mike Lee provided details about what happened, despite CHP regulation prohibiting it from doing so before learning that the victim’s family has been informed.

Lee, who collected the footage and witness accounts, said that the school bus was carrying 14 pupils and had a green light when it approached an intersection. The 18-year-old pedestrian was riding an electric scooter southbound on 10th Street when he entered the intersection at the crosswalk and proceeded to the opposite sidewalk. He was at the intersection when collided with the school bus.

The Spartans were supposed to play at New Mexico State on Saturday night. Still, the institutions announced in a joint statement Friday evening that the game has been canceled “due to the terrible circumstances affecting Camdan McWright.”

Camdan McWright cause of death?

Camdan McWright passed away suddenly after the accident. Approximately 30 minutes before the start of the team meeting, the accident occurred a few blocks from the football complex. McWright was riding the scooter and collided with the school bus. There were 14 children on the bus, according to SJPD, but no other injuries were noted. Camdan McWright cause of death was an accident.

Ross Lee of the highway patrol claims that just before 7 a.m. on Friday, officials were alerted about a school bus crash involving a person riding an electric scooter two blocks from the campus. Officers arrived on the scene and discovered McWright dead.

Officer Mike Lee was given permission to share further details about what happened, despite CHP regulation prohibiting it from doing so before learning that the victim’s family has been informed. He suffered severe injuries at the scene right away. The scooter McWright was riding was a rental from the Lime company, according to Lee. He was not wearing a helmet at that time. Although the crash investigation is still proceeding, alcohol or drug usage is not believed to be the reason for the crash.

According to the authorities, McWright was not wearing a helmet at the time of the collision, and the scooter was a rental.

What did the authorities say?

The university is collaborating with the San Jose Police Department and the California Highway Patrol.

Brent Brennan, head coach of the SJSU football team, said, “We tragically lost a fantastic young man this morning. “Camdan had a bright future ahead of him and everyone in this community that had the opportunity to spend time with him knew that. We are still trying to deal with the news of this tragedy, and appreciate everyone’s support during these difficult times. Our thoughts and prayers are with the McWright family and I want them to know we are all here for them. Camdan will always be in our hearts and he will be profoundly missed.”

San Jose State athletic director Jeff Konya said in a statement, “We are all crushed by the tragic loss of Camdan McWright. The San Jose State community is a very close one, and the campus is devastated. We lost a very bright and talented young man far too soon. Our heartfelt thoughts and prayers go out to the McWright family,”

Interim school president Steve Perez also shared his condolences saying, “The loss of our student is heartbreaking and devastating for our San Jose State community. We grieve for Camdan, his family, friends, teammates, and the Spartan family.” In this season for the Spartans, McWright carried the ball three times.

Tributes to Camdan McWright

Christian de Guzman posted in St. Genevieve High School Alumni page and the message reads,

He will be greatly missed. May the soul of Camdan McWright, class of 2022, rest in eternal peace with our Father In heaven. We pray for him, his family, his friends, his teammates, and his loved ones.

Jordan Blackman tweeted,

Cam, Your Legacy will always live on. You were 18 years young with a big heart, a pure soul, and an amazing future ahead of you. You inspired many and brought joy to everyone in your life. Camdan McWright, I love you, Young King. Rest in Peace.

Coach Willie Simmons tweeted,

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the entire San Jose St. family as they mourn the tragic passing of freshman football player Camdan McWright!

Brett McMurphy tweeted,

Saturday’s San José State-New Mexico State has been postponed. The decision was made after San José State freshman RB Camdan McWright tragically lost his life in an accident Friday morning.

Mountain West tweeted,

Our deepest condolences to the friends and family of Camdan McWright, @SanJoseStateFB, and the entire @SJSUAthletics community.

MLFootball tweeted,

San Jose State RB Camdan McWright was killed today after colliding with a school bus while riding an electric scooter, McWright was only 18, tragic, prayers to all his loved ones.


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