Plane crash in Keene: What happened? Cause of crash Explained

Keene NH plane crash

According to the city of Keene, New Hampshire, an unknown number of persons died when a plane Sierra slammed into a building on 21 October, Friday night. Let’s see about the plane crash in Keene, what happened, and the cause of the crash in detail.

Plane crash in Keene:

On Friday evening, a small airplane crashed into a building causing a heavy fire. Emergency personnel responded to the collision with a multi-family apartment on Main Street. The Federal Aviation Administration had also been alerted of the plane crash, according to the city.

Emergency personnel was called to an explosion and fire, according to Keene Police Capt. Steve Tenney, and later discovered that an Aircraft Sierra with a single engine had crashed into a building. Tenney stated, “At this point, we are unsure of the number of passengers on the plane. He further mentioned that the plane was small and has one engine.

Witnesses claim they heard the plane crash and then saw a post-accident fire. Witness Angel Brown remarked, “I was sitting in my living room as I am right close to the airport I heard the plane and then I heard a crash then sirens went into my kitchen to get stuff ready for work and saw the flames from my back window.”

Additionally, the FAA issued a statement that reads, “The National Transportation Safety Board and the FAA will conduct an investigation. The inquiry will be in charge of more information coming from the NTSB. The American Red Cross of Northern New England is assisting the Swanzey Police Department in this endeavor.

Cause of plane crash

The plane crashed into the building in Keene causing the building to fire. There were no survivors, according to Keene Police, however, the number of passengers who died is unknown. The structure on Main Street close to the Hope Chapel was hit by the plane in the barn area. On the ground, no one was hurt. Firefighters were up in ladders battling the fire from the outside, allowing all eight residents of the apartments next door to escape.

Wayne Brown, the building’s landlord, expresses his gratitude that no one inside the structure was wounded.
Brown remarked, “It appears as though the tree in the back you can see where the limbs snapped off.” The runway is about a half mile behind the home, so they must have been having issues. They most likely struck the limb, which turned the plane and hit the building.

At p.m., more than two hours after the incident was reported, the video captured significant smoke. The road was occupied by fire fighters and ambulances in rescue service.

Tenney stated,

“We can confirm that a jet crashed into the building, but that no one was hurt within the home itself; there were no transports or injuries on the ground.”
Southwest New Hampshire Fire Mutual Aid, said the reported plane crash into a building was on lower Main Street and that the building is on fire.

Friday evening, Swanzey police posted on Facebook that people should avoid lower Main Street in Keene. “First responders are on the scene of a plane crash with building fire,” they said. Marlborough, NH Police Department posted an alert, and the message reads, Keene NH Unconfirmed reports of a plane crash into a building on Lower Main Street. The building is well involved with fire. Avoid Route 12 near Hope Chapel.

What happened in Kenne?

Around 6:55 p.m., a single-engine Beechcraft Sierra reportedly collided with the structure to the north of Dillant/ Hopkins Airport. “The multifamily structure has seen no injuries. Sadly, those on the plane have died.

In a statement posted to Facebook, the City of Keene announced. There were no survivors, according to Keene Police, however, the number of passengers is unknown. The structure on Main Street close to the Hope Chapel was hit by the plane in the barn area. On the ground, no one was hurt.

Residents who had been living in the apartments connected to the two-story barn when it caught fire were shaken by the impact of the jet. “The entire house shook. I was moved to tears. I’m a pretty big guy, so it took a lot of force,” said Scott Gauthier.

Rockingham Alert posted, Keene, NH *PLANE CRASH* Main St & Old Chapel Rd – Unknown size aircraft down into a 2 stywdf apartment building, heavy fire, 3rd alarm transmitted, unknown extent of the injury at this time,


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