How did Brock Lesnar win the Royal Rumble 2022? – Here’s the match summary

How Brock Lesnar wins the royal rumble in 2022

Brock Lesnar wins the Royal Rumble : During Saturday night’s WWE pay-per-view, Brock Lesnar was the last Royal Rumble participant, and he defeated his entire competition to win a title opportunity at WrestleMania. Let’s see how Brock Lesnar wins the Royal Rumble 2022.

Lesnar won his second Royal Rumble match in his WWE career. To secure the victory, he tossed Drew McIntyre out of the ring last. It was a rematch from the 2020 Royal Rumble when McIntyre defeated Lesnar and won a chance at the WWE Championship at WrestleMania that year.

Randy Orton, Bad Bunny, Riddle, Shane McMahon, and lastly McIntyre were eliminated by Lesnar.

His participation in the Royal Rumble was unexpected. Earlier in the evening, he wrestled in a WWE Championship bout against Bobby Lashley. Because of Roman Reigns’ intervention, Lesnar lost the bout against Lashley. The championship belt was thrown by Lesnar’s manager, Paul Heyman, to Reigns, who struck Lesnar with it while the referee was knocked unconscious.

Randy Orton, Bad Bunny, Riddle, Shane McMahon, and lastly McIntyre were eliminated by Lesnar.



His participation in the Royal Rumble was unexpected. Earlier in the evening, he wrestled in a WWE Championship bout against Bobby Lashley. Because of Roman Reigns’ intervention, Lesnar lost the bout against Lashley. The championship belt was thrown by Lesnar’s manager, Paul Heyman, to Reigns, who struck Lesnar with it while the referee was knocked unconscious. Let’s see How Brock Lesnar wins the Royal Rumble in 2022?


How Brock Lesnar wins the Royal Rumble 2022?

Alright guys, I just finished watching the entire pay-per-view. Can we take two seconds to talk about the men’s Royal Rumble? I admit it could have been a little bit better. It did get a little bit better towards the ending. But we got to talk about this real quick. Brock Lesnar comes out number 30. In wins the men’s Royal Rumble. The entire theme of this Royal Rumble was perfect storytelling. When you think about it, match one. The Roman Reigns Seth Rollins match it had to go first. Fast forward a little bit. Bobby Lashley verse Brock Lesnar, Brock Lesnar had to lose in order to come out number 30. But more to the story. Brock didn’t lose just any old visit one on one nice and clean. He lost because of Roman Reigns. Then he got backstabbed by Paul Heyman. With him coming out number 30. He gets to face the champion of his choice. Does he really want to fight Bobby Lashley again and get his title back? Or does he want to just take Roman Reigns is built? Me personally in my opinion. I feel like this is the match we’ve been waiting for. We kind of got robbed from so the fact that now that Brock Lesnar won the Royal Rumble it’s a perfect setup for Roman Reigns Brock Lesnar at Wrestle Mania. Now, let’s just say hypothetically, Roman and Brock did fight, and let’s just say Brock defeated Roman. I still feel like that match between Roman and Brock would have been that WrestleMania but the fact that now what’s happening, I don’t see any logical reason for Brock Lesnar to just get his title back from Bobby Lashley. He only won that title because of the Roman Reigns situation so he was promised a title when he got one. I thought big he would win. That would be pretty cool. I honestly forgot Randy is from St. Louis. It would have been cool to see him win at home. I honestly thought if you follow me on Twitter, I literally said My pick is Randy because I forgot he’s from St. Louis, Missouri. But him losing who else was in there Kevin Owens. I thought he was a good pick. I think already said this but Biggie AJ Styles there were so many good picks. But ultimately, in the bigger picture, I guess you could say it makes the most sense for Brock Lesnar to win just to continue this ultimate storyline the WrestleMania main event but then again I don’t know it might not be the main event because of our number one match. I still say this is the match of the night the Roman Reigns verse Seth Rollins that’s easily the match of the night. Match two of the night, Bobby Lashley verse Brock Lesnar. Um, match three of the night. I mean, I can’t really say men’s rumble, because I kind of called it right. I kind of call it how of course Brock Lesnar is gonna come out who didn’t see that coming. You watching this right now you saw that coming, right? I thought someone like The Rock would come out. No, Shane McMahon came out that was pretty sick to see. We haven’t seen Shane since last year’s Wrestlemania. So to see him and the crowd was behind him. He was definitely over. The crowd was yelling. You still got it? You still got it? Da da da da. I go to a lot of games. I know the rhythm I got I stay on V Come on. Who else came up bad bunny came out. When bad bunny came out. I was like not theirs again. Please no bad bunny, please. But he got eliminated by Brock Lesnar hidden with f5 Brock got him out of there. It’s awesome. I like some trash.


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Um, Johnny Knoxville came out. Um, I’m trying to think I was expecting Dean Ambrose in the men’s. That’s why it’s hard for me to put the men’s rumble third. But the other matches of the night were Becky Lynch versus do drop with the straightest face, who really thought some random name do drop was going to beat Becky Lynch. Becky Lynch is on top of her game, you really think some random names do drop in no way, shape, or form. That’s like the only reason it’s hard for me to put that match-like, like towards the top, especially when you have a match of the night. And then the second match of the night both five-star matches edge and Beth Phoenix versus Miz. And Maurice a nontitle match. It’s again, you can’t really put a nontitle match before a title match. So it’s hard to rank that the women’s Royal Rumble. It’s the women who really did great. I admit the women really, really did great if I had to choose between the women’s rumble or the men’s rumble now that’s actually a good question. I’m going to leave that up to you in the comment section. Which version of the Royal Rumble do you think was actually better? Um, it’s really hard because I want to say they’re all on the same. I don’t want to use the word made because they put their all into the match. But it’s like bruh that Roman Reigns Seth Rollins match was really a hard act to follow. It’s just with the women it was cool to see a lot of the women that you weren’t expecting but then again on Twitter if you’re following them they already released it like ivory for example. Ivory coming out to the right to censor I don’t know how many of you guys actually remember the Attitude Era that gimmick worked perfectly during that time. Because if you didn’t know before I was gonna say divas are not divas. Before the women wrestlers, right? There were divas. And they were thinking of only fans IG models, right? I can’t use you know what word I was gonna use? I think you know what word I was gonna use. So we’re gonna just, you know, I’m saying think of the only fans IG models that are like half-naked on Instagram. And they were getting Wow, what does that one TV show that used to come on TV? too hot for TV something I think I don’t remember what it was called. But it would always come on for commercials. Like if you’re watching anything like Adult Swim of the late-night and then Spring Breakers what is it called? Where the girls would just lift their shirts up and stuff like that? I can’t remember what it was but it would always be a commercial for that of the late night. But that’s how the old old school Attitude Era divas were like bra and panties matches and they would literally show everything so to see if we come out at an in a time period like this 2022 Where basically every woman all the women they’re pretty much covered. You might see a little cheek or two but it’s like it’s nothing compared to the old stuff. But back to Brock Lesnar winning the match championship, but they really want I can’t even talk because it’s like it’s exciting. Brock Lesnar winning the Royal Rumble. It opens a great opportunity for more storytelling. Someone in the comments in an earlier video said what does this mean now? When I think it was he commented in the Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns video if you didn’t see that already. I’ll leave a link in the description or the show more section. I highly recommend it. That match was insane. And like I said, with Roman Reigns retaining right. Seth Rollins, I would love to see their few continue, but just like the Kevin Owens feud, I feel like that was a good few to all good things come to an end. I do want to see more shields. More Joker Seth freakin Rawlins I met

but with the Bobby Lashley situation now that Lashley is champion I don’t I honestly don’t see Brock fighting him again.

So this is How Brock Lesnar wins the Royal Rumble 2022.



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How did Brock Lesnar perform in RR 2020?


Brock Lesnar wins the Royal Rumble match, How did Brock Lesnar win the royal rumble


First and foremost, I’d want to state that merely witnessing the beast Brock Lesnar practically toss off each and every single contender in a matter of seconds left me speechless. The elimination of returning John Morrison, who of course had never seen it coming with the beast stomping off his tracks to headline WrestleMania, was the most disappointed or perhaps one of the most unexpected eliminations of all time.

Now, according to reports, the beast Brock Lesnar began the Royal Rumble match as the number one entrant, and since then, Brock Lesnar has been on an absolute tear, going deeper and deeper into the match until he was finally dispatched by the Scottish psychopath Drew McIntyre, who would later go on to win the entire thing. But, despite all of that, you have to hand it to Brock Lesnar, the beast incarnate, who not only went out there to put on a show but also did it for nearly 30 minutes, which was just wonderful to behold. 


How did Brock Lesnar perform the royal rumble in 2020?


To be honest, after seeing what I just saw at the Royal Rumble, I seriously don’t want to hear anyone say anything negative about the beast, like how he doesn’t show up to work, doesn’t fight a lot of guys, doesn’t defend his title on a lot of given occasions, and so on, because I was just stunned after that kind of performance that we’ve seen a lot in the WWE.

With a total of 13 eliminations, the beast demonstrated one thing loud and clear: he wasn’t there to mess about; he was there for a serious battle. I’m not going to lie, it was one of the finest performances I’d ever seen in the WWE, and I truly enjoyed it.


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