How did Bridget Namiotka die? Figure skater cause of death Explained

How did Bridget Namiotka die? Figure skater cause of death Explained

Bridget Namiotka, a former figure skater who won national and international medals, passed away at the age of 32. Her parents confirmed the death news to USA TODAY Sports on Friday.

After struggling with the trauma of sexual molestation for several incredibly tough years, she died on July 25. Bridget succumbed to her long battle with addiction, her parents Steve and Maureen Namiotka said.

How did Bridget Namiotka die?

Bridget Namiotka, former figure skater, passed away at the age of 32. She was the first one to publicly accuse the late John Coughlin of sexual assault. 

Steve and Maureen Namiotka, her parents revealed in an interview that,

Bridget succumbed to her long fights with addiction after several difficult years of coping with the trauma of sexual assault. We are devastated as she was a beautiful child and a wonderful athlete. We hope Bridget’s passing will increase awareness of the dreadful consequences of sexual abuse and addiction in our society.

On May 19, 2019, Namiotka claimed in a Facebook post that she had been sexually assaulted for two years as a teenager by her couple’s partner, Coughlin. Coughlin, 33, committed suicide on January 18, 2019, according to a comment made in his honor by Namiotka.

Coughlin committed suicide on January 18, 2019, at the age of 33. In response to post in Coughlin’s honor, Namiotka wrote: “I’m sorry but John injured at least 10 people including me. He mistreated me sexually for about two years.

Coughlin has also been accused of inappropriate behavior with youngsters and sexual assault by other skaters. About two weeks prior to his passing, Coughlin, a two-time doubles champion, refuted charges of abuse to USA Today.

What is the cause of Namiotka’s death?

Bridget Namiotka died from the struggle of sexual abuse. Her parents said She died “succumbed to her long struggles with addiction after several very difficult years of dealing with the trauma of sexual abuse.”

From 2004 to 2007, Namiotka and Coughlin collaborated while she was between the ages of 14 and 17 and he was between the ages of 18 and 21. They placed seventh in the senior (Olympic) division at the 2007 U.S. national championships while winning three medals in the Junior Grand Prix series.

Namiotka published a Facebook post and the message reads, “Grooming happens. It happened to me and he hurt a lot of girls. Think about the victims.” One day after being given an interim suspension by the US Center for SafeSport, Coughlin, who won his two U.S. doubles championships, hanged himself in his father’s Kansas City home.

Who is Bridget Namiotka?

Bridget Namiotka is a famous skater who was well known for his performance in the ISU Junior Grand Prix series. Namiotka was born on 03 January 1990, in West Chester, Pennsylvania, the U.S. She was an American pair skater who ranked fourth at two World Junior Championships and won gold in the ISU Junior Grand Prix series. In 1997, she started taking skating lessons. At the 2003 U.S. Championships, she placed fifth in the novice pairs competition with Alex Merritt.
In late 2004, she partnered up with John Coughlin. They finished fourth at the 2006 and 2007 World Junior Championships and took home three medals from the ISU Junior Grand Prix series, including gold in Croatia. On July 3, 2007, they declared the end of their partnership.

Tributes to Bridget Namiotka

Christine Brennan tweeted,
Awful news: Figure skater Bridget Namiotka, who came forward as a victim of sexual abuse by John Coughlin, is dead at 32. “Bridget succumbed to her long struggles with addiction after several very difficult years of dealing with the trauma of sexual abuse.
Church Girl tweeted,
This is absolutely heartbreaking and infuriating. Survivors of abuse in figure skating and other sports deserve so much better than what their sports federations (I’m looking at you @USFigureSkating and @USAGym) have given them. Rest in Peace Bridget.
Denise Logan posted,
Bridget Namiotka (32) began her pro career as a U.S. Doubles Figure Skater at the age of 14. Unfortunately, she was sexually abused by her doubles partner over years, and her complaints were not believed. Her Doubles Partner denied her allegations and the other under-aged minors. He committed suicide!
So now, professional sports are blatantly so tainted with drugs, alcoholism, over-aggression, a myriad of unchecked mental disorders, & history of never believing the victims.

Threella tweeted,

Parents of figure skater Bridget Namiotka say she died in July at 32: Another tragedy from pro skating! Sexual abuse of a minor skater leads to her death! Her doubles partner committed suicide as the allegations mounted against him!
Lawg0d tweeted,
@cbrennansports. She deserved so much better-from the sport she loved, the people responsible for keeping her safe, and the people who should have offered support for her, and instead supported the person who abused her for years.
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