Maris Digiovanni stabbed to death: What happened? Who is Yoni Barrios? Explained


Maris Digiovanni stabbed to death: What happened? Who is Yoni Barrios? Explained


Las Vegas Strip Stabbing: A man reportedly stabs showgirls and visitors on the Las Vegas Strip, leaving two people dead and six injured. Let’s see what happened to Maris Digiovanni and Who is Yoni Barrios in detail

Key Points

  • What seems to be a random knife incident on Las Vegas Boulevard left two individuals dead and six others hurt.
  • Yoni Barrios, 32, was charged with two counts of murder and six counts of attempted murder after allegedly fleeing the scene before being captured.
  • Some of the fatalities, according to witnesses, were street performers or showgirls who posed for photographs with tourists.

What happened in the Las Vegas strip?

The Las Vegas Strip was the scene of an alleged stabbing attack by a man with a huge kitchen knife that left six other people injured and two dead.

The incident left three patients in critical condition at the hospital and three others in stable condition, according to Las Vegas police.

On Thursday, local time was 11:40 am when police said they first started getting 911 calls.

Who is Yoni Barrios?

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Yoni Barrios, 32, was arrested late on Thursday and charged with two counts of murder and six counts of attempted murder.

Police said Mr. Barrios, who is not a resident of Las Vegas, was stopped while sprinting on a sidewalk by officers from the Metropolitan Police Department and Sands.

James LaRochelle, deputy chief of Metro Police, said in a statement, “This was an isolated incident.”

“All evidence indicates Barrios acted alone and there are no outstanding suspects at this time.”

Who were the victims?

Police stated that although they did not think there was a fight before the attacks, they were still looking into the investigation.

According to the Review-Journal, the deceased were identified as Las Vegas residents Maris Mareen Digiovanni, 30, and Brent Allan Hallett, 47, both of whom were citizens of Clark County.

However, the attackers’ victims’ names weren’t right away made public.

The first stabbing allegedly occurred without provocation across from the Wynn casino and hotel on the eastern sidewalk of Las Vegas Boulevard.

The suspect then fled to the south and attacked others, according to Captain LaRochelle.

The culprit allegedly escaped after that, according to the authorities, and was pursued by 911 callers before being apprehended.

According to Captain LaRochelle, the case is a “hard to understand murder inquiry,” and police have seized a “big knife with a long blade” that is thought to have been used.

Speaking to the media, Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo claimed that both “locals and tourists” had been harmed.

What did Eyewitnesses confess about the incident?

Some of the victims seemed to be showgirls or street performers who pose for photos with tourists on the Strip, witnesses said on Las Vegas TV stations.

According to a woman who spoke to TV station KTNV, the suspect pretended to be a chef and asked to take a picture with some of the showgirls using his knife, but when they refused, he began stabbing individuals.

Jason Adams reported seeing the attack on a showgirl to another station, KLAS.

According to Mr. Adams, the attack happened extremely quickly. “This guy came, raced up, and started stabbing this lady in front of me. She went around the escalators and tried to go up under the bridge and her girlfriend was trying to help her,” he added.

Canadian tourist Pierre Fandrich told KTNV that when he was strolling along the Strip, he did not observe the suspect in the stabbing.

However, he claimed that what he initially believed to be “three or four showgirls laughing” was screaming.

As one woman rushed across a bridge, another lay on the ground, and a third attempted to aid the downed woman, Mr. Fandrich reported seeing “a lot of blood.”

Steve Sisolak, the governor of Nevada, wrote on social media that “our hearts are with all those affected by this tragedy.”

The Las Vegas Strip will continue to be a secure and welcome destination for everyone to visit, Mr. Sisolak said. “At the state level, we will continue to work with partners in law enforcement to make resources available on the ground.”

In an interview, Anna Westby, one of the survivors of the terrifying Las Vegas stabbing attack explains the incident below

In a heartbreaking interview with The Post, one of the Las Vegas showgirls who was stabbed in the brutal incident on the city’s iconic strip on Thursday described the moment her friend and coworker Maris Digiovanni was dying in her arms.

As she described the broad daylight stabbing that shook Sin City, 26-year-old Anna Westby, who was also wounded in the attack and sustained a perforated lung, occasionally had trouble breathing.

“I approached Maris and handed her over. In the bedside interview in a hospital in Las Vegas, Westby recalled, “I begged this guy to give me his shirt and I snatched it from him and I started applying pressure to her wound.

‘Ma’am, you have a stab wound on your back,’ stated another man. I replied, “I know. Would you mind applying your shirt to my back while I apply this to her?’

On Friday, Westby sobbed as she tried to understand why Yoni Barrios is thought to have committed the attack that killed Digiovanni and 47-year-old Brent Allan Hallett of Las Vegas. There were six further injuries.

When Barrios approached the women on South Las Vegas Boulevard near the Wynn Las Vegas and the Resorts World Casino, according to Westby, he was holding a bag. He first requested a photo of them with him for his logo.

Women then noticed Barrios’ knife. She claimed, “He brought up a knife and he displayed it to us like he was modeling it. “The four of us were attempting to decide as we all four stared at each other…

It’s just too strange. Can we all agree on this? Before we could even begin to speak. Maris was stabbed in the heart by the man after he took the knife, she claimed.

After stabbing Victoria, another showgirl, Barrios allegedly turned back to Digiovanni and Westby.

Maris only made it about 15 feet before she passed out, according to Westby. He pursued me, stabbed me in the back, and then fled.

When another man informed Westby that she was hurt as well, Westby claimed she was still able to dial 911.

When several of her friends and her twin brother visited her on Friday as she was lying in her hospital bed, Westby drew deep breaths and groaned in pain from her stab wound. Despite this, she managed to smile when they arrived.

Her brother, Drew Westby, who traveled to Vegas from Los Angeles with his sister, stated that she was doing as well as she could.

She recently underwent surgery and is currently taking pain medication. Thankfully, she is loved by many individuals.

The most crucial factor is that she is still alive. She is no longer in critical condition, but she still has a lengthy recovery ahead of her. It is anticipated that she will leave the hospital in a few days.

Cheryl Lowthorp, the showgirls’ manager, has started a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for the funeral costs for Digiovanni as well as for the injured girls’ medical care and professional assistance.


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