What happened to Bobi Wine? Why he gets investigated in airport? Explained


What happened to Bobi Wine? Why he gets investigated in airport? Explained

Bobi has scheduled a performance for a charity event in Dubai to support Ugandan immigrant workers. But he ran across some problems on the trip. Let’s see why Bobi Wine gets investigated in detail


Following these incidents, he posted about the problem he handled at the airport on his official Facebook page.

The Facebook message reads,

In Dubai to perform at a charity concert to assist some of the Ugandan immigrant workers. Been held at the airport for almost 10 hours, being interrogated mostly about NUP! Initially, they confiscated my passport and phone.

They have now been returned. This very week, one of the other concert organisers was also summoned and interrogated for several hours. Hopefully things will go as planned. Will give a further update. Thank you all for the concern!




Why did Bobi Wine gets investigated?

As Bobi has stated in his statement, he has been under investigation for several hours, primarily due to NUP (National Unity Platform). He was interrogated together with one of the other concert organizers.

He also says he was questioned about his kin and their contacts after which they took away his passport and phone.

People remarked that it was a sign of dread and concern that Bobi interrogated them because he impacts the majority of young people in the region, not just those in Uganda, and their opinions were too powerful.

In addition, others remarked that Dear Ugandans, we have a responsibility to safeguard our President because he is the only bargain we have after God. Let’s keep an eye on him together.

Moreover, the exact reason for Bobi Wine’s investigation has not been revealed. We will update this page once got the official information.





How do people react to this post?

Rubaga posted,

Don’t worry Mr president I would have been surprised if they do it you because you impact the biggest portion of young people from the region not Uganda only so it’s a good sign of fear and concern go ahead our generational leader we are so proud of you you inspired us from comfortable zones and the world is watching you make us proud papi we love you.

George commented,

This’s was a violation of international law and Kyagulanyi should be set free unconditionally and Uganda primitive politics should remain in Uganda with their kangaroo courts

Archy said,

No matter what circumstances all the plan’s of the devil won’t work, we shall held the concert.

Shantel said,

We are patiently waiting for u papa I haven’t slept and I’ve been dreaming of you.

Feisty said,

The world is watching. So Dubai Authorities don’t make us think that you’re being used by dictator Museveni.

Yunus said,

I think they are also guilty because this is Kulabisa from either side. They detained our own people now we want to repatriate them. This side the govt is also feeling the heat/ashamed to see the legitimate govt repatriating it’s people. insha’Allah all will be well Mr President our hearts and prayers are on you. After all is well kindly notify us Mr President because our hearts are not settled.

Bob was finally permitted to start his journey a few hours later. Posting a message on his Facebook page. The message reads,

After 12 hours of waiting (from 8:30pm to 9:30am) I’ve been finally allowed to proceed into Dubai. Hoping that our charity concert, which seemed to be the source of these issues, will be allowed to proceed. We are only trying to raise awareness and assist the many Ugandan and African Immigrant workers.

People’s support for Bobi Wine

Farook said,

You fight some one, you don’t know why Allah is still keeping him standing.HIS EXCELLENCE THANKS FOR KEEP ON FIGHTING FOR OUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS IN DUBAI

South posted,

Of course like I said continue to inspire us or what you gave us even if you do something that is not there or you do something that is there we love you to the bits

Kahuna said,

No turning back. Social media power. Mr.President, you have our support.

Emily posted,

Thank you for the work. Do not relent. It reflects badly on gulf countries that African laborers are abused on their soils, and they hate it when anyone draws attention to it, but please do not relent.

Sam posted,

Hard times only make us stronger! Welcome to Dubai Principal. The President’s detention instead hipped the vibe 😍😝 Naye banange omwana oyo! He is noticed wherever he goes. Just a blessing in disguise now the entire UAE knows about him 😝😝 ✊✊

frank said,

With the Almighty God, Who sent you to rescue His people from Museveni’s bloody rule, they can never do anything. #PeoplePowerOurPower

Paul said,

Oooh finally, I knew you would break the walls through the Airport, I’m happy to hear that ur in here in Dubai, I feel at home as you pitch camp here, may you have a thrilled stay and the goal be satisfied. Jah bless

Who was Bobi Wine?

Bobi Wine is the stage name for Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu, a politician, singer, and actor from Uganda.

He served as a member of parliament for the Kyadondo County East constituency in the Central Region of Uganda’s Wakiso District.

He is also the party’s leader for the National Unity Platform.

Also, he declared his candidacy for the 2021 Ugandan presidential election in June 2019.

He took part in the 2021 election, which Yoweri Kaguta Museveni won, a result that Kyagulanyi and a sizable portion of the populace vehemently rejected.

Bobi was put under house arrest by the Ugandan government on December 14, 2021. He has persisted in objecting to his detention.


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