How did Brent Pope die? Ice Hockey player cause of death Explained

Brent Pope cause of death

Brent Pope, a former Great Britain player, died at the age of 49. His death was confirmed by his team Ice Hockey UK. Let’s see how did Former Ice hockey player died and Brent Pope cause of death in detail.

How did a Former Ice Hockey player die?

The former British ice hockey player Brent Pope passed away on November 1, 2022. Brent, who played for the Great Britain team, died at the age of 49.

Pope, who had returned to North America, was stricken with cancer earlier this year, and he took treatment in Canada.

Team GB Ice Hockey sends its condolences to Pope and the message reads,

“Great Britain ice hockey and Ice Hockey UK would like to send our condolences to the family and friends of former GB player Brent Pope who passed away this week.” Brent Pope cause of death was cancer.

Great Britain Ice Hockey team shared the death statement expressing their tributes. To read the statement, click the below link:

Brent Pope death statement.

Brent Pope cause of death

Cancer is the Brent Pope cause of death. Pope said about his cancer diagnosis a few months back and he added,

On March 25, St. Joseph’s Hospital in Hamilton informed him that he had kidney cancer. He saw the doctor because of a cough, mild nausea, and blood in his urine. He was given the following diagnoses: kidney cancer and a urinary tract infection.

Pope sends an email to his teammates regarding his cancer and the message reads,

“I came out diagnosed with a urinary tract infection and Kidney Cancer, he said. My father passed 6 years ago from this exact health condition.

It’s scary, uncertain, and stunning considering I’m 49 and was given the all-clear from what I thought was a Prostate Cancer concern in 2021. The bottom line, I have a fight ahead. Hopefully, we caught it early enough and I can undertake a path to recovery. We pray.”

“So my words to you all are these;

– Tell those you love that you love them.
– Make sure you’re insured for Critical Illness and you have at least Term Life Insurance.
– If you have an instinct that things aren’t right healthwise get checked. Give yourself a fighting chance.
– Do your bucket list items asap. Nobody knows how much time we have left. Later never comes, do them now.
– Know your “why” and your life priorities and your peace will follow.

See you soon.

God Bless & Love,

Who is Brent Pope?

Brent Pope was a Canadian ice hockey player and the managing director of the Elite Ice Hockey League’s Cardiff Devils. Pope is from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

In addition to working as a financial consultant in his hometown of Hamilton, Ontario, Pope continued to work as a freelance broadcaster for the Olympic Channel and Olympic Broadcasting Services right up until his passing. His fans and followers are sending tributes to Brent Pope following his death.

Brent Pope Sports Career

Pope first arrived in the UK in 1996, joining the Cardiff Devils before moving on to the Nottingham Panthers for the 1999 to 2000 season.

Pope rejoined the Panthers for the 2001–02 season after a stint with the London Knights in the United Kingdom and a return to the East Coast Hockey League in North America. Later, he played for the Slough Jets, Romford Racers, Sheffield Scimitars, Basingstoke Bison, Solihull MK Kings, Hull Stingrays, and London Racers.

In 2003, he made his GB debut in the World Championship Division 1 Group B in Zagreb, Croatia, appearing in five games.

The next year, he participated in three more games in Oslo, Norway’s Division 1 Group A tournament. Later, he broadcast sports for Great Britain.

Pope was appointed Cardiff Devils general manager in May 2007 after winning the Challenge Cup as Co-Coach of the Cardiff Devils.

Pope established the Devils Community Foundation, a UK-registered charity, in October 2008 and incorporated the Junior Devils program into the Senior Devils community outreach initiative. He served the team in a wide range of roles before succeeding Gerad Adams as head coach. Pope took over as the Elite Ice Hockey League’s temporary head coach in October 2013.

Pope, who led the DCF until 2013, oversaw the junior Devils’ growth while coaching the U14 and U16 age groups for England.

Pope earned his MA in Sports Development & Coaching from Cardiff Metropolitan University in 2010, and in January 2013 he was named the team’s managing director. He held administration and coaching positions with the Cardiff Devils after his playing days were over before beginning a career in sports broadcasting.

Tributes to Brent Pope

simon crosse tweeted,

So sorry to hear of the passing of Brent Pope. A great servant to British Ice Hockey, a valued colleague in the commentary box and when finding yourself far from home, the absolute best company.

Jessica Olwen EvansHull Ice Hockey Fans posted,

RIP Brent Pope. Another former player taken to soon. Our thoughts go out to his young family and all his friends and former teammates.

Dicky Thorne posted,

saddened to hear of the passing of Brent Pope tonight. A really lovely guy, the voice of British ice hockey and one of my childhood heroes from back in the 90’s at the WNIR. 

Bob Ballard tweeted,

Hard to believe my old sparring partner on tv ice hockey commentary l, Brent Pope has left us. Was brilliant to work with and will be much missed.

Mike Gibson posted,

Rest in eternal peace Brent Pope you were a beauty on and off the ice.

Pat Barton posted,

I’m absolutely crushed to hear about the passing of a great friend and first pro hockey roommate Brent Pope who was ill and passed away earlier today. I’m gutted.

Brent and I lost touch the last 2 years as people sometimes do but he was an amazing friend and person. During my battle with depression early on it was Brent who picked me up at my house and took me out for lunches and did activities together to help get each other out of whatever funk life has dealt us. He was larger than life personality and the most reliable guy I knew. I’m at a loss for words as I type this but Popey I love you brother. I sit here in tears upset at myself for losing touch with you during my own battle but it was you who helped start me on the right track. You and I started going to church together briefly in 2017 and although we ended up thinking it wasn’t necessary for us, We really wanted something to help us.

I’m so sorry Popey. Reunited with your Dad who you dearly missed I remember. And prayers to your entire family.

Your Mom and Brother. And to your young family, Wife Son, and daughter. I will never forget you, my friend. Thank you for being the engine for me when I was lost 6 years ago. From the entire Barton Family, we send our deepest condolences.


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