DEBUNKED: Is trump really dead? All about the #TrumpIsDead on twitter

Trump Is Not Dead, Despite Twitter’s “Trump Is Dead” Hoax” On the afternoon of November 1, 2022, the hashtag “Trump Is Dead” was trending in the United States. Let’s see why #TrumpIsDead was trending on Twitter in detail.


The hashtag “#TrumpIsDead” started trending on Twitter on November 1, 2022. For readers in the United States, the hashtag emerged in the late afternoon beneath the “What’s happening” sidebar. This rumor was untrue, though. The former American president Donald Trump is still alive.

One person said on Twitter that they thought the hashtag was popular as a means to test what Elon Musk, Twitter’s new CEO, would and wouldn’t allow. The tweet stated, “I saw that it’s yet another psyop [sic] to mess with Melon Husk.

Additionally, we discovered a bogus CNN headline reading, “Donald Trump dead at 76.” This, however, was not a true news story. Trump himself had not yet posted to his Truth Social account to address the false Twitter trend as of 4:40 p.m. EDT.

Trump was the target of a different death hoax in 2016, which falsely claimed he had suffered from a “violent heart attack.”

We couldn’t find any online news articles or other announcements that would support this news.

Tweets on Twitter:


No Longer Spooky Pink Cat tweeted,

“I saw #trumpisdead and was excited for a second. I saw that it’s yet another psyopp to screw around with Melon Husk. Bummer.”


Nathan Bernard tweeted,

“Finally some good news #TrumpIsDead.”
Formerly Hotel al-Hamra tweeted,
“I too am sad that #Trumpisdead. Some people are saying it was a fatal attack of anal syphilis compounded by the fact that Trump weighed 400 lbs. I’m not saying that, but there’s a tiny chance there’s more to this story.”


Republicans Want You Dead – End the GOP tweeted,

“The #TrumpIsDead hashtag is yet again proof the right CAN NOT handle ANYONE giving them a taste of their own shit. They are all hypocrites. The right has and continues to do much MUCH worse on a daily basis. The Paul Pelosi conspiracies are just one example.”

PnutButta  #BLM tweeted,

“My mother taught me only to say good of the dead. Donald Trump is dead. Good. #TrumpIsDead”

Michael Malice tweeted,

“The Democrats are about to lose the midterms and Elon bought twitter so now the progs are melting down so hard they made #TrumpIsDead trend even though he’s not responsible for either.”

Tim Heidecker: Sole Host of On Cinema tweeted,

“many are using #TrumpIsDead to spread the word. Many are sad by the news.”

The USA Singers tweeted,

“The best part about #TrumpIsDead is that one day it’s gonna be true.”


Soul Yeets Body tweeted,

“I’ve disagreed with many of Donald Trump’s opinions but the amount of glee I’ve seen about news of his death is absolutely sickening. Deaths from adult diaper rashes are nothing to laugh about. #TrumpIsDead.”


Stoned Dragon tweeted,

“For a second I thought it was true that #TrumpIsDead you fuckers don’t get my hopes up like that.”


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