What happened to Lee Brown? British tourist, beaten to death by Dubai Guards Story Explained

British Holidaymaker Lee Brown intended to spend just a few days in the UAE city, but he passed away in a detention cell a few days later. Let’s see what happened to Lee Brown and how he was beaten to death by Dubai Guards in detail.


What happened to Lee Brown in Dubai?

Mr. Lee Brown, who is from Dagenham in East London, enjoyed traveling and was thinking about converting to Islam so that he might wed the woman he had been seeing for about a year. He would put in seven-day work weeks managing his building, painting, and decorating company to save money for international travel.

On April 6, 2011, Lee Brown landed in Dubai while on his way to Indonesia to visit his girlfriend.

According to information provided to Walthamstow Coroner’s Court, he was escorted to Bur Dubai Police Station after being taken into custody on charges of abusing a maid at the Burj Al Arab Hotel.

The authorities in the UAE have never supplied film of the alleged incident or his time in the police station, despite demands for it, the inquest jury was informed.


Lee Brown’s Statement

After being detained, Lee Brown gave a statement in which he stated that someone who wasn’t an employee of the hotel had entered and shoved him out.

He claimed there were 20 people in his room when he got back, and he was later attacked and hauled to the police station while he was wearing only his underpants.

On April 8, before being escorted to the public prosecutor’s office, he was said to have thrown himself on the floor, leaped on furniture, and got superficial injuries to his face, arm, and chest.

After that, he was imprisoned for four days, and his condition got worse.


Lee Brown beaten to death by Dubai Guards Explained

On the evening of April 11, His brother Steve and sister-in-law Susanne received a frantic phone from another detained British person informing them that their relative(Lee Brown) was “in a very bad manner” and in danger of passing away while being held.

According to the prisoner, “You must get assistance. Lee might lose his life if it goes on.” They claimed Mr. Lee Brown was handcuffed in solitary confinement and had blood on his forehead from an injury.

They further said “He is in a terrible state because the police severely beat him. Get assistance and request it right away from the British Embassy.”

The same inmate called Susanne at roughly 2 AM the following morning and said: “Have you contacted the embassy? He has been severely beaten, is on the floor unconscious, and requires assistance. They have him in isolation. He has been severely beaten by the Dubai police, denied food or water, kept in solitary confinement while shackled, has shackles on his ankles, and appears to be dozing off while briefly losing consciousness. He has a cut near his head’s temple and blood is trickling from his nasal wound down his face and chest.”

Another French prisoner also told the family, “You have to help him, he hasn’t eaten or drunk for days.”

After these conversations, his sister-in-law immediately contacted the Foreign Office. A representative of the Foreign Office arrived at the prison a short while later but was turned away when they discovered Mr. Brown was dozing off.


After Lee Brown’s Death

After Lee’s death, Steve and Susanne traveled to Dubai a few days later. There, they visited the police station, the prosecutor’s office, and the hotel within a 24-hour period before returning home because they were too terrified to stay overnight.

Susanne testified in court that her request for video surveillance was turned down and that her chat with a police station officer was “vague and incoherent.”

When the two asked to check the CCTV tape, they were informed it was “too grainy,” despite being told it showed Mr. Brown hitting himself “by swinging his arms around.”

“It’s something he kept saying, even though he told us CCTV from the police station showed him throwing around and constantly hurting himself,” Susanne said to the coroner.

Before again denying access to the video, Suzanne said the chief prosecutor was “very frantic” with the family and gave a “bizarre presentation.”


Statement by Suzanne Brown

As if we were supposed to be grateful for this because they could have continued to prosecute him after his death, Suzanne said: “He told me (after his death) the prosecution against him was being dismissed. As if we should be happy they were dropped.”

He merely desired that we leave.

“There are a lot of unanswered issues regarding the events leading up to his passing, It really worries us as a family that Dubai is being advertised as a really safe place to go out and travel, it’s a friendly country – it’s not like Afghanistan, we trade with them, there are treaties, it’s a safe country to be in that you can go on vacation,” she continued.

I think the UK government did nothing to save his life and that he was malnourished, abused, and left to die in the horrible conditions of solitary confinement.


Statement by Steve Brown

In his statement, Steve continued, “I think the guards beat him to death when he was in police custody.”

“Medical help may have been contacted and my brother might still be alive today if the embassy had insisted on the situation and visited him right away.”

“I am afraid that maintaining good connections with their hosts is more essential to embassy workers than ensuring the safety of Britons.”

“I am disappointed that all of the information did not originate with the Foreign Office but rather with inmates and donors who took tremendous personal risks.”

“Very little would be known about what happened to Lee if the convicts had not called,” the statement goes.

He added in a statement read by the coroner: “He was a very hard-working person with a passion for travel. He worked long days and then traveled as long as his finances allowed him, before returning to do the same. He was calm and friendly. He had no vices except for a flutter at the horse races. He was a pleasant, normal person who his family much loved.”


Lee Brown’s Medical Condition

According to GP papers that were read before the jury, Lee Brown battled depression between 2001 and 2004 after his father died from a stroke.

His sister-in-law told the coroner that the only plausible reason for his claimed behavior at the hotel was mental illness, despite the fact that he had no medical issues and was not taking any prescriptions before he went to Dubai.

The jury’s inquest, which is being presided over by the Area Coroner for East London Nadia Persaud continues and will likely go on until Friday.



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