Who is J Prince Jr.? Is he related to TakeOff’s murder? Explained

Who is J Prince Jr.

Takeoff, a rapper from the group Migos, was shot and killed outside a Houston bowling alley early on Tuesday morning. He was 28 years old. It is reported that he died in the J Prince Jr’s party. Let’s see who is J Prince Jr. and if Is he related to TakeOff’s murder in detail.


TakeOff murder explained

TakeOff went to the birthday party of J Prince Jr. which took place at the bowling alley in Houston, Texas on Tuesday, according to the report. The shooting happened on a balcony outside of the 810 Billiards and Bowling Alley at around 02:30 local time (07:30 GMT).

The police reached the site immediately after the shot took place and identified TakeOff lying on the floor with a gunshot injury at his neck. When they checked him, they confirmed he has already died.

The number of guests at the private party, according to the police, was between 40 and 50. Although they heard the bullets, the nearby security officers were unable to identify the shooter.

Officers reported finding a sizable crowd and a man in his 20s suffering from head or neck injuries when they arrived. At the scene, he was identified as dead.

Several media publications and sources identified Takeoff as the victim. However, police told the press, they would not officially confirm an identity until the victim’s family had been notified. The suspect’s details have not been revealed by the police yet.

Takeoff and Quavo remained a partnership, releasing an album, Only Built For Infinity Links, last month, which peaked at number seven on the US charts. The duo had just put out a Halloween-themed music video for their song Messy before Takeoff passed away.


Update: New Video show Quavo in heated argument

Outside of the Houston bowling alley, Quavo was face-to-face with a group of men; Takeoff and others supported him while he sparred for more than 30 seconds before the gunfire started.

Around 2:30 AM, TMZ Hip Hop got a hold of this footage of the brawl; you can see and hear Quavo shouting with someone while Takeoff stands a short distance behind him. Someone — probably Quavo — exclaims, “I don’t get down like that!” during a conversation about playing basketball.

A single gunshot is heard a few seconds later, and as everyone begins to flee, a barrage of rounds are fired into the throng. In total, you can hear more than ten rounds, at least two of which appear to have been fired from separate guns.

People started rushing in all directions to escape the shower of gunshots, which caused chaos. Takeoff was shot close to his head, as we previously reported, and despite Quavo and a bystander’s best efforts to save him, he was declared dead at the site.

The Houston Police Department disclosed during a news conference on Tuesday that a 23-year-old man and a 24-year-old woman had also been struck and had been taken to the hospital for treatment. Police are requesting information from the witnesses, who they claim left the site of the incident in the majority.


Who is J Prince Jr.?

Rapper Takeoff died in the early hours of November 1 in a Houston bowling alley. The 28-year-old was celebrating Jas Prince, a businessman, and CEO of a musical label, on his birthday.

The son of James Prince, Jas Prince is most known for finding Drake on MySpace. Given that his father is the music magnate who established Rap-A-Lot Records in the 1980s, he comes from a well-known family. J Prince Jr. and Jay Prince, sometimes known as “Baby Jay,” are Jas Prince’s brothers.

Jas Prince told his father he wanted to work in the music industry in 2007 and started looking for the next great thing.

Jas Prince currently serves as the Young Empire Music Group’s CEO. In 2017, he said to Forbes that he has a “God-given ear.” “I hear things, and when I hear them, I advance my thinking,” he stated. I see how far it could develop.


Who are the members present at the party?

Stories shared by Jas Prince on the night of his birthday party confirm the rapper’s presence in the scene. Jas Prince and Quavo shared a video on the night of the party.

Jas Prince was in Houston, Texas, commemorating his birthday that evening, October 31. Quavo shared a video on his account of him in a convertible car with Jas Prince and two other people while they were in town for the party.

The rapper can be heard saying: “Yo, we’re sliding through the town man… got the birthday boy with me.”

On that night, J Prince Jr. shared a post on his story: “Bowling party tonight at 9 pm. Dm for details.”

He then said his followers that Quavo, No Cap, and Shakur Stevenson were on their way, followed by the fingers crossed emoji.

The footage is spreading on social media where the J Prince crosses over the dead body of TakeOff without considering it and the people criticize him for this incident.


Comments over the TakeOff death

Keba Batie posted,

Last post on the topic today before moving on.

J. Prince Jr. Has some of the worst luck in the world or something.

J. Prince owns an island, ranches, etc…he’s probably worth hundreds of millions. When you ask why would a young rich rapper shoot dice. Why is J. Prince Jr. So closely associated with street life at all?

When I was growing up, J. Prince was this highly respected figure in the streets that you didn’t mess with and/or anyone affiliated with him or “under his protection”. I guess Mob Ties is supposed to be the formal name for the organization and J. Prince Jr. Is the face. Junior was seen calmly walking away from Takeoff’s murder scene with some of his crew.

Junior also reportedly lost over $100k in another dice game to Duke da Jeweler about a month ago. Duke was gunned down later that night following a Boosie concert. People tried to say Boosie set him up and Boosie got on the internet and quickly cleared that up.

I’ll post two videos in the comments. Warning, one is a graphic showing Duke after his murder. The other is Duke counting money at the dice game and all the people around.


Thomas Mcghee posted,

Stuff like this is not supposed to happen. J. Prince Jr as well as J prince’s brother were present. Everyone knows this is Rap alot city. They are supposed to be protecting these rappers if they are in their city and chilling with them. Not a good look at all.

Kendra Lanell posted,

J Prince Jr. & his ppl messed up. 🤦🏾‍♀️The Migos be in Houston w/o security because they think J Prince & his team are secure. It’s crazy how Quavo is on video trying to help Takeoff up alone, while J Prince Jr. & his team walking off.

MrBigBank tweeted,

Replying to @triracialangel2 and@DrewGlobal

Ok, so what’s the truth? Are you implicating Jas Prince Jr as the shooter ?? bc he was in attendance with a gun…What are you actually saying but not saying???

Chill tweeted,

How do we always manage to blame someone else? The victim mentality. “It’s J Prince! “It’s because of J Prince Jr!” “Jas Prince Shoulda Protected them!” Somebody ELSE besides Quavo, Takeoff, and the rest of these Adult Aged Men— has to be blamed so we can be victims.



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