How did Alexander Pisarev die? Russian MMA star cause of death Explained

Alexander Pisarev cause of death

Russian MMA fighter Alexander Pisarev, 33, was found dead last Sunday, October 30, as per the Russian state news agency. Let’s see how did the MMA fighter died and Alexander Pisarev cause of death in detail.

How did Alexander Pisarev die?

Alexander Pisarev passed away peacefully. He had no ongoing medical conditions. Preliminary reports indicate that food poisoning was the direct cause of death.

The tragic tragedy took place on Sunday night, October 30, and his father discovered the 33-year-old’s dead body. According to reports, his wife, who also consumed the watermelon, is in the hospital getting significant medical attention. When Alexander’s father found the pair in an unconscious state in their residence.

Although official media does not confirm this information, many media outlets, including Pravda, speculate that Pisarev’s death was caused by him eating a poisoned watermelon and that his wife, who was also hospitalized, for this reason, is being treated at the hospital.

Pisarev competed in five professional MMA fights, winning three of them and losing the other two, all at events sponsored by RCC and Fight Nights. He is also a finalist in the European MMA Championships.

Alexander Pisarev cause of death

Alexander Pisarev cause of death was food poisoning. Additionally, Pisarev’s father stated that his son had no recognized medical issues. The tragic incident happened on Sunday night, October 30, 2022, and the 33-year-lifeless old’s body was discovered by his father. His wife, who also consumed the watermelon, is reportedly receiving critical medical care in the hospital.

CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) reports that there are more than 250 foodborne infections that cause 128,000 hospitalizations and 3,000 fatalities in the United States each year, even if food poisoning deaths aren’t quite widespread.

According to the World Health Organization, the figures are much higher on a global scale, with 420,000 deaths caused by food poisoning per year. Pisarev participated in five professional MMA fights.

Who is Alexander Pisarev?

Pisarev competed in mixed martial arts under several different sponsorships throughout his career, including Absolute Championship Berkut and Fight Nights Global.

He competed most recently on the “Road To PFL” programme of the Russian Cagefighting Championship, which was a part of the Professional Fighters League‘s International Qualifier Series.

Pisarev, who had five professional MMA matches and a 3-2 record, passed away unexpectedly on October 30. One of the members of his Tomahawk team told the Russian news outlet Tass the following: “Alexander Pisarev passed away peacefully and was free of any long-term illnesses.” According to preliminary data, the Alexander Pisarev cause of death was food poisoning.

Alexander died of food poisoning on October 30, 2022. As of right now, an autopsy will be performed to determine Pisarev’s cause of death as police have begun their investigation. Additionally, it is claimed that all of the housekeepers are being questioned about how the watermelon entered Pisarev’s home.

Tributes to Alexander Pisarev

Jose Dun tweeted,

Muere el ruso Alexander Pisarev a los 33 años por una supuesta intoxicación alimentaria

King Amara tweeted,

Alexander Pisarev dies after eating ‘poisoned watermelon’ WTF…who does this to another human being.. That’s pure Evil. Rip.

Azrael nOn Stop tweeted,

Russian martial arts fighter Alexander Pisarev dies at 33.

Cris Gosan posted,

Alexander Pisarev, referente de las artes marciales de su país, ha muerto en extrañas circunstancias.


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