Stephan Freeman: Who is he? Did he murder Gabrielle Seitz, 65? Explained


Who is Stephan Freeman ?Did he murder 65-year Old Gabrielle Seitz?Explained

On Tuesday, Stephen Freeman, 19, was accused of concealing a death and receiving and hiding stolen goods. Let’s see Who is Stephen Freeman and did he murder Gabrielle Seitz in detail

Who is Stephen Freeman?

Michigan Teen is accused of murdering 65-year-old Gabrielle Seitz . Stephen Freeman is charged with concealing the death of an individual and receiving and concealing stolen property. Check out how the murder investigation plays out.

Investigators claim that a dead body was found in a pickup vehicle that a 19-year-old Michigan boy was operating after an accident. On Thursday, in Roseville, he ran into a pickup truck that he was driving. After Stephen Freeman fled, Roseville police discovered the 62-year-old Gabrielle Seitz’s body inside the truck.

The Free Man, Stephan, was later found. He is charged with concealing the death of a person in addition to receiving and hiding stolen property. The prosecution demanded a $250,000 bail.
The woman, according to sources, was found strangulated and with a shoelace around her neck. Even though Freeman wasn’t charged with murder, the judge determined that a bond could not be established solely on that knowledge.

What were the charges and investigation being pushed?

If the charges are altered while the ongoing investigation, the bail may need to be amended.
The 19-year-old Steven Freeman pleaded not guilty to a number of crimes, including receiving stolen property and concealing a death. The prosecution asserts that the vehicle freeman was driving belonged to the victim’s seat.

There was evidence of strangulation because a shoelace was discovered around the victim’s neck. They are still awaiting the official cause of death report from the medical examiner.

The investigators are currently pursuing more leads in the case. There seem to be additional persons involved in the issue, thus the inquiry is still underway. Another crucial question that detectives are still working to resolve is how the victim and the suspect are connected. A $75,000 jail cell houses Freeman.

Gabrielle Seitz, left, was found dead in the pickup truck driven by the man seen on the right, Roseville police say.

No official announcement has been made by the authorities yet

According to the medical examiner’s office, the cause of death is still unknown. As long as the investigation remains open, we are limited in what we can say at this time. According to Macomb County Prosecutor Peter Lucido, we will inform everyone as soon as we learn additional details from the inquiry.

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