How did Martin Baker die? Nicola Horlick’s husband cause of death Explained

Martin Baker cause of death

Nicola Horlick’s spouse Martin Baker passed away following a long battle with cancer. Let’s see how did Nicola Horlick’s husband die and Martin Baker cause of death in detail.

How did Martin Baker die?

Nicola Horlick, a successful fund manager in the UK, commonly known as “Superwoman,” lost her husband to cancer. Ms. Horlick has revealed that her husband, Martin Baker, passed just a month after his 64th birthday.

Martin Baker married Ms. Horlick in 2006, making her second wife. Martin Baker was given a diagnosis with prostate cancer in stage four advanced stage in 2018. Cancer was the Martin Baker cause of death.

Ms. Horlick’s oldest daughter, Georgina, lost her battle with leukemia at the age of 12 following a 10-year fight. She informed the press that her husband had passed away that morning. “He did well to live so long,” said financial journalist Mr. Baker.

Martin Baker cause of death

Mr. Baker was diagnosed with prostate cancer at stage 4, in the advanced stage in 2018. He battled with the cancer for about 5 years and later he passed away at the age of 64.

Baker became Ms. Horlick’s second husband in the year 2006. They first met when he conducted an interview with her for the Sunday Telegraph the previous year. Martin Baker cause of death was cancer.

Who is Martin Baker?

Baker was a Financial journalist. One of the first journalists in the country to write on Rooney was Baker. On September 8, 2006, Nicola Horlick married financial journalist Martin Baker in her second marriage. They first met when he interviewed her for the Sunday Telegraph in March 2005. In his thriller book, which is situated in the world of high finance, she served as the technical editor.

Tim Horlick, her first husband and a fellow investment banker, was the father of her six children. They had been married for 21 years until divorcing in 2005. Georgina, their daughter, battled leukaemia for eleven years before dying to it in 1998.

It is stated that her demise served as the catalyst for Nicola’s marriage to end since her husband had an affair with a receptionist. Later he married Martin Baker in 2006.

When Nicolas was interviewed about her meeting with Baker, she first met her second husband, Baker, when Martin came along to interview her for his newspaper. She said, “I thought, ‘Oh, he is quite nice.’” Baker is the authorized biographer of West Ham manager David Moyes.

“As we were discussing Georgina, he became very emotional and started crying. He is very sensitive.” He stated that he had three children and that he just couldn’t fathom the possibility of losing any of them,’ she said. So in the end, I was the one who comforted him.

Martin Baker career

Martin Baker was an Journalist. When the investment bank Morgan Grenfell suspended Ms. Horlick in 1997 because they believed she was planning to resign, she made headlines for the first time. She then traveled to Hamburg with a huge delegation of journalists to insist that she be allowed to keep her position.

Following his initial qualification at Simmons & Simmons as a City solicitor, Mr. Baker worked in journalism for the following 20 years. He contributed to numerous periodicals, including the Sunday Telegraph, Observer, and Independent.

Among the topics he discussed were then-BBC General Director Greg Dyke and future Dragons’ Den star Duncan Bannatyne, who was interested in pursuing a career in acting at the time.

Before Wayne Rooney made it to the first team of his boyhood club, Everton, Mr. Baker was one of the first national journalists to write on the then-unknown football starlet.

Tributes to Martin Baker

Επικαιρότητα tweeted,

V New tragedy for City high-flyer ‘Superwoman’ Nicola Horlick as her journalist husband dies with cancer – after her 12-year-old daughter passed away from leukaemia

Unofficial Cristiano Ronaldo posted,

Husband of high-flying City fund manager and mother of six ‘Superwoman’ Nicola Horlick has died of cancer. Ms Horlick, whose eldest daughter Georgina died of leukemia at age 12 after a 10-year battle, has announced that her husband Martin Baker has passed away a month after his 64th birthday.

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Very sad to hear of the passing of Martin Baker this morning. Martin was an exile who lived in West London, an excellent author and a North End fan to the core. A pleasure to call him my friend Rest in peace, mate.  @pnefc


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