Tragic death: Eugene “Gino” Smith, beloved security guard shot and killed by someone in the car, what happened? Explained

Eugene "Gino" Smith
Eugene “Gino” Smith, a 31 year old security guard


Eugene “Gino” Smith, a security guard was shot and killed outside a skating rink in Temple Hills on Thursday night. Let’s see what happened to Eugene “Gino” Smith in detail.

What happened to Eugene “Gino” Smith?

The owner of the roller skating rink reports that 31-year-old, Eugene “Gino” Smith, the head of security at the facility in Temple Hills, Maryland, was shot and killed late on Thursday while visiting on his day off.

According to Prince George’s County police, officers went to the DMV All Skate Social on Branch Avenue at around 11:30 p.m. for a report of a shooting.

A man was discovered inside the building with a gunshot wound and later declared deceased there, according to the police.

Who is the suspect?

Jacqueline Wiggins, the owner of the rink, claimed that a person in a car shot the victim outside the building before driving off. She said the shooting occurred outside the building.

She stressed that there had been no fights or incidents inside before what occurred, and she referred to the guard as a community member.

It is unknown who shot Eugene and the circumstances surrounding the shooting. “We’ll continue to put in more security measures, but when they kill your head of security, like, how much can you do,” Wiggins said.

The owner of Temple Hills Skating Rink also stated that, “I did everything that we could do to make this place a safe haven, and I stand on that, and I will continue to put in more security measures, she added.

The rink was open for the adult skate night. “Nothing happened inside of these doors that you’re in. Nothing happened in here. Whatever happened, it happened outside”,Wiggins added.

Eugene Smith
Temples Hills Skating rink, shooting spot

About Eugene Gino Smith:

Eugene Gino Smith served as a security guard at the Temples Hills Skating Rink. He was referred by his friends as a caring and beloved man who cared about his family and makes his team laugh.

Eugene, a 31-year-old victim was a father of five, Wiggins said.  “This is a guy that works in the community six days a week, and then comes here.”

“This guy is not just some regular person. This guy is boots on the ground in the community every day just trying to help.”

“You put your heart into something and you give it your all so that this broken community can have some type of place to bring their children or bring their issues here and enjoy themselves — and then you’re faced with this… this thing that happened today,” Wiggins said.

Police investigation:

Prince George’s County police have started their investigation. Major Zachary O’Lare said, “We are looking through video and interviews of multiple people that were on the scene in hopes of closing this case shortly,”

Anyone with information on the case is requested to contact the Prince George’s Crime Solvers at 1-866-411-TIPS.




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