How did Edrissa Marong die? Gambia’s finest long distance runners cause of death Explained


How did Edrissa Marong die? Gambia’s finest long distance runners cause of death Explained

SAD NEWS FOR GAMBIAN ATHLETES AND GAMBIA AT LARGE: Edrissa Marong Gambia’s record holder in the 800 meters and ex-Bottrop senior Secondary School athlete has passed away on Tuesday the 24th of January, 2023. Let’s see what happened to him and Edrissa Marong cause of death in detail.


What happened to Edrissa Marong?

The death of the teenage athlete who held the 800-meter national record for the country has been verified by the Gambia Athletic Association (GAA).

The GAA regrettably announces the passing of 800-meter national record holder Edrissa Marong. Last night, after a brief illness, this tragic tragedy happened. It said in a statement that “he will be buried today.”

Edrissa Marong cause of death

Marong was best known for the song “Energy.” He attended Botrop Senior Secondary School, excelled in track and field competitions, and received numerous honors. Marong further competed for the Gambia in a variety of international events, such as the ECOWAS Athletic Youth Championship.

According to official reports, it was confirmed that the Gambia Youth International Athlete and ex-Battrop student, Edrissa Marong has passed away following a brief illness. Although the exact type of illness has not yet been made public. Once got enough information from the right source, we will update this page.


Who was Edrissa Marong?

Marong, also known by his track moniker Energy, has competed for the Gambia in a number of international events, including the ECOWAS Athletic Youth Championship. At Botrop Senior Secondary School, where he had previously attended, his physical prowess had grown.

Edrissa claimed the 800m bronze medal at the 2019 African u20 championships in Abidjan and broke the national record in the process (1:47.20).

Marong is a dedicated national asset who has worked incredibly hard over the years to thrive in his specialization, long-distance running, according to the former international athlete for the Gambia and secretary general of the Gambia Athletics Association Arthur Jackson. The GAA said yesterday that Marong’s passing is deeply sad and shocking and praised his exceptional service to the country. Yesterday, he was buried in Talingding.


Condolences to Edrissa Marong

Local sports news posted,

It is sad to extend to you all that the entire sporting fraternity, particularly the national athletes and the Gambia at large, lost an athlete called Edrissa Marong, also called Energy, due to a sudden illness. May Allah forgive his shortcomings and grant him, Janna.

Lans Sambou said,

Omg still can’t believe that my youth is gone so soon Edrissa Marong is along. May Allah overlook your sins n may Jannah be our final destination. Friends & families plz remember him in our prayers. The Gambia lost a super-talented star.

Junior M Ceesay posted,

Inna Lilah Wa Inna ilayhi Rajion. Verily we’re all from Allah and to Him we’ll all return. It‘s indeed a very huge loss to the entire sports fraternity. My heartfelt condolences to his family, may almighty Allah have mercy on his soul and forgive him his shortcomings and wrongdoings and bestow upon him the highest place in Jannah tul Fridays together with all departed souls. May Allah grant his family sabar to bear the sorrowful demise of the young man.



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