Who is TikTok star Mya Jesus husband? Know everything about Jaime Julio, 59 year-old businessman


Who is TikTok star Mya Jesus husband? Know everything about Jaime Julio, 59 year-old businessman

As a 22-year-old TikTok star marries a 59-year-old man after just a few days of dating, social media weighs in with the comment “She Married Her Dad.” Mya Jesus, a well-known socialite from Ghana, has said that she will marry her affluent husband, 59, in a small ceremony in 2022. She took the internet by storm when she posted an endearing letter and footage of her and her attractive boyfriend. Social media users have responded wildly to information about her husband as well as romantic videos and pictures of the couple. Let’s see who is Jaime Julio and Know everything about him in detail.

Mya Jesus confirms her marriage with Jaime Julio

A 22-year-old socialite and TikTok sensation from Ghana is trending on social media after news of her marriage to a successful 59-year-old businessman broke.

Mya Jesus, a wealthy Ghanaian slay queen, gained popularity after posting passionate pictures with her sugar daddy. Mya Jesus, who had been hiding her relationship, shocked everyone by declaring recently that she was formally married to Jaime Julio while doing so.

Mya posted her love story and images of her and her hubby on her Instagram account. She admitted that, after a month of conversing and a few days of dating, she agreed to her husband’s proposal on November 28, 2022.

Mya Jesus, a young, attractive model who owns a variety of enterprises, proudly flaunts her opulent lifestyle on her Instagram profile. Her man is a beautiful sweet candy who also has money and six packs. They both seem to be in great physical shape and pleasant company.

Instagram post

On November 28, 2022, they were wed in a lovely private ceremony, she said in a heartfelt post shared on her Instagram page.

A portion of her message reads,

A portion of her message reads, “I love you so much and I only hope the best for us, we manifested each other, we prayed to find each other, and from day 1 it just felt right, I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you, 2 months in, a lifetime to go, I love you zaddy ❤️”


The 22-year-old claimed that around a month after meeting the love of her life, she said yes to him. She continued by saying that she knew she would not have to go through a lot to find the man of her dreams because they got married just a few days after starting to date.

“I always knew that the person I would finally say yes to would come easy, with no struggle, no questioning, no pains or breaks…,” she wrote.


Who is Jaime Julio?

Jaime Julio, Mya’s fiancé, is the founder and CEO of the Ehiko Group, which includes a building and development firm, a loan and microcredit division, an electronics store, a bar and lounge, a spa, and a store that solely sells perfumes.

The two met about a month ago and they are now soulmates. The dude has proposed. The internet is on fire because of this proposal.

Susu Hair Factory is a salon run by Mya Jesus that specialized in wigs and cosmetics. She also runs the Mynali clothing store, which has locations in Accra, Ghana, and Luanda, the capital of Angola.

Over the years, Mya has been involved in a number of controversies and online trends. She has been involved in numerous sugar daddy controversies and was once connected to Jowizaza, a Nigerian billionaire.

She was allegedly involved in a complicated scandal that entailed planning a man’s murder. She was even charged with recording a discussion in which the man she was seeing discussed and planned to kill her sugar daddy. It is said to be the cause of her blacklisting in Angola.

Mya revealed that she always knew the person she would finally say yes to would come easily, with no struggle, no questioning, no hurts or breaks. She called her Mozambican partner her “best friend, love, and real soulmate.”


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Entrepreneur Jaime Júlio says he found his soulmate in Anelka de Jesus

Angolan digital influencer Anelka de Jesus captured the heart of mega-entrepreneur Jaime Júlio, and until then both have shared several messages of love on social networks.

The businessman said, last Sunday, that he had found true love, and that he was in front of his soulmate, promising to be with her until the end of time and that the Angolan could feel safe in his strong arms.

The digital influencer said she was super in love and that it is inexplicable how she came to love the businessman, and that both are in each other’s lives for some reason. The couple spent New Year’s Eve together.

Her boyfriend, a businessman in the mining sector, is the founder of the Eiko Group, and recently signed an agreement with Jetour Angola, which aims to sell the brand’s vehicles in Mozambique. He is considered one of the richest men in Mozambique. It should be noted that the Angolan Anelka said, in an interview with a Podcast, that “man’s beauty is in his pocket”.

Who is Jaime Julio

People’s reactions to Mya Jesus’s post

While some people are glad for the couple and believe that their age difference is not problematic, others are not in favor of the idea of an elderly man marrying a young woman like his daughter. According to critics, Mya Jesus is only in it for the money, and their marriage won’t endure.

View some of the comments on social media;


More like marrying his daughter? When does this thing pedophilia start and who is accused of that? He might even be older than her parents.

@Syrus Masuku;

It will end in tears


She’s married her ‘dad’

@Omega Chemhere;

Marriage of convenience. There is always an exit strategy. In this world, she has nothing to lose. Celebrities and societies can move from one marriage to another each year and nothing will change in their everyday life.


This is great, she skipped all the unnecessary steps of the mjolo pandemic, f-boys, clubs, and being played by a 25-year-old, struggling with a hustler. Now she just gonna enjoy not having to work and giving this man some babies, she will remain with a low body count and live happily


She’s marrying for divorce… .. She’s won’t be long… Just like taking a nap 



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