Did Anderson Silva hold back on Jake Paul? Is the match fixed? Explained

Jake Paul Vs Anderson Silva match explained

On October 29, Paul vs. Silva was held at Glendale, Arizona’s Desert Diamond Arena. In the main event, Jake Paul (6-0) and Anderson Silva (3-2), a former UFC middleweight champion, fought each other. Pay-per-view channel Showtime carried the fight live. Let’s see about the Jake Paul Vs Anderson Silva match in detail.

Jake Paul Vs Anderson Silva match explained

The biggest test of Jake Paul’s professional boxing career came on Saturday night when he faced off against former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva. Two days before their scheduled boxing battle, both of them accepted an unusual bet. At the prefight press conference on Thursday, Paul made the offer to Silva that if Silva prevails, the UFC legend and Paul would engage in a rematch in kickboxing.

Paul first suggested MMA, but Silva responded that he no longer competes in the sport. Silva, according to Paul, must assist him in establishing an association for UFC fighters if he wins. Silva agreed if it involved every MMA fighter, and the two got to their feet, met in the centre of the platform, and shook hands to settle the wager.

And following eight brutal, competitive rounds, “The Problem Child” defeated “The Spider” by unanimous decision (77-74, 78-73, 78-73). The most crucial exchange in the fight occurred in the final round when Paul knocked Silva to the ground, recording the match’s first and only knockdown.

Paul’s professional boxing record is at 6-0 after the victory. “The Problem Child” added Silva as the third former MMA champion to his tally, and all indicators point to Paul facing Nate Diaz next.

Luca Fury, an MMA bettor, tweeted: “At nearly 50 years old Anderson Silva looks beyond washed. Do you know when a fighter is so far regressed that they’re unrecognizable in the ring? Take that, then go another 10 years of deterioration. That’s how Silva looks tonight.”

“If you’re a pro boxer who’s going to exclusively book yourself vs. washed-up MMA veterans who are just chasing a paycheck, you better crush them,” he continued. “Squeaking out rounds is not a good look. Jake Paul has looked very unimpressive against the ghosts of Woodley and now Silva.”

The MMA Fighters Association (MMAFA), which has engaged in a legal case against the UFC and getting the Ali Act protections extended to MMA, is essentially a comparable organization that already exists in MMA.

Jake Paul Vs Anderson Silva battle 

Round 1:

Paul advances and flashes his jab in round 1, while Silva stands back. Silva has thrown almost nothing after one minute. Paul didn’t offer much either, though. Paul succeeds on the body-to-right-hand strike.
Paul begins to throw forcefully, but Silva counters. Paul is taking the initiative but also treating Silva with a lot of respect. Silva scores on a counter-left. They all clinch together as they go out. Little to score; probably a Paul round. The round scored 10-9 for Paul on MMA Fighting.

Round 2:

Paul kept that jab out in round two to keep Silva at bay. Silva’s lunging left-hand misses. He’s already had a lot more work than in Round 1.

For Silva, a right-handed uppercut. Paul is not scared to respond, but Silva slips a few powerful blows.
Silva is also acting a little strange. He’s beginning to speak as he moves fluidly around the ring. Paul’s strong right hand almost misses.

Silva was unique in his head and body movements. Silva scores with his right hand. A Paul right is dismissed by Silva. Silva playing about as Paul hits him briefly in the clinch. The round is scored 10-9 for Silva by MMA Fighting. 19-19 Overall.

Round 3:

For the first time in this fight, Silva started to use the jab in round three. Paul visits the body twice. Silva becomes aggressive as Paul attempts to clinch. Paul fires a shot. Silva uses her right hand to push Paul away. 1-2 Paul to the body. Silva is still making progress. Paul’s left hand is caught. Paul quickly countered and departed. The right uppercut is slipped in by Paul.

Due to Silva’s low hands, several of these punches are connecting. Paul fires off a barrage of fast bullets before grabbing his arm to close the distance. Paul makes a mistake, and Silva punches the body. The round scored 10-9 for Paul on MMA Fighting. 29-28 overall for Paul.

Round 4:

Paul rushes quickly, and Silva counters with a right. Silva avoids being left hooked. There is a chant of “Silva.”
Paul visits the corpse. He’s making good turns.

A flurry from Silva responds to a right hand from Paul. Paul’s punches are now consistently connecting. Silva throws in a second jab. Silva responds to Paul’s body-body-head attack with a few well-placed rib blows. The round score was 10-9 for Paul in MMA Fighting. 39-37 overall for Paul.

Round 5:

Paul starts the fifth round off strong and starts landing body blows. Silva makes a clean jab and scores. Paul is cornered by Silva, who then attacks with body blows and short jabs. Paul uses the clinch to buy himself some time.

Silva with a left cross-body. Paul returns to the punch. Silva uses an uppercut. As Paul tries to clinch with him, he scores two more. Paul strikes the victim.

Silva is trying to time an event. Silva fired two shots at the corpse. From “The Spider,” two additional uppercuts. That’s a Silva round.

The round is scored 10-9 for Silva by MMA Fighting. Paul scores 48–47 overall.

Round 6:

Paul follows a left hook with a solid right to the body in round six. Silva remained close to Paul’s jab’s edge.
Although Paul misses on a haymaker, his follow-up left is successful.

Silva was very active and used many feints in this round, but his offense was lacking. Paul’s three-punch combination is a strong one.

Silva responds by using his left hand. Silva must be warned by the referee over some dirty boxing. Silva makes a powerful body toss.

With a left hook, Paul. They slap each other. At the bell, where Paul misses another haymaker, fighting is breaking out. Difficult round to score. The round scored 10-9 for Paul on MMA Fighting. Paul wins 58-56 overall.

Round 7:

Paul continues to set the pace in round seven. Paul succeeds by lunging to the right. Paul’s head and body combined. Silva’s looping right misses. He might be worn out.

Paul strikes the body, and a strong right hand follows. Silva’s right hand is strong. Right hand Paul tears the body apart. Paul reaches out and uses a right to tag Silva.

Paul clinches to stop a Silva onslaught after receiving a Silva to the body. The round scored 10-9 for Paul on MMA Fighting. Overall, Paul is 68–65.

Round 8:

Silva enters the fight intending to intimidate Paul. He seemed to be aware that he might require a finish.
Paul knocks him down with a right punch to make him pay! Whoa! Silva Up. Paul smells blood. Two minutes remain, and he misses with a right.

Silva is physically hefty. Paul putting that right hand into gear. Paul moves out of the way of the follow-up as Silva punches his way in. Silva struck Paul’s jaw with a right. Silva with a right hook. Paul begins to clench.

Paul throws a jab and connects with a left. Silva advances as the bell rings. The round is scored 10-8 for Paul on MMA Fighting. Paul wins 78-73 overall.

Is the match fixed?

The Jake Paul Vs Anderson Silva match is said to be fixed and many fans are discussing that it’s fixed.

Comments on Silva and Paul’s fight:

Jonathan Wagenheim said,

Timothy Bradley Jr.’s breakdown: How Anderson Silva can upset Jake Paul.

Jr. Timothy Bradley said,

“If I win, I and you come together to create a united fighters’ association to help UFC fighters get better pay and better health care,” Paul said. You become the interim president. We unite to help these fighters once and for all. ”

Aaron Fryer commented,

A nice pay cheque, a deal/contract he couldn’t refuse if he lost. His age wasn’t even an issue, you could see he wasn’t putting in the effort to win.

Craig Ives commented

So Spider didn’t throw many punches all fight and the only time he went for it he got knocked down. Bullshit in my opinion but they both got paid and that’s obviously all they wanted.

Mark BRIDGES Personal Training commented,

Cannot believe they give this fool publicity. It’s very sad retired fighters need to do this for extra money. The fight was always going to be thrown.

Dave Fyzz commented,

Even Silva had a price smfh. Hurry up one fight a legit primed boxer.

Matthew Bacon commented,

Fix again so sad to see a legend take a pay day

Marc Raimondi commented,

Anderson Silva is not just another MMA fighter taking on Jake Paul in boxing.

Adam tweeted,

Nate Diaz in his last fight for the UFC said he’s done with MMA for now and wants to try new things. He is currently on the Jake Paul vs. Anderson Silva card. Jake Paul will win the fight and then call out Nate Diaz. This has all been scripted. They will both square off.

Jonathon D Blanton commented,

This hurt paul more than it helped.. 25 year old got taken the distance by a 47 year old MMA guy

Leighton Fiddy Ackroyd commented,

Sucked man how can they see 78 73 if anything it was a draw.

Joel Jimenez commented

I’m not into professional wrestling and before someone says that’s not what this is it’s a Jake Paul fight it’s the same thing.


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