How did Ryan Karazija die? Low Roar front man cause of death Explained



How did Ryan Karazija die? Low Roar front man cause of death Explained

Ryan Karazija, a frontman for Low Roar and a contributor to Death Stranding, dies at the age of 40. Let’s see what happened to him and Ryan Karazija cause of death

How did Ryan Karazija die?

Ryan Karazija, the founding member and lead singer of Low Roar, was killed. He was well-known for his significant contributions to the Death Stranding soundtrack.

Ryan Karazija, the lead singer and inspiration behind Low Roar, passed away at the age of 40, according to a statement on the band’s social media accounts.



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“He has touched the lives of countless people throughout the world with his exquisite music and lyrics, which are delivered in his haunting voice, and he will continue to do so.

“The loss of him has rocked our worlds; he was a good and lovely soul. 

May his music serve as a constant reminder of him, and may we honor his memory through it.

The recording of the sixth Low Roar album was already in progress; it will be finished and published when it is prepared. 

Please respect the privacy of his family during this extremely trying time.

DEATH STRANDING – PC Game Pass Announcement Trailer



Who was Ryan Karazija?  

Ryan Karazija – is a California-born singer and composer with an explosive mixture of Mexican and Lithuanian blood in his veins. Ryan is closely related to Poland, he has many friends here, which was reflected in the titles of such songs from the new album as “Gosia” or “Poznań”. A talented musician, restless spirit, and passionate globetrotter – Ryan’s extraordinary personality is reflected in his outstanding work.

In 2010, Karazija moved from his native US to Reykjavik, where he recorded his debut album “Low Roar”. The album brought him international fame and invitations to the biggest festivals: Eurosonic, The Great Escape, and ATP. Ryan also partnered with the legendary Japanese video game creator Hideo Kojima – the American’s music found its way to the cult game “Death Stranding” (starring Norman Reedus, and Mads Mikkelsen and directed by Guillermo del Toro).

The album “Low Roar” gained millions of hits on youtube, and reviewers praised the album by comparing Low Roar’s poetics to songs by Radiohead, Sigur Ros, and Bon Iver. After the premiere, Ryan hit the road again – from Mexico through Scandinavia to Poland, where he spends several months a year. Here he also played a sold-out mini-tour and performed at the Poznań festival “Malta” and the Białystok “Halfway” festival.

On May 5, 2017, the new Low Roar album “Once In A Long, Long While …” was released. The album was created in a studio in Wales with the participation of Ryan’s close friend – Mike Lindsay (Tunng) and under the supervision of a recognized producer Andrew Scheps (including Red Hot Chili Peppers, Adele, Hozier). vocalist Jófríður Ákadóttir (JFDR, Pascal Pinon), who sings on the single “Bones”. “Once In A Long …” is a simple, honest and emotional album: “I haven’t thought too long about what album I want to record. I just had to let those songs out of my mind. It was my way of documenting my life on an ongoing basis, “says Ryan.”



Ryan Karazija cause of death

Neither any online reports nor his family members mention any cause of death for Ryan. Online reports claim that he passed away suddenly. Many people, especially those near the family and fans, are curious to know how Ryan’s life ended.

Medico topics have been trying to reach out to the family and relatives for comment on the incident. So far no responses have been received. We will update the page once enough information is available. More information on Ryan Karazija cause of death will be added soon.


Take a look at Low Roar’s yore:

Ryan Karazija, is an immigrant from the United States who established the Icelandic post-rock and electronica band Low Roar.

Ryan Karazija moved to Reykjavk, Iceland, and began the new project Low Roar, releasing a self-titled album in 2011. Before this, Ryan was the bandleader of the California-based indie rock group Audrye Sessions from 2002 to 2010.

After the release of Once in a Long, Long While… in the middle of 2017, Tonequake Records’ second album, 0, was released in 2014.

Their most recent album, maybe tomorrow…, was published in July 2021. The Low Roar album, ross., was released in November 2019.

Following a partnership with video game designer Hideo Kojima, who came across the band’s music while browsing a CD store in Reykjavk, Kojima’s work with the band resulted in a significant inclusion of the band’s repertoire in the 2019 video game Death Stranding.

Kojima called the music of Low Roar “sensual” and “unique.” The band was having financial difficulties and had recorded a large portion of their songs on a laptop in Karazija’s kitchen when Sony initially contacted them to license their music for Death Stranding.

The fame of Low Roar was greatly enhanced by the use of their music in the video game.

For the mobile game Arknights in 2021, they recorded the song “Feels,” which was later fully released on their 2021 album “maybe tomorrow…” under the name “Fade Away.” The 2021 movie Flee’s closing titles feature their song “Help Me.”

Ryan Karazija, the band’s main man and lead singer, died on October 29, 2022, at the age of 40, according to an official social media announcement. The sixth album, which is currently being edited, will eventually be made available to the general public, it was also reported.

Low Roar Gains Popularity after “Death Stranding”

As a result of its appearance in the 2016 teaser for Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding, Low Roar quickly gained fame among gamers.

The initial trailer with Norman Reedus on a deserted beach had their song “I’ll Keep Coming” as the soundtrack. In 2020, Karazija claimed to VG247 that Sony refused to even tell the band what the song would be used for.

According to Karazija, who spoke to VG247, “Sony approached us in an enigmatic email offering us a particular amount of money to use the song ‘I’ll Keep Coming,’ and they were unwilling to tell us what they’re going to use the music for. We accepted it because we were in a gutter at the time.

And it was discovered to be for Death Stranding. After hearing the band while visiting their hometown of Reykjavk, Kojima strongly included them in Death Stranding. The band is mentioned 18 times on the Deat Stranding OST; the remaining four songs are by Silent Poets, Chvrches, and Apocalyptica.



Tributes and condolences poured in social media for Ryan’s Passing

Laso  tweeted,

Lucky! I had a ticket, but the concert got delayed by three months and was canceled 3 weeks ago. Maaan him passing away was the last thing I expected. What a loss.

Stefano  tweeted,

Had the pleasure to hear from and meet him live in a really special venue. An incredible loss

Bryan tweeted,

This is heartbreaking. Death Stranding brought Low Roar into my life. His music touched me deeply, and got me through some tough times… Rest in peace Ryan

Telespalla said,

I’ve grown up with your music, a comfort in the moments i felt lost in my teenage years. Rest in peace Ryan, i will carry your music throuhgt all of my life.

hashla  said,

He doesn’t have to put up with this harsh world anymore.

Anime  said,

I love you, Ryan. Thank you for everything. Arigato to Kojima-San as well. I would’ve never found your music if it wasn’t for him ♥️

Chria  said,

Nooo I’m so sorry for everyone’s loss. I loved his music, lyrics. Thank you Ryan for sharing your gift with the world may you be happy where you are.


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