How did Ian Jack die? Guardian columnist cause of death Explained

Ian Jack cause of death

Former Granta editor and Guardian columnist Ian Jack passed away on Friday at the age of 77. The Editor of the Independent on Sunday and one of the top writers in British news, Ian Jack passed away after an illness. Let’s see how did Guardian Columnist die and Ian Jack cause of death in detail.

How did Ian Jack die?

Ian Jack died after a short illness on 28 October 2022 at the age of 77. Jack, who spent a portion of each year on the Isle of Bute, was unwell and passed away on Friday morning in Paisley.

Illness was Ian Jack cause of death. He was a talented editor, a gifted writer, and a role model for aspiring journalists.

His farewell article for the Guardian, which was published over the weekend, celebrated the BBC’s centennial as “one of the world’s great cultural endeavors.”

He wrote: “It looks unlikely that Britain will ever again invent anything so admired and influential; we have been lucky to have it.”

The Guardian’s editor, Katharine Viner, stated: “Ian Jack was one of the finest journalists of his generation. He was an incredible reporter, full of curiosity and observational skills, and he was also a wonderful writer. Our readers loved him; there was no one like him.”

Ian Jack Cause of death

Ian Jack passed away at the age of 77 due to a short illness. However, there are no further details about his illness. Ian Jack Cause of death was illness. His death news was confirmed by his family friend. The demise of the great writer shocked everyone in the writing community.

Jack fell unwell on the Isle of Bute, where he spent a portion of each year, and passed away on Friday morning in Paisley, Renfrewshire.

“Journalism is often at its most effective when it remembers its humblest duty – to witness and record,” he said once.

Jack had been a columnist for the Guardian for the past 15 years. Tributes have been flooding social media since the passing of Ian Jack.

Who is Ian Jack?

Ian Jack was born in Lancashire, but when he was seven years old, his Scottish parents moved back to North Queensferry. In 1965, he began working at the Glasgow Herald as a trainee journalist. He relocated to London in 1970 to work for the Sunday Times, which was then in its prime and was edited by Harold Evans.

He worked as a section editor before becoming an India-focused foreign correspondent. Before joining the group that founded the Independent on Sunday, which he edited from 1991 to 1995, he wrote for the Observer and Vanity Fair.

He then transitioned to the editor’s position at the literary journal Granta until 2007. He has written a lot of articles about India. In December 1976, when the emergency was coming to an end, he entered the nation.

Ian Jack is also the editor of The Granta Book of India. Later, he wrote for other magazines, including The London Review of Books and The New York Review of Books, and was a columnist for The Guardian.

Ian Jack’s first marriage to Aparna Bagchi ended in 1992. After some years, he married Lindy Sharpe, a fellow journalist and food systems academic and he had two children with her.

Tributes to Ian Jack

Hadley Freeman tweeted,

Oh I’m just devastated to hear about the death of Ian Jack. One of the most erudite and beautiful writers around – whatever he wrote about, he did it like no one else. And on top of that, a brilliant editor and gentle, generous man. What a sad, painful loss.

Linda Grant tweeted,

Ian Jack has died. The best of men. My editor at the Independent on Sunday and Granta books. He thought deeply and wrote fluently and with grace.

Kenny Farquharson tweeted,

Very sad news about Ian Jack. Like many journalists of my generation I was deeply influenced by the ambition and humanity of his writing, always anchored in his Scottish upbringing but never tethered by it.

Alan rusbridger tweeted,

Ian Jack was one of the best. A beautiful prose stylist who loved the craft of reporting. An outsider with incurable curiosity abt how places, institutions & people worked. A sharp & impish intellect. A nostalgist who lived in the present. A warm, generous man.

Simon O’Hagan tweeted,

Very shocked and saddened by the news about Ian Jack. I worked with him, liked him, and admired him, as so many did. I’m currently reading a very fine memoir by Ian’s friend and one-time colleague David Robson. I don’t think what David writes here about Ian can be improved upon.


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