Caleb Berquist Accident: Beau Cooper redirects Go Fund Me donations to fellow rodeo athlete


 Caleb Berquist Accident: Beau Cooper redirects Go Fund Me donations to fellow rodeo athlete

Caleb Berquist Accident: Rodeo fans, a rising tie-down roping star in pro rodeo, Caleb Berquist, had a critical accident. Caleb Berquist is a talented all-around ranch and rodeo cowboy from Lacrosse, Washington.

People appreciate Beau Cooper’s deed of giving his GoFundMe funds to a cowboy called Caleb Berquist who suffered a tragic injury because he showed true cowboy class.

That is true cowboy camaraderie. Beau Cooper is to be praised. Let’s see what happened to him and about Go Fund Me donations to Caleb Berquist in detail. 

What happened to Caleb Berquist?

Caleb Berquist, 23 were hurt in an accident in eastern Washington. He was a rising star with a stellar career at Montana State University and on the Montana Pro Rodeo Circuit.

According to reports, Caleb tried to leap out of the rolling ride-by-side as it toppled over on top of him when he was trying to load some yearlings. He wasn’t wearing a seatbelt at the time.

He received a life flight to Spokane. Berquist’s left knee was broken, his T12 was entirely crushed, badly severing his spinal cord, and he lost all sensation below his ribs.

In addition to team roping, calf roping, and steer roping, Caleb is a skilled cowboy who participates in a number of other rope competitions.

Here is a note that his sister Sydney sent last night explaining the actual details:

“Caleb rolled the ride by side this morning trying to get some yearlings in and he wasn’t wearing a seatbelt so he tried to jump and it rolled over on top of him. Luckily, Murphy was there, so she called 911 and they life-flighted him to Spokane. He broke his left knee and completely crushed his T12, which severely severed his spinal cord, and he has no feeling from the bottom of his ribs down. They are planning on doing surgery tomorrow around 11 to fix the vertebrae and at this point, we just have to pray he gets feeling back into his legs.❤️ “Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us.”


Beau Cooper redirects Go Fund Me donations 

Tiffany Cooper started a GoFundMe campaign for Beau Cooper to assist lessen the financial blow of Beau not earning the $50,000 season-changing prize he was due at Houston. Any donations made to Beau Cooper have been changed to be made out to Caleb Berquist. The Gofundme page describes the following message,

This started out as a gofundme for Beau Cooper because I believe he should get $50,000 to help him rodeo this year. but Beau didn’t want to take people’s money and asked me if we could give the money to someone that needed it more.

Calf roper Caleb Berquist got in a bad accident so Beau asked if he could donate this money to help with Caleb’s medical bills. Caleb is an all-around cowboy that competes in Team Roping, steer roping, and calf roping. Here is the story post on FB.

Dear friends and prayer warriors!! PLEASE PRAY for Caleb Berquist…a terrific young man very dear to our hearts.

He helped us with calving and our bull sale for four years while he was at Montana State and graduated in May. He was a stand-out roper on the rodeo team and has started to make his mark in the PRCA. Just turned 23 last week…

He was in a terrible accident in eastern Washington yesterday and is critically injured and having surgery today at 11 am. We are all heartbroken but serve a God of the miraculous and are praying for complete healing…in Jesus’ name!

What was Caleb’s Condition right now?

As per the online reports, it was revealed that Caleb’s condition is not fair. Read his health condition after the tragic accident below:

Caleb didn’t suffer any head trauma and never lost consciousness. His dad, Shane, was the first to reach him and Murphy. They had no way of knowing whether or not Caleb had internal injuries, so while they waited for the helicopter, he had Murphy call, Mom Kim and Sister Sydney.

Caleb was alive, thank God, but the damage was devastating. “It completely crushed his T12 vertebra—the part that goes around the spinal cord,” Murphy said. “They never said Caleb’s spinal cord was severed. They just kept saying his injury was instant and complete. We knew it was bad. He immediately couldn’t move anything below his belly button.

“Caleb also broke a rib, punctured a lung, and has bruising everywhere. His left knee is completely destroyed—the ACL, MCL, PCL, LCL—all of it.” Caleb was in surgery for six and a half hours yesterday (March 21).

“The neurosurgeons went in and removed the crushed T12 vertebra,” Murphy said. “They put a plate and four screws above it, a plate and four screws below it, and a rod in his back to stabilize it.

They did say they were able to realign his spinal cord better than expected. The neurosurgeons worked on Caleb’s back, then they handed him off in the operating room to the orthopedic surgeons, who screwed his MCL back to his femur and repaired his patella (kneecap). It was a long day.”

Caleb received the award of the top prize in the overall standings at the Big Sky Pro Rodeo (Great Falls, Montana), the Richland County Fair & Rodeo (Sidney, Montana), and the Sanders County Fair & PRCA Rodeo in 2022 (Plains, Mont.) was successful in the tie-down ropings at the Sanders County Fair & PRCA Rodeo (Plains, Mont.)

Caleb is in our thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery.


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