Tiktoker Jane Lagan aka FeeFeeJane dies from cancer, Tiktok star cause of death explained

Tiktoker Jane Lagan aka FeeFeeJane dies from cancer, Tiktok star cause of death explained

Tiktoker Jane Lagan aka FeeFeeJane dies from cancer at the age of 44. Let’s see more details about Jane Lagan and his cause of death in detail.

What happened to Jane Lagan?

Fiona Jane Lagan was diagnosed with throat cancer three years ago and underwent chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Although she was in treatment, the cancer sadly came back and spread to her mouth. 

Fiona received the heartbreaking news that she had six to twelve months to live from her doctors on June 16 of last year. Her loved ones are also now raising funds to be donated to the charity close to Fiona’s heart.

Fiona Jane Lagan, who was known as FeeFeeJane on the social media platform TikTok, has been described as a ‘caring and thoughtful soul who would give you her last penny’. “Every time she entered a room it was like someone had jumped out of a surprise birthday cake,” says heartbroken mum Jan Laden as she pays tribute to her beautiful daughter.

Cause of death- Jane Lagan

An adored TikTok star, who was “gorgeous inside and out”, has died following a brave battle after being diagnosed with throat cancer.

Tragically, after being diagnosed with throat cancer, which later traveled to her tongue, Fiona died surrounded by her loved ones on Monday, March 13, at age 44. In a touching request, Fiona asked that after her passing, her long, blonde hair be donated to the Little Princess Trust.

As soon as the News came out, Friends and families are pouring condolence on social media.


Tiktoker Jane Lagan aka FeeFeeJane dies from cancer, Tiktok star cause of death explained

Heartbroken Mom about Jane

Her heartbroken mum Jan said: “She was like Wonder Woman. She fought and fought. “Fee Fee was so full of life and was an absolutely gorgeous girl inside and out.” Having toasted Christmas and New Year with her family, she fought on and celebrated her two brothers, Lee and Dom’s, birthdays before she took ill after suffering a fall.

“She was at her home with me, my husband, her brother, and her family when she died,” said Jan, of Coulby Newham. “It’s a promise I made and I kept. Every time she entered a room, it was like when you have a giant birthday cake and someone hides inside of it before they surprise you by popping out.
She was the most considerate and kind person.

She made a list of things she wanted to do, including seeing Michael Bublé, going to the Cube in Manchester, spending a weekend in Liverpool, and returning to Blackpool, where she once resided. Local bar patrons banded together to gather money so that Fiona, her family, and her three nephews, Louis, Leo, and Teddy, could go on vacation to Lake Windermere.

Jane – Avery Thoughtful and Caring person

Jan said: “She was one of these girls – it had to be Valentino, Vivian Westwood, or Gucci. She was always dressed from head to toe immaculately. She had a heart of gold.
“Even after she passed away on Monday – I’ve been sorting her drawers and she’s left me a Mother’s Day gift, my husband a birthday card for July. “Anyone who ever met Fee Fee couldn’t get enough of her. There’s been so many flowers and cards delivered to our home – from people who Fee Fee has met from all over.

“She was that kind of girl where you just couldn’t help but love her.” Fiona, who had more than 44,000 followers and more than 430,000 likes on TikTok, had been documenting her battle with cancer and life with a tracheostomy tube. Sharing her fun-loving videos, where she’s often dancing to some of her music, Fiona went out of her way to make others happy.

FeeFeeJane’s last happiest moments

“Even when we were in the hospital the doctor came in and said ‘oh it’s Fee Fee off TikTok’,” said Jan. “When we went to the Chinese one night to pick up some food and she got out of the car and there were two girls who started shouting because it was FeeFee Jane from TikTok – she was like a Kardashian.

“She would have given you her last penny. She’s irreplaceable and her whole family will miss her so much.” Fiona, who has two brothers Lee and Dom, and a half-sister Nikki, grew up in Ormesby and lived in Blackpool for some time before returning to Teesside. She planned her funeral and decided she wanted to donate her blonde hair to charity, the Little Princess Trust.

Tributes Poured

“I just came apart when she asked in the funeral home if they may cut her hair to be given after we’d seen her. She’s always had long hair, so I didn’t want her to donate it, Jan continued. “But after giving it some thinking, I realized that she asked for it, therefore I wouldn’t object.

She always wanted to assist people, and we are incredibly proud of her. “She was my best friend. Our friends and family have been a huge support to us and I can’t thank them enough for everything they have done for us and Fee Fee.”

Please donate to Fiona’s previous Go Fund Me page, where the money will be donated to the Little Princess.

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