Who was Roman Zoltan Shewchuk? 16 year-old suspect who killed 2 Edmonton police officers was very dangerous


Who was Roman Zoltan Shewchuk? 16 year-old suspect who killed 2 Edmonton police officers was very dangerous

Details about the tragedy and the suspect at age 16 that shocked the community and claimed the lives of two Edmonton police officers are revealed. The suspect who killed Edmonton police officers Travis Jordan and Brett Ryan was identified as 16-year-old Roman Zoltan Shewchuk. Keep reading this article to learn more details about this dangerous suspect.

Who was Roman Zoltan Shewchuk?

Police in Edmonton have identified the 16-year-old suspect who fatally shot two cops. Just take a moment to read the complete story of 16-year-old Roman Zoltan Shewchuk.

Roman Zoltan Shewchuk, 16, who shot two Edmonton police officers, has been named by the officers. A family acquaintance described him as “extremely unstable” and that he appeared to be struggling.

Authorities have kept information under wraps ever since the tragedy happened after midnight on Thursday last week, and information about the family is just now beginning to slowly surface.

The Star has been able to recognize the identity of the gunman and his mother thanks to court records, interviews with neighbors of the northwest Edmonton apartment complex where the shootings occurred, and family members.

Police Investigation

Although there are still many unanswered questions regarding the occurrence and what caused it, the information obtained by the officers starts to form the image that will be essential for comprehending the tragic events of last week.

A year ago, a neighbor named Evan Oddleifson made friends with Shewchuk’s mother after they met in a park. Oddleifson claimed that the two spoke frequently and that he was acquainted with Shewchuk, one of Nod’s three kids, who is 16 years old.

The teenager was “extremely, very troubled,” according to Oddleifson, even though he didn’t communicate with Shewchuk very often.

About Shewchuk’s Personal Life

Shewchuk’s internet profile has few specifics. He has a few Facebook pals whose profiles indicate they liked video gaming.  There are a few other facts available concerning familial circumstances.

Nod’s next-door neighbor, Darlene Blyan, asserted that she thought Nod had immigrated from Ukraine to Canada years ago; however, Oddleifson claimed that she had been there before and had just recently come to Canada as a result of the Russian invasion of that country.

“Her family had previously lived in this country, but, you know, she’s a single 55-year-old mother of three, and she had been trying to get her mother to emigrate from Ukraine; her mother was adamantly opposed. She was unwilling to leave her country, he claimed.

According to the police, there was also a 73-year-old guy in the apartment at the time of the incident. The man was staying there, according to a local who recognized him as Nod’s ex-husband.

Nod, whose legal name at the time of the divorce was Kateryna Shewchuk, wed Ronald Shewchuk in Edmonton on January 26, 2003, according to divorce records. They parted ways in 2013 and divorced legally in 2016.

Roman Zoltan Shewchuk


According to the court documents, Nod—her birth name—was born in Tyachevo, Ukraine. She did, however, provide an Edmonton address in 2016, the same address as her spouse did.

Roman Shewchuk, who was born on April 2, 2006, is the only child of the union mentioned in the records. He passed unexpectedly just days before becoming 17 years old. According to court documents from 2015, Shewchuk resides in Edmonton with his mother.

It’s unclear how long Nod resided in Edmonton or Ukraine, or if she ever made the decision to settle down in Canada. Nod was characterized as “powerful” and “independent” by Oddleifson.  He stated that she was very focused on being a good mother to her kids. The shootings shocked the provincial capital of Alberta.

Although the two killings raise the total number of law enforcement personnel killed in the line of duty in the nation to seven since September, Edmonton has not seen a police killing since a hate crime investigator was shot while being apprehended in 2015.

What did Michael Mensthom neighbor of Nod admitted?

Darlene Blyan, who lived across the hall from Shewchuk and Nod, identified the two in a Facebook photo as the pair she’d come across in the building from time to time. Michael Mensthom, who was smoking outside his apartment building when Nod came to him for help that night, also identified Nod’s Facebook photo as the woman he saw.

“My son, he wants to kill me,” Mensthom said she told him. Investigators have declined to say what kind of weapon was used and say they continue to investigate how it fell into the hands of an underage shooter. “It’s not being investigated as any type of ideologically-motivated offense at this time; there’s nothing to indicate that,” Devin Laforce, deputy chief of the EPS Investigations Bureau, told media on Friday. “But certainly it is consistent with what is an ambush.”

Police have also said they’re investigating if there is a connection between last Thursday’s shooting and one that took place at a nearby Pizza Hut days prior.

Some media reports have suggested that police believe the shooter who killed the two officers is the same one who shot a Pizza Hut employee, leaving him in serious condition. A public regimental funeral is scheduled for Monday.

What happened to Edmonton police officers?

In western Canada early on Thursday, a 16-year-old shot his mother with a gun killed two policemen, and then took his own life, according to authorities.

According to a police officer and a senior government official, the suspect in Edmonton, Alberta, shot and injured his mother. The officials talked under the condition of anonymity because none of them had the right to speak in public about the situation.

The two officers were fatally shot, according to Edmonton Police Chief Dale McFee, as they responded to a call about a domestic disturbance at an apartment complex at around 12:47 a.m. He claimed there was no evidence the officers could have fired back.

Suspect Found dead

The young man was later discovered dead in the residence from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, according to McFee. Without elaborating or stating the suspect’s age, he claimed that the gunman and the victim were related.

The woman was brought to a hospital in a life-threatening situation, according to the chief, but she was later upgraded to a serious but stable condition.

Who were Travis Jordan & Brett Ryan?

Travis Jordan, 35, an Edmonton police officer for 8 1/2 years, and Brett Ryan, 30, an officer for 5 1/2 years, were the two cops that died, according to McFee.

In a statement, McFee stated, “This is a very devastating day for the Edmonton Police Service and our city.” “These officers sacrificed their lives while defending our neighborhood. We will never forget them.

Ryan will be remembered as a stalwart of the neighborhood and a seasoned hockey referee for youth leagues. The Spruce Grove Minor Hockey Association’s Darcy Carter revealed that the officer and his wife were expecting a child.

Just before joining the police force, Ryan worked as a paramedic. According to Carter, Ryan loved his job as a police officer. “I’ll never forget that, I promise. Just the way his expression changed as he discussed his job.” For his kindness, Jordan was remembered.

The murders marked the Edmonton Police Service’s first homicides since Constable Daniel Woodall, a hate crimes investigator, was shot several times in 2015 while using a battering ram to break into a house. Sgt. Jason Harley, a different officer, was hit by a bullet that got through his body armor but lived.

According to the CBC, Claire Woodall, Woodall’s widow, sent her sympathies to the families of Ryan and Jordan on Thursday. “That has understandably brought back sad emotions,”

she added. I’m heartbroken to think that the families of the dead officers will still be experiencing the same emotions today. Constable Ezio Faraone was shot to death in 1990 while responding to an armed robbery before Woodall died.


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