BTB Savage murderer arrested: Who is Montreal Lenard Burley? Know everything about him


 BTB Savage murderer arrested: Who is Montreal Lenard Burley? Know everything about him

The suspect surrendered to authorities after being charged with murder in the shooting death of rapper BTB Savage. Montreal Lenard Burley of New Braunfels was named as a suspect in the March 30 shooting of Darrell Gentry, popularly known as rapper BTB Savage, near River Oaks by Houston police after using mobile phone data and car plate readers along I-10. Keep reading this post to know everything about the suspect’s whereabouts.

About BTB Savage murder case

On March 30, Gentry was fatally shot in the 4600 block of San Felipe Street near Mid Lane. Around 6:10 p.m., police officers responded to a complaint of a drive-by shooting and discovered Gentry injured in the parking garage. At the scene, he was identified as deceased.

A “targeted” incident in one of Houston’s wealthiest neighborhoods resulted in the death of Darrell Gentry, also known as BTB Savage, according to the police.  According to Harris County court records, the killing of rapper BTB Savage, who is from San Antonio, was described as gang-related revenge. The suspect was accused of shooting the rapper to death in Houston late last month and had his bond set at $1 million.

As per court documents, Darrell Gentry, 26, who rapped under the stage name BTB Savage and had lately been residing in a short-term rental in Houston, was shot and killed on March 30. Montrel Burley, 40, of New Braunfels, has been charged with murder in his death.

According to a probable cause affidavit submitted in Harris County court, Gentry discussed his involvement in the Feb. 3 shooting death of Omar Richardson in San Antonio in a social media post and a YouTube video the day before he was shot near the intersection of Mid Lane and San Felipe Street in River Oaks. Gentry and his then-girlfriend were found to have acted in self-defense, and no charges were brought against them.

As per court documents, Burley and Richardson were original members of the San Antonio-based Stixx gang that later split off to form the Blood Stone Villains or BSV, and they were close friends as a result of police cooperation between Houston, New Braunfels, and San Antonio, as well as a statement allegedly made to detectives by Burley’s fiancé.

Police claim that witnesses saw two suspects fleeing at a fast pace in a black Subaru SUV. The shooting was thought to be targeted, according to police at the scene of the initial inquiry.

Montreal Lenard Burley Mother’s Statement

“(Gentry’s mother) stated that after the shooting of Omar Richardson in San Antonio, Darrell was receiving threatening messages via Instagram from Omar’s family members,” Houston Police Department detective Kyle Stringer wrote in the probable cause affidavit. “She told Darrell that he needed to come to her in Las Vegas to get away from them. She stated that he was either going to head to Las Vegas that day (March 30) or the next, but he was shot.”

Who is Montreal Lenard Burley?

Darrell Gentry, 26, who went by the stage moniker “BTB Savage,” was murdered, and Montrel Lenard Burley, 40, is accused of the crime. Burley turned himself in to the police on Tuesday at the Harris County Joint Processing Center, according to HPD.

The state asked for no bond for Burley at a court appearance on Tuesday. In the meanwhile, Burley’s lawyer asked for a $20,000 bond. Burley’s bond was subsequently set by the judge at $1 million. She pointed out that denying bonds requires a hearing and can only be done by a district court judge.

According to Burley’s attorney, the suspect had previously resided in Houston but had spent the preceding two years in the New Braunfels region. Burley is required to wear a GPS monitor if he posts a bond. In addition, he must give up his passport and stay in Texas for the remainder of the legal proceedings.

Montrel Lenard Burley

BTB Savage murderer arrested

Burley was arrested and in custody, the day after the fatal shooting, according to court documents made public on Monday but was later freed. As per the reports, Burley was detained and accused of possessing drugs during a traffic stop on March 31 near New Braunfels.

He was a passenger in the car that the police suspect was involved in the shooting on March 30 at 2100 Mid Lane.  It was rented, according to court records.  Records reveal that when Burley was asked by the police about the car, he asked for counsel and ended the interview. How or why he was released is unknown.

According to records, Omar Richardson and Burley were both members of the same gang.  During a robbery at their San Antonio home in February, Gentry’s girlfriend shot Richardson in self-defense, according to a statement he made in an interview only days before he was killed. 

Gentry was there, hurt as well.  The shooting was reportedly justifiable, according to San Antonio police. Only hours before he was killed in Houston, Gentry shared pictures of the horrific crime scene on social media. Police connected the two murders in court documents, blaming revenge.

Records show that on the day of Gentry’s murder, authorities identified the suspect’s car as a black Subaru Outback. Records reveal that when they examined it following the traffic stop, they discovered a shell casing similar to the one that was discovered at the crime site in Houston.

They tracked it using license plate cameras to Burley’s address in New Braunfels. Burley’s phone was in the vicinity when the shooting in Houston happened, according to hour-by-hour cell phone statistics from the murderous day. When Burley was under arrest, the police did not have access to the cell phone data, according to a timeline of their investigation.

Authorities think there was a second suspect who is still unidentified. A magistrate judge set Burley’s bond at $1 million on Tuesday and mandated that if he posts bail and is freed from jail, Burley must stay in Texas and wear a GPS monitor.

Also, a test to assess whether Burley has an intellectual handicap or a mental disorder was mandated for him to take. According to court records, Burley will next appear in court on Monday, April 17.

This story is still developing, Check back later for further updates on this case.


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