Brian Castellon arrested: Suspect shot and killed 2 people in Bakersfield


Brian Castellon arrested: Suspect shot and killed 2 people in Bakersfield

According to Kern County deputies, a suspect named Brian Castellon, 29, shot and murdered two individuals in south Bakersfield on Wednesday night. The perpetrator is accused of shooting an unrelated victim while carjacking him, leaving him with minor injuries. Castellon is accused of two murders. Find out who is the suspect Brian Castellon and how he caught in this post.

Suspect Brian Castellon arrested

According to officials of the Kern County Sheriff’s Office, a suspect has been detained concerning the Wednesday murders of two victims in south Bakersfield.

For a homicide investigation, deputies were called to the 1200 block of South Union Avenue at about 5:10 p.m. on Wednesday. Upon arrival, deputies discovered two guys with multiple gunshot wounds, according to the press statement.

The two victims were subsequently transferred to a nearby hospital for treatment, where they later passed away from their wounds, according to authorities.

The KCSO immediately started receiving calls about an unidentified incident happening in the 200 block of Adams Street when deputies arrived at the crime site.

When they arrived, they saw a man trying to flee on foot while carrying a gun, according to the press statement. The suspect was then taken into custody by deputies, who later discovered that he had shot one of the victims during an armed carjacking, leaving him with only minor wounds.

According to authorities, deputies recognized the man as Brian Castellon, arrested him, and then took him to a nearby hospital to receive treatment for his wounds. Castellon was named as the suspect in the earlier shooting deaths of the two victims on South Union Avenue, according to investigators.

According to authorities, he will be arrested and lodged in the county jail on a number of felony offenses, including two counts of murder.  Call the KCSO at 661-861-3110 if you have any information about this case.


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