Charles ‘Chuck’ Johnson: basketball coach dies trying to save children from current in Florida


 Charles 'Chuck' Johnson: basketball coach dies trying to save children from current in Florida

Charles ‘Chuck’ Johnson Johnson died: While saving children from drowning over spring break, an Atlanta teen and a family friend perish. Four little children were spared by an Atlanta teen’s selfless deed, but it also claimed the lives of him and a family friend. Keep reading this post to learn more details about this tragic incident and how Coach Charles passed away.

What happened to Charles ‘Chuck’ Johnson?

After a popular basketball coach lost his life trying to save three youngsters who were caught in a strong Florida current, the Atlanta community is in pain. Coach Charles “Chuck” Johnson lost his life while attempting to save Bryce Brooks, 16, a junior at Maynard Jackson High.

To save four children who were being dragged in by the currents, the teenager dove into the water. They are both dead. In Florida’s Escambia County, close to Pensacola, it took place on a beach.

The region is on Florida’s panhandle, close to the state line with Alabama. Coach Chuck and a different family friend reportedly went in to try and save the group after Brooks’ family said their son called for assistance. The beloved bus was swept beneath by the strong currents.

Charles ‘Chuck’ Johnson: Who was he?

Coach Chuck coached basketball for the non-profit group Healthy Lifestyle, Healthy Kids, which aims to combat childhood obesity. Johnson was known to HLHK’s founder, Jabari King, for 40 years.

He claimed that they shared a childhood in Decatur. He claimed Johnson was constantly helpful and able to bring out the best in others. “He was the driving force behind the basketball team. He was the 20/26 team’s coach.

And the lads really looked up to him,” added King. King claimed that when they learned of Johnson’s passing, the students he had mentored sobbed.

“I received a call informing me that he drowned. Furthermore, I was aware that he was in Florida. He usually practices with us at that time of night, so that’s why he wasn’t there—that, and just shock,” King remarked. I wanted to be sure it wasn’t him because I wanted it to be someone else.

Initially, Johnson’s son, who Stegall was coaching in a leadership program outside of Maynard Jackson High School, and Johnson’s son first crossed paths.

There, the Johnsons and the Stegall family grew particularly close. More than just a coach, according to Stegall. He remarked, “He was one of those buddies you could always count on to be there for you.

Stegall claimed that Coach Chuck even encouraged him to have a greater impact on kids, which is how he came to be the head coach at Maynard Jackson High School. He consistently backed my decisions. He also developed the ability to let his children receive coaching.

Brooks’s Parents grieve for their beloved son Bryce Brooks

Shivy and Crystal Brooks, Brooks’ parents, are obviously devastated. According to Shivy Brooks, their sons saw the four other smaller children being carried away by the water’s currents and leaped in to save them all.

Shivy Brooks praised her son Bryce for his selflessness. “Being selfless, our son, Bryce, while being pulled by the currents himself, literally called for help, not for himself, but for the little kids he was looking out for,” she added. Bryce is a brave man. He sacrificed his own life in order to rescue the lives of four children.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to support the Brooks family. The $75,000 target was surpassed. As of Wednesday morning, more than $83,000 had been raised.

“Bryce will never get the opportunity to mature and become the complete man he was supposed to be. But we are aware that he asserted his manhood to protect these kids.

It fills me with pride. It doesn’t require even a little suffering for me to be proud of our boy, said Crystal Brooks. The caption of an Instagram picture read: “REST IN PEACE 16-year-old Atlanta resident Bryce Brooks died last Thursday after valiantly swoopin into action at Johnson Beach in Perdido Key and attempting to save four younger children from drowning.

“Our son saved the lives of kids he did not even know.”

GOFUNDME Page reads the following statement:

On April 6th, loved members of our GYTO community, Shivy and Crystal Brooks suffered the tragic loss of their son Bryce and a close family friend. Bryce, 16, was a selfless young man full of passion and love for life. Bryce was victim to a strong ocean current in Florida after his heroic action of jumping into the ocean to save a group of younger children from the current. Bryce’s actions helped to save several lives. We can not even begin to understand the unimaginable impact this has had on their family, friends, and loved ones but know the power of this community.

Our GYTO community hurts for Shivy and his family as they navigate through this heartbreaking time and many of you have asked how to help. We know the power of this community, the power of your prayers, and the power of your service and impact. Please consider making a donation to support the Brooks family during this time. Every donation can make an impact on this GYTO family member who needs us now more than ever.

The funds raised will go directly to Shivy Brooks and his family. Those interested in donating to the family can do so here. There are currently no further details on the four children who were saved.


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