Dayve Sanchez death: 18 year-old shot dead by SBI Agent in Apex, explained

(Dayve Sanchez)

The guy who was killed and the SBI officer who shot him outside an Academy Sports on Tuesday have both been identified by the Apex Police Department. Dayve Sanchez, 18, was allegedly caught stealing, and a State Bureau of Investigation agent shot and killed him on Tuesday afternoon in Apex, according to the town’s police department. Let’s see about it in detail.


What happened?

Dayve Sanchez, 18, was shot and murdered by a State Bureau of Investigation investigator on Tuesday afternoon in Apex following an alleged shoplifting incident.

Officers were called to Academy Sports and Outdoors in a Pine Plaza Drive shopping centre at about 1:30 p.m. Dayve Rafael Sanchez was discovered on the ground suffering from a gunshot wound, according to Apex Police Chief Jeremy Armstrong. He was brought to a nearby hospital, where he later passed away from his wounds.

Family members initially revealed Sanchez’s identity to ABC11, a news partner of The News & Observer. Denzel Ward, 29, was identified as the SBI agent who shot him in a news release on Wednesday by the police, who also confirmed his identification.

According to Armstrong, the incident began inside the shop. According to reports, the lady attempted to grab a crate of ammo from a counter. With the stolen package in tow, she and Sanchez fled the shop. A weapon was discovered by police close to Sanchez. Police, according to Armstrong, believe it belonged to him.

Armstrong said during a news conference,

“The SBI agent encountered the two individuals in the parking lot, and that is when the shooting occurred,”

“The SBI agent was the individual who shot the male in this interaction.”

The woman is currently “under the care of medical professionals,” and police haven’t disclosed her identity or filed any charges against her.

The reason the agent went to the business and what precipitated the shooting was not given by the chief. Since there was an officer-involved shooting, Armstrong claimed he spoke with the Wake County District Attorney Lorrin Freeman and SBI officials to “ensure we handle this with the utmost sensitivity.”

Freeman allegedly requested that the Apex Police Department take the lead on the investigation, according to Armstrong. According to him, police were speaking with witnesses who had been in the parking lot when the event occurred.

Family members statement:

The family of Dayve Sanchez, 18, was contacted by ABC11 on Tuesday. Around 1:30 pm, near the Apex sports goods store on Pine Plaza Drive, they initially recognized him as the man shot and killed over a theft dispute.

Family friend Joyce Bloodsworth said,

“Dayve is loved. He’s a kid. He was only 18 years old, He had his whole life to live, and we just want answers because we love and care about him very, very much and he should not be gone.”

According to Sanchez’s mother, they didn’t learn of his involvement in the event until several hours had passed. The family was stunned to hear the news and claimed that the crimes Sanchez is accused of don’t match who they know him to be.

Family members added that Sanchez’s companion was a “new friend.”

The incident will be looked into by Apex police, and the SBI will look into the investigator’s internal affairs. According to police, there is no risk to the neighborhood.

A statement on the shooting was made by Academy Sports & Outdoors.

It read,

“We are sorry about this unfortunate incident and are grateful for the quick actions of the first responders,” 

“We have made ourselves available to the Apex Police as they investigate this ongoing situation and refer all questions to them.”

Investigators are questioning potential witnesses, looking through the paper and digital documents, and examining forensic evidence. The investigation is still going on.

Fatal stabbing at a convenience shop in Raleigh:

Within a week, there have been two fatalities in the Triangle following an alleged theft incident. Mark Garrity Jr., a resident of Cary, was stabbed on Thursday inside a convenience shop in downtown Raleigh.

Media sites stated that when the store owner accused Garrity of stealing, a fight allegedly broke out between the two employees. Garrity later succumbed to his wounds. He was 27. As of Tuesday, the police had not disclosed any charges relating to that event.



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