How did Andres Cuervo die? Colimbian singer cause of death Explained

How did Andres Cuervo die? Colimbian singer cause of death Explained

Andrés Cuervo, a Colombian artist renowned for the song, “La Recipe,” died on October 10 in Paris at the age of  34. Let’s see who is Andrés Cuervo, what happened to him, and Andrés Cuervo cause of death in detail.

How did Andrés Cuervo die?

W Radio mentions his death news saying that the man from Barranquilla died suddenly and the European administrations are analyzing the case. The singer and model took part in New York Fashion Week a week ago.

Kiko Becerra, a relative of the artist and his former manager, confirmed his passing by posting an obituary on his social media page and the message reads,

The important thing about his personality was his joviality. His wide smile printed joy wherever he went, writes Becerra. The Greeks said that the blessing of the gods was to die young because they only lived the golden age of human existence.

Andrés Cuervo, the Colombian artist behind the hit single “La Receta,” died last week, the 40-year-old singer died of a heart attack Wednesday (Oct. 5) in his apartment in Paris.-

Andrés Cuervo cause of death

“You took your light.” You will always be in my heart my beloved Andy. Fly to the stars, where you will always shine,”, said Beatriz Becerra Harrah, a close friend of André’s. Cuervo took part in the Cubel walk, which was part of the New York Fashion Festival. Cubel is the label of Colombian fashion designer Humberto Cubides. He was in pairs when he passed away. The agency in Colombia says that Andrés Cuervo cause of death was a heart attack. however, the exact reason for the cause of death is still not known.

Two years ago, Andres said in an interview that, “I was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder 5 years ago which stabilized me and now I think I’m on the right path. I am a pop-urban Colombian singer and I’m coming for the world. I study Kabbalah which helps me see the world in a very harmonious way. 

As a musician, model, and vocalist, he devoted himself to music in particular throughout his career because as a youngster, he was in the habit of performing in school events.

Medico topics have been trying to reach out to the family and relatives for comment on the incident. So far no responses have been received. We will update the page once enough information is available. More information on Andres’s cause of death will be added soon.

Who is Andrés Cuervo?

Colombian singer-songwriter Andrés Cuervo, who was born on 15 April 1988 served as a brand ambassador for the Army of Peace and Love. He was born and lived in Barranquilla, and when he started performing, he showed a pop and rock’ n’ roll influence as well as compositional skills.

He had a great passion for music from his school days itself and he started performing in school events. His debut studio album, titled “Tras de Ti,” became an instant hit in nations like Mexico and Spain.

Andres Cuervo’s career

Andres was a musician, model, and vocalist, and he devoted himself to music throughout his career. In 2008, Cuervo released Tras de Ti, his debut studio album, which became a No. 1 smash in Mexico. Este Soy Yo, his subsequent album, was released in 2013 and ranked top 10 radio singles in both Spanish and Mexico as well as a successful national tour. Both of Cuervo’s 2015 releases, “Historias de Amor” in February and the release of the music video for the single “Como Yo Te Quiero” on Valentine’s Day, were among his most popular. His song “La Receta” peaked at rank 1 on the billboard tropical charts.

The single “Vivirla Bien” by Cuervo, which was released in March 2018, reached No. 18 on the Billboard Tropical List. The song’s official music video had over 11 million YouTube views, making it the most popular video of the musician’s entire discography. His YouTube videos have received more than 40 million views and include music videos for tracks like “Te Extrao,” “Destino Casualidad,” “Luna Cuentale,” and “Te Quiero Para Mi.” Cuervo’s philanthropic foundation “Saber Amar” helped him raise money and awareness for a number of causes in addition to his achievements in the music industry; this work was honored with multiple accolades.

In an interview, Andres said,

I was born a singer and I will die a singer, I never had a plan B. The journey is very complicated each time you think you get there. It’s not an easy journey pursuing a music career. You get lost and you need to find yourself again. People don’t understand how important it is to be loved and respected for an artist.

Condolences to Andres:

Post-Punk Shugazi tweeted,

I may not know much about Andrés Cuervo outside of his second album, but he did leave a wonderful impression on me. I’ll never forget that moment.

FarándulaYCríticaTV2022 tweeted,

We do not know when our journey on this earth will end, how long or short it will be, that is why we must live today, the now, as if it were the last day we have to enjoy the wonderful experience of being alive…. good trip to eternity Andrés Cuervo.

Revista Semana tweeted,
Andrés Cuervo, cantante y modelo barranquillero, murió a los 34 años en extrañas circunstancias.
Jheisson Moná tweeted,
Andrés Cuervo, músico y modelo barranquillero, murió de forma extraña en París, Francia – EL HERALDO
Luz Mery HHAU tweeted,
Andrés Cuervo, cantante y modelo barranquillero, murió en Francia… vía @WradioColombia


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