Wisconsin shooting: Who was Glenn Douglas Perry? Dangerous suspect who shot and killed Chetek and Cameron police officers

According to state justice department authorities, on April 8, 2023, a gunfight with Glenn Douglas Perry, 50, resulted in the deaths of Emily Breidenbach, 32, of the Chetek Police Department, and Hunter Scheel, 23, of the Cameron Police Department. Let’s see about it in detail.


Wisconsin shooting:

Officials on Monday released the names of two police officers and a man who were shot and killed during a traffic stop over the weekend in northwest Wisconsin.

According to state justice department authorities, 50-year-old Glenn Douglas Perry engaged in a gunfight with 32-year-old Emily Breidenbach of the Chetek Police Department and 23-year-old Hunter Scheel of the Cameron Police Department on Saturday afternoon in Cameron.

According to the Wisconsin Department of Justice (WDOJ), the incident started when a Chetek Police Department officer stopped a vehicle for a traffic infraction at around 3:38 local time.

The WDOJ said that during the stop, there was a shooting exchange in which the Cameron Police Department officer and the Chetek officer were both wounded.

According to representatives of the Justice Department, the police wanted to halt Perry because he was wanted on a warrant and to check on his wellbeing. They didn’t go into detail about the warrant or describe what caused the shooting.

According to the DCI statement, Perry, 50, was transferred to the hospital where he subsequently passed away, while Breidenbach, 32, and Scheel, 23, were declared dead at the spot.

Press release by Chetek Police Department:

Before DCI’s announcement, Governor Tony Evers expressed his sympathies to the families of Breidenbach and Scheel and said that flags will shortly fly at half-staff throughout Wisconsin in their honor.

He said the Executive Order will be signed as soon as the officers’ burial plans had been made public.

Authorities had not previously identified Perry, whose identity wasn’t made public until Monday afternoon, as a suspect in their accounts of the shootings, which took place on Saturday at 3:30 p.m. in the Village of Cameron.

Following the incident, the Wisconsin DOJ informed the public that there was no threat to the neighborhood. Following the protocol for an officer-involved shooting, the Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI) of the Wisconsin Department of Justice started an investigation into the event.

With plans to “turn over investigative reports to the Barron County District Attorney when the investigation concludes,” they continued to “review the evidence and determine the facts of this incident.”

The Barron County Sheriff’s Office, Rusk County Sheriff’s Office, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, Wisconsin State Patrol, Wisconsin State Crime Lab, and a DCI Crime Response Specialist assisted the DCI in leading the investigation into the incident.


About the officers:

The DCI also gave a brief biography of each of the two policemen who were killed in the incident, which is included below.

Officer Emily Breidenbach (L) and Hunter Scheel (R) (Respective police departments)

Officer Breidenbach, 32, began her career in law enforcement with the Dane County Stoughton Police Department. Before joining the Chetek Police Department, where she had previously worked for almost 4 years, she spent there for about 9 months. She had worked in law enforcement for almost five years.

In December 2022, Officer Scheel, age 23, received his law enforcement academy diploma. He has been a member of the Cameron Police Department for almost a year. He had worked in law enforcement for almost a year.

The police departments in Cameron and Chetek have never lost an officer, according to the Wisconsin Law Enforcement Officers Memorial. Wally L. Larson and Matt Olson, two deputies from the Barron County Sheriff’s Department, both passed away while performing their duties earlier.

According to his memorial biography, Larson may have had a heart attack before his squad vehicle “collided head-on with a semi tractor-trailer.” According to the monument, Olson was trying to take a horse from the suspect when he was shot and died. While, according to the monument, “nine Milwaukee cops perished when a bomb detonated in their precinct,” two officers passing dead in the same occurrence is extremely uncommon in Wisconsin.


Suspect :Who was Glenn Douglas Perry?

According to a press release from the Wisconsin Department of Justice, Glenn Douglas Perry, 50, has been identified as the suspect in the shooting murders of two policemen during a traffic stop in Barron County in northwest Wisconsin.

Glenn Douglas Perry. (Facebook)

According to Wisconsin court documents, the warrant was related to a heated divorce dispute. According to court documents, Perry failed to appear in court for a child support-related contempt charge. They also suggest that he lately levelled allegations of fraud in the protracted divorce dispute.

His Historical crime records:

1.Domestic Violence Case in 2020:

Perry, who had a New Auburn address, was charged with misdemeanor violence and domestic abuse in 2020, per online court records. On a prosecutor’s request, the case was dropped, and the defendant was given a forfeiture for disorderly behavior and domestic violence.

A misdemeanor domestic violence-related charge was reduced to forfeiture for disorderly behavior in a second case that year on a separate date. In a 2020 domestic violence case, the criminal complaint stated that Perry “kept buying more guns and would go on a rant about how the cops are bad and how he was going to kill them.” according to KARE-11 journalist Lou Raguse, writing on Twitter.

Raguse stated that Perry’s daughter claimed he was operating the vehicle while carrying two firearms. His daughter said in a victim impact statement that Perry visited her school and made a murderous threat against her boyfriend, adding, “I am afraid that he will follow through his threats.” These are cases from Barron County.

According to federal court documents, Perry declared bankruptcy in 2003.

2.High-Conflict Divorce Case:

Perry was a participant in a divorce that started in 2020 and continued up until the time of the shooting. According to Wisconsin court documents, “Bench Warrant Civil Issued for Perry, Glenn D.” was issued on March 30, 2023.

The same date also has the note “Order for Arrest – Glenn Perry.” Conflict arose in the divorce process, and mediation was mandated. Perry’s lawyer eventually left the case. A hearing for the order to show cause was held on March 30, 2023. Glenn D. Perry, the respondent, and Laura A. Perry, the petitioner, were both absent from the hearing.

According to Wisconsin court documents, a lawyer said he couldn’t serve Perry because he couldn’t be located.

Perry has a history of working in the transportation sector, according to the divorce case.

Court records say, “Husband will complete FDS update that will include information from Stout trucking; Regarding worker’s comp decision from 2016, Atty. Nussberger will request that copy, Wife is awarded $150 attorney fees which husband is to pay. Husband will submit release for his employer, along with extra blank releases for any other various employers. Releases to be provided for claim.”

Disability records and Perry’s pay stubs were both included as evidence at one time. As there were three children, a guardian ad litem was involved, and the divorce was marked as “contested,” according to court documents.

According to the court’s records, the judge supported the wife. In September 2022, the divorce was finally formalized.

The court records say, “Court relates and finds there was domestic abuse in the marriage by Respondent and that primary placement with Mother is in the child’s best interest and sole legal custody should be granted to Mother and with her making decisions for schooling and healthcare, Father can have 1 weeknight (Wednesdays) with Children and every other weekend after school on Friday until Sunday 6:00 p.m. if no school on Friday then 6:00 p.m. on Friday to 6:00 p.m. on Sunday. Parties are to meet at Kwik Trip in Cameron for exchange. Court adopts holiday schedule as agreed upon with mediator. As to communication, it shall be through facebook messenger app / facetime with child, Court relates the marital residence is considered marital property and court orders Mr. Perry to take over the mortgage and must refinance the home within 120 days. Court finds the value of the residence as $145,200. Court awards firearms to Mr. Perry at value set forth by Mr. Standaert.”

According to court documents, there was a “letter to Judge Babler from Glenn Perry” in February 2023. It had an arrow on the bottom but no back or other attachments. “Mr. Perry contacted and wanted it recorded that he has detected fraud inside his case,” says another entry from the same month.

Yet, according to court documents that include “CSA’s Affidavit for Contempt – Glenn Perry,” there were problems with child support. Judge Babler will hear the CSA’s proposed order to show cause on March 30 at 10:00 AM. It resulted in the issuance of the warrant.


State community leaders express their sadness:

The Barron County Sheriff’s Department posted on Facebook: “Our thoughts and prayers are with Cameron and Chetek Police Departments.”

The Marinette County Deputy Sheriff’s Association also wrote in a Facebook post: “Tonight our hearts are heavy as we send our thoughts and prayers to the Village of Cameron Police Department, the City of Chetek Police Department, the Barron County community, and the families (both blood and blue) of two officers lost in the line of duty today.”

Grant County Sheriff’s Office, WI wrote: “We would ask that you keep the communities of Chetek and Cameron in your thoughts and prayers in the coming days. Today each police department lost an officer in the line of duty in the same incident. Barron County law enforcement is hurting tonight and we send our support to them all! -Sheriff Nate Dreckman.”

Cameron Police Chief Adam Steffen wrote on Facebook: “Our community is experiencing a time of great tragedy. As we continue to work through this, please respect the privacy of our law enforcement officers and their families. We want to thank the community for their continued support and overwhelming acts of kindness. The support has been tremendous!”

Hunter’s fiance Camryn Gosdeck also wrote a heart touching tribute on Facebook,

Family member of Emily Breidenbach, Karen Yonkie wrote on Facebook,

“I don’t know how to process this. Emily Ann I’ve know you since you were ten when my pops (Tim) married your mom. You have always been a shining beckon of light. You have always lived life with such adventure, and treated everyone around you with dignity and respect. from the silly vibrant 10 year old to the girl who made a stand in high school to shave her head to the beautiful woman you were. You will be remembered and thought of daily.”

The public is invited to pay their respects to the deceased cops on Monday along the roadside, but anybody watching the escort is advised not to block or obstruct traffic, according to the Chicago County Sheriff’s Office.

At 4 o’clock is when the escort is anticipated to enter Wisconsin again after travelling to Taylors Falls on Highway 8. Anybody who wants to pay their respects may keep an eye on more precise information on the Facebook page of the Chisago County Sheriff’s Office.

The Chetek Police Department reports that the officers are being led to funeral homes from the Ramsey County Medical Examiner’s Office.

Kindly use the comment box below to honor the death of Officer Emily Breidenbach and Hunter Scheel by leaving a tribute.


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