Will Immunity power cure corona? Will Vaccines,Vitamin Pills or Probiotics improve Immunity?

Is getting Immunity power a solution to the problem of Corona virus that threatens the entire world? As each of the people of the world went down in search. In that line the topic of foods that boost the body’s immune system is becoming more and more involved on the internet.

  • But can diet alone boost the immune system?
  • Is it possible to escape from the corona only by immunity?
  • What are the explanations given by experts for these questions ?

Let see,

Can we develop immunity power to a virus?


Can we develop immunity power to a virus

While it has been said that people with a weakened immunity power are more likely to be affected by corona, many are competing and offering suggestions that this diet will strengthen the immune system and that the drink will increase nutrition.

But experts say that really immunity power is not just about food.

It is a superstition that pills, nutritional drinks and health habits can boost your immunity.

When a virus enters the body through the barrier of a person’s skin and airways, the body’s endogenous immune response is triggered and they fight to destroy the virus. But if they can’t kill that virus then the next step is to make antibodies in our immune system.

These antibodies only attack specific virus. That means antibodies to the Influenza virus will not infect the Corona virus, says Akiko Iwasaki, an immunologist at the University of Science.

But sometimes even these antibodies can not destroy some powerful mutant viruses. That’s when we need the help of antibodies created by vaccines. You may be confused as to which antibodies are produced due to which vaccines. Before that you need to know about vaccines.

What are vaccines?


What are vaccines how do they work Will Immunity power cure corona?

Vaccines do not contain antibodies, as many people think. Instead

  • a weakened virus or
  • dead virus or
  • part of it is injected into the human body.

It is our immune system that realizes that some kind of foreign substances has entered the body when the vaccines injected. It recognizes what kind of virus it is and produces antibodies in the body that are capable of destroying it.

Thus even if he has that particular infection in the future he will get those memory cells via T cells and B cells for antibodies that are already developing in the body due to the vaccine. The same procedure is used for the corona vaccine.

But antibodies produced by a vaccine developed against a specific virus do not fight another virus. That is why each disease is vaccinated separately.

Therefore, experts say that we can not strengthen or increase the immune system artificially, i.e. through certain foods and drinks. It depends entirely on our immune system.

Are Vitamin Pills Ineffective?


Are Vitamin Pills Ineffective?

Many people say that multivitamins help the immune system. But no vitamin pill will work for those who are already in good health. Rather it risks harming those who are healthy.

So Iwasaki says vitamin pills are only beneficial for those who have vitamin deficiencies.

In the current environment, many people are paralyzed at home because of the lack of sunlight in the body is likely to cause Vitamin D deficiency. So people with vitamin D deficiency can take the appropriate pills.

Do Probiotics help?


Do Probiotics help? medico topics

Probiotics refer to the beneficial microorganisms contained in certain foods, drinks and pills. But lies are circulating that these germs can cure AIDS cancer at all. But a 2015 study found that Probiotics may help reduce the severity of upper respiratory tract infections.

Primarily there is no evidence that any type of Probiotic provides protection against the Corona virus. One can take some comfort in the fact that most beliefs regarding developing immunity are harmless. But the bitter truth is that believing this will give you a false sense of security.


sleep exercise diet stress control

  • Adequate sleep,
  • Exercise,
  • Balanced diet and
  • Taking care of stress will help your immune system to function better.

The only way to protect ourselves from any other pandemic is to get vaccinated.

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