Tamil Nadu Extends Lockdown till Sept 30, Restarts Metro, Buses

Tamil Nadu Extends Lockdown till Sept 30. The current general curfew order across Tamil Nadu under the National Disaster Management Plan to prevent Corona virus outbreak will be further extended till 12 midnight on September 30 with various restrictions and relaxations already in place.


Tamil Nadu Extends Lockdown, Restarts Metro, Buses, Allows Hotels To Open

Meanwhile, the Tamil Nadu government has said that in view of the nature of the epidemic, some works will be allowed from September 1, with the exception of the disease control areas, which are already permitted in areas other than the disease control area, in order to revive the economy.

  •  Public without E-Pass between districts across Tamil Nadu allowed to travel.  However, overseas and By air, rail and other vehicles from the outposts E-Pass procedure will continue for entry into Tamil Nadu.  Aadhar, ticket And applied for E-Pass with telephone / mobile number Auto-generated system for all self-authorization through the system E-Pass will be issued immediately.


  • Public vision in all places of worship Is allowed.  Standard guidelines for this Issued by the Government. By this one The maximum number of devotees who will come for Darshan tomorrow Determining, as well as pregnancy inside places of worship Simultaneously specific to the sanctuary (Sanctum sanctorum) Only a limited number of devotees will be allowed to go.  Worship Public viewing to the sites is only until 8.00pm Will be allowed.



  • Hotels with accommodation, resorts, entertainment hotels and other hospitality services standard follow the Standard Operating Procedure Is allowed.
  • For fitness and all sports, exercises, parks and Playgrounds Standard Operating Procedure is allowed to follow and open.  However, Spectators are not allowed on the playgrounds.
  • Standard guidance for skills and vocational training institutions Follow the Procedures from 21.9.2020 allowed to open.
  • Government offices currently staffed with 50% staff, Running with 100 percent employees from 1.9.2020.  However, In private and government offices, as in the factory In the workplace, a Corona Prevention Officer (Nodal Officer) Appoint a liaison officer and follow the guidelines duly to follow and for people with infections to come to the office avoid getting tested for symptoms immediately Appropriate steps should be taken to ensure.



  • Banks and their affiliates with 100% employees Allowed to run.
  • To the Nilgiris district, all the hills like Kodaikanal, Yercaud To restrict the movement of out-of-town tourists District Regime Chairman With permission You will be allowed to get an E-Pass.
  • Suitable for film industry filming Guide To work with no more than 75 people at a time, subject to protocol


Tamil Nadu Extends Lockdown, Restarts Metro, Buses, Allows Hotels To Open 1

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