Why did Victoria Beckham remove DB tattoo? Explained


Why did Victoria Beckham remove DB tattoo? Explained

DAVID Beckham’s tattoo was removed from Victoria Beckham’s wrist, and she explains her decision. Let’s see Why did Victoria Beckham remove DB tattoo in detail

Did Victoria Beckham remove DB tattoo?

Recently, there have been reports of separation and divorce between Sylvester Stallone and Jennifer Flavin as a result of celebrities deleting their inked messages of love.

It’s not surprising that certain online rumors began to circulate when Victoria Beckham covered up a tattoo of her husband’s initials, David Beckham.

During an interview with Hoda Kotb, the designer and singer—who recently channeled Cinderella during an outing in New York City—discussed the reports of marital difficulties.

Fans of the celebrity pair were left to speculate whether there was some sort of trouble in the couple’s relationship after Victoria removed a tattoo of David’s initials from her wrist.

Victoria’s reply to Rumors:

When Victoria Beckham, 48, was spotted removing her husband David Beckham’s initials off her wrist this month, it ignited rumors.

As she explained removing an endearing tattoo of her husband David’s initials from her wrist, Victoria Beckham denied that her marriage was in peril.

The 48-year-old Spice Girl had a pretty straightforward explanation for the removal, and it all boiled down to “aesthetics.”

Victoria assured her supporters that her 23-year marriage to David was stronger than ever and explained that the reason for getting her tattoo removed was simply that it was no longer ‘looking nice.

Posh Spice claimed, “I had these tattoos long, long ago, and they just weren’t especially sensitive.” “They didn’t look good at all because they were slightly bleeding. I had become a little tired of the tattoo.”

The removal, according to her, “didn’t imply anything more” than the fact that it didn’t look as good. Posh argued, “It’s that easy.

Victoria said in the interview,

“I had these tattoos a long, long time ago, and they just weren’t especially sensitive.” “My children and husband both have numerous exquisite tattoos that are very fine and were designed by the most talented artists, but mine were just a little bit thicker, bleeding a little, and not as attractive.

Given that they have been seen out on romantic dates in New York this week, Victoria reassured their fans that their relationship is still extremely strong. She added that she chose it since the ink did not appeal to her on an aesthetic level.

They began to bleed and took on an almost blue-like hue, making them less appealing. More than that, it means nothing. I believe the media began to wonder if I was divorcing my husband. No. I had grown a little tired of the tattoo. That’s all there is to it, she said.

DAVID Beckham’s reply to this incident

Her spouse, on the other hand, continues to have numerous tattoos honoring both his wife and their kids. On his right hand, he has a swallow tattooed along with the name of his wife.

After meeting Victoria at a charity football tournament in London in 1997, David married her there in Ireland in 1999. She and the Spice Girls performed on the occasion. The bird is a representation of the joy and beauty of life.

Additionally, he has a tattoo of the number “99” on the pinky finger of his right hand. He married Victoria in that year, helped Manchester United win the UEFA Champions League, and welcomed his eldest son Brooklyn into the world.

David also has a tattoo referencing his wife in Latin and Sanskrit. Both David and Victoria Beckham have a Hebrew tattoo that reads, “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine.” On their sixth wedding anniversary, they received matching tattoos to symbolize their love for one another.

While Victoria’s tattoo is visible on her upper back and neck, David has it on his left arm. David and Victoria frequently talk about their relationship on their individual Instagram sites. Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz, and Harper, along with the rest of her family, recently traveled to Paris to cheer on their mother at her Paris Fashion Week show.

Before her performance, she just posted a photo of her family with Vogue editors Edward Enninful and Anna Wintour. While Romeo, Brooklyn, and his wife Nicole Peltz Beckham hugged at the end, supportive husband David wrapped his arm over their daughter Harper. Posh captioned this image: “Baby, it’s Paris! I’m very grateful to my family, @BritishVogue, and @VogueMagazine for always supporting me on this journey xx VB”.


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