Why did Tony Adams & Katya Jones had an argument during live show? Explained

Strictly star Tony Adams was involved in a heated “fight” with partner Katya Jones after she yelled at him for making mistakes while dancing in a live show. Let’s see Why did Tony Adams had an argument with his partner Katya Jones during live show in detail.

Why did Tony Adams & Katya Jones had an argument?

As hosts Claudia Winkleman and Tess Daly wrapped up the program, the two could be seen having a heated conversation in the background.

The “fight” started when Katya acknowledged yelling at him for making mistakes during their salsa routine on tonight’s episode of Strictly Come Dancing.

Tony, a former football player, found it difficult to continue dancing after getting off to a bad start.

Following their performance on the show on Saturday night, the professional dancer was “not pleased” with the former football player.

Judge’s Judgement

The judges, Shirley Ballas, Craig Revel Horwood, Motsi Mabuse, and Anton du Beke, weren’t overly impressed with the pair’s Salsa to Pitbull’s “I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)”.

Tony’s typically ardent supporter Shirley announced that he’d “made too many mistakes,” Craig stated while attempting to be upbeat by adding: “You had a good go, but no it didn’t work tonight. It’s a shame.”

Tony was encouraged by Motsi Mabuse, who said: “Stuff goes wrong in life and you have to pick up our crown and go back out there and salsa it out.”

Tony’s Explanation to Katya

Tony gave Claudia an explanation of what went wrong by saying: “I was too busy having fun, Claudia.

“The crowd was all up and it was great, then I looked down there [at my feet] and thought ‘oh sugar, what’s going on there?

“I looked at her face and she went ‘oh my god.”

Later, Katya admitted that she had yelled “Focus!” at him to encourage him to return to focusing solely on their routine before bemoaning the fact that he could “do it so well.”

Tense Exchange

Fans of Strictly Come Dancing believed they had caught Tony Adams and Katya Jones in a tense exchange towards the conclusion of the live event on Saturday.

The week 7 episode’s hosts Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman closed it out with the couples standing behind them while Tony and Katya seemed to be chatting animatedly.

Katya had her back to the camera and Tony was holding onto her hands rather than waving farewell to the audience. It came after another uncomfortable moment earlier in the show when Tony disclosed what Katya had said to him during their dance while they were talking to Claudia.

Tony appeared animated while having a thoughtful talk with his dance partner. After a while, the pair turned around to pose bravely for the camera.

Body language expert Judi James Statement

More information about Tony and Katya during those exchanges, as well as how her grin seemed to be quite “forced,” has been disclosed by body language expert Judi James.

She stated exclusively to The Mirror:

“In an odd body language moment right at the end of the show, as the other couples lined up behind Tess to face the cameras with gleaming smiles, Katya and Tony could be seen in what looked like an intense conversation, Katya with her back turned to the cameras and an assertive-looking leg splay.”

“She was talking to Tony who watched her with a frown of what looked like concern. Tony responded with a mouth and a shoulder shrug before throwing his arms out in an even bigger shrug. They did finally turn to do their pose to camera but Katya’s rictus smile looked forced while Tony seemed to sigh and lick his lips in a more dour expression.”

“They might have been discussing where to have dinner but forgetting to pose for the camera is rare on Strictly and it looked for all the world as though Katya might have been launching straight into some more of her tough ‘team talks’ as Tony calls them after error-filled routine,” Judi said of the moment when Katya appeared to be engaged in a serious discussion.

Tony & Katya’s intense conversation

The routine was mistake-filled, so after it, they went up to the balcony to talk to Claudia.

Judi said, “On the balcony, Tony explained and apologized and it’s clear he’s giving the show his best shot.” He described Katya as yelling at him while performing the act, and she accurately recreated that behavior by cocking her head forward and yelling, “Focus! Focus!” in an ominous manner.

As they stood together, she yanked his hand away, shouting indignantly, “He could do it so well,” and using a weeping impersonation to drive her point home.

Even while they were receiving criticism from their judges, Shirley was being called out by Katya, who was shrieking “all week long” at her while listing his “One mistake after another.”


With 21 points, Tony and Katya were last in the standings.

Even after Ellie Taylor received criticism for her Rumba, they were just one point behind her.

On another Saturday night, Jowita Przystal and Hamza Yassin’s cha cha cha to The Four Tops I Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch) received three 10s, propelling them to the top of the leaderboard once more.

After performing a passionate Argentine tango, Kym Marsh and Graziano Di Prima tied for second place with Helen Skelton and Gorka Marquez, who also received 37 points for their slick jive to Janelle Monae’s Tightrope while donning matching black and white suits.

Ellie Taylor, a Ted Lasso actor, and Johannes Radebe performed a dramatic Rumba to Alone by Heart, but the judges did not seem to enjoy it as much as they should have, awarding them a 22 total, moving them up one spot and one point above Tony and Katya.

Tweets by viewers

Before tonight’s results presentation, the two are currently at the bottom of the standings (Sunday, November 6). The leaked results, however, have stunned admirers, who feel none of the bottom two deserved to be there.

Twitter was used by viewers to respond.

Francis The Chicken Boy tweeted,

“John Sergent had the good grace to bow out when he realised he was causing vastly superior dancers to go out.
Tony is typical of footballers, self-centred and belive they are the only one that matters.
Katya is the only good thing about that partnership, she deserves better.”

Edina tweeted,

“I think the thing that frustrates me most about Tony and Katya on #strictly is that he doesn’t respect his partner enough to concentrate when they have all those big lifts that could kill her. That is when it stops being fun for me. The lifts are the wow factor of the dancing.”

S tweeted,

“Absolutely awful and Katya was so rightly angry with Tony as she’d said he’d danced it perfectly well with all the correct steps all week and in the rehearsal. Tony is embarrassing and poor Katya is being turned into a female Anton. The butt of the shows joke. He needs to leave.”

linda nicholson tweeted,

“Love Tony and Katya. He tries so hard every week and I love watching him Learn. It’s an entertainment show and fir that he should stay.”

Ryan tweeted,

“Oh and finally – Tony Adams may be a donkey, but Katya Jones is a genius #strictly”

airwolfthemes tweeted,

“More choreography brilliance from Katya. We all love the underdogs like Tony trying so hard, and it was entertaining.”


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