Who is Iita Niilenge? Why did he shoot Hilya Fanuel? Explained

Police are searching for a suspect, Iita Niilenge in an attempted murder who broke into a lady’s shack in Katutura’s Havana informal community on Saturday night and shot the victim twice with a shotgun. Let’s see who is Iita Niilenge and Why did Iita Niilenge shoot Hilya Fanuel in detail.

Who is lita Niilenge?

As per source, Lita Niilenge is the name given by the victim Hilya Fanuel. He is the attempted murder suspect, who broke into Hilya Fanuel’s home on Saturday night and tried to kill her by shooting her twice with a shotgun.

Medico topics have been trying to reach out to the family and relatives for comment on the incident. So far no responses have been received. We will update the page once enough information is available. More information about the attempted murder suspect lita Niilenge will be added soon.

Why did Lita Niilenge shoot Hilya Fanuel?

Hilya Fanuel(32) was the victim, according to the police. The victim only identified the murder suspect name so far. She was brought to the hospital for medical attention.

Lita Niilenge has been named as the culprit, and he is still on the loose.The reason why Lita Niilenge shoot Hilya Fanuel is still unknown.

The cops are continuing their investigations.

Police statement

Officer Silas Shipandeni, a spokesman for the Khomas Police, claimed that the culprit reportedly shot the woman with a shotgun after breaking into her home.

“The victim ran out of the house, but the suspect followed her and shot her again for the second time. One tyre lever and one shotgun spent cartridge were picked up from the crime scene,” Shipandeni said.

People’s comment on this case:

Namibia country People are worried about their safety in their homes after such incident happened. People have made public comments about this incident on Facebook and Twitter.

Remain Controversial commented,

Things Council should be discussing is safety of the residents, but they are too pre-occupied with trauma that Von Francois statue is bringing to them.
People aren’t safe and nobody sees the need to protect them.

Maria Eduard Kaali Nkero commented,

Namibia not safe.

Elina Smiley Nangolo commented,

We are no more safe in this country called Namibia.

Hood Paulus Master II commented,

Police must go through that women phone. Definitely they will get it from there.

Ndafaelao H.Johannes commented,

Ou bad.
The world that we’re living in absolutely Bad.

Ndevaama Ya Katumwafenya commented,

What exactly is going on in this country?It’s becoming scary.

SuperArteta tweeted,

Such an embarrassment to the gun. He should be arrested for bad aim.

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