MBE award holder, Bob Le Sueur died at 102: Cause of death Explained


Bob Le Sueur cause of death

Bob Le Sueur, a hero of the Jersey Occupation, has passed away at the age of 102. He died in Jersey on Saturday, November 5, 2022. Let’s see who is MBE award holder and Bob Le Sueur cause of death in detail.

Who is Bob Le Sueur?

At his 101-YEAR-OLD, Bob plans to walk 5,000 steps by the end of the month to raise money for Ukrainians who are fleeing their country as a result of the Russian invasion. “Every day was difficult”, according to Bob Le Sueur, but he was determined to get his steps in.

Bob made headlines in 2020 when he raised millions of dollars for the NHS by walking 100 lengths of his lawn, which served as an inspiration for Mr. Le Sueur to accomplish the feat.

Mr. Le Sueur said: ‘It is really difficult and it takes a lot of energy. Every day is a challenge but I am determined to do that little walk every day from my glass door to the clothesline and back.’

Bob put his life in danger while the island was under Nazi occupation to assist Russian slaves who had escaped the appalling labor conditions. He continued to live his life in service to others after receiving an MBE for his valor in World War Two.

Bob Le Sueur cause of death

Captain Sir Tom Moore is a retired British Army officer. For a Ukraine appeal, a 101-year-old Jersey man walks 101 steps per day. For his support of Jersey’s ties with France, Bob received another honor in 2018 at the level of “Chevalier” in the Ordre de la Pléiade.

In October 2020, he turned 100 years old. He was described as “an average man who’s had an exceptional life.”

At the age of 102, Occupation Hero, Bob Le Sueur passed away. After a long and exceptional life, the well-known Islander died on Saturday at his home.

How Bob helped Russian inmates?

Mr. Le Sueur risked arrest and death during the German occupation by assisting Russian slave workers, including Feodor Buriy commonly known as Russian Bill, who were smuggled among safe places on the Island.

When fellow Islander Louisa Gould was deported and finally transported to a concentration camp for harboring a Russian slave worker, it was an illustration of the same disregard for personal safety that resulted in her death.

Jersey Heritage commissioned a portrait of Mr. Le Sueur, which was unveiled at the Jersey Museum in 2007 as a permanent monument to him. And in 2013, in addition to receiving an MBE for his community contributions, he was also honored by the Soviet Union for his bravery in assisting Russian inmates.

Bob Le Sueur during the production of a documentary about the SS Vega, which delivered supplies to the Island for the Red Cross at the end of the Occupation. In his memoir Growing up Fast, which was published in 2020, he detailed his escapades.

During the launch of the book, he described how he went about helping Russian slave workers during the Occupation, saying: ‘I was very secretive about everything, so I was never caught.

“I never told anybody anything, not my closest friends or family or anyone at all. If I had and they’d been arrested or interrogated they would have been in a lot of trouble.’

Bob’s 101 steps walk:

Later, after hearing about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Bob decided to walk 101 steps around his garden each day to raise money for refugees. During the German occupation, Mr. Le Sueur put himself in danger by assisting Russian slaves being transported through safe houses on the island, notably Feodor Bury (also known as Russian Bill).

I want to use the time I have left to do some good and help other people, he told the ITV Channel during the challenge.

Bob Le Suer- WW2 Jersey Islander?

Bob lived in Jersy from 3 October 1920 to 5 November 2022. As a Jersey resident, bob was awarded an MBE for his efforts in helping escaped Russian prisoners, in Jersey, during the Nazi Occupation of the Channel Islands.

Plaque referencing Le Sueur in York Street, Saint Helier: part of a memorial commemorating Occupation experiences from 1940 to 1945.

During the Occupation, Le Sueur was able to move about due to his work as an insurance agent. He served as a relay in a group of people who provided refuge to fugitives; starting in 1942, he dealt with eight or nine of them.

Bob has been hailed as “one of the great Jersey characters” and “a very remarkable Jerseyman whose recollections of the Occupation were so full of humanity and compassion” in tributes posted on social media.

Tributes to Bob

Tracy Mourant tweeted,

Farewell dear Bob Le Sueur. A very special Jerseyman whose tales of the Occupation were so full of humanity and compassion. Rest in peace.

LINDSAY ASH tweeted,

Sad news that Bob Le Sueur has passed away …..a life well lived and one of the great Jersey characters RIP.

Christine Le Brocq tweeted,

Sad to hear that a great Jerseyman and resistance fighter, Bob Le Sueur has died, he was one of Jersey’s greatest Sons. RIP Bob x.

robert.hall tweeted,

Sad to report that Jersey Occupation survivor Bob Le Sueur, Good Samaritan , historian , and raconteur has died. RIP.

Tom Brossman tweeted,

RIP Bob, what an interesting and compassionate man. I was lucky to interview him a few years ago and he shared his personal photo album from WW2.

Victoria College CCF – Contingent Commander tweeted,

Very sad to hear of the passing of Bob Le Sueur MBE, an Old Victorian who I had the pleasure of meeting on a number of occasions. His story and heroism during WWII will forever be remembered.


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