Who is Jayden Harris? Florida Man arrested for shooting two dogs

Who is Jayden Harris? Florida Man arrested for shooting two dogs

Who is Jayden Harris ? A Florida Man has been arrested for shooting dogs during an attempted robbery last week. Authorities claim that Jayden Make ll Harris, 17, shot a man’s dog in Florida during an attempted robbery. The Tampa Police Department has detained a guy who, while attempting an armed robbery, shot two dogs, and one of them died. On November 3, 2022, Jayden Harris was taken into custody on several felony counts. Let’s find out more about this case.

Florida Man arrested for shooting two dogs

At a press conference on Thursday, Tampa Police Chief Mary O’Connor announced that 17-year-old Jayden Harris had been detained in connection with the shooting that took place last Friday during a robbery in which one of the victims’ dachshunds was killed and the other two were wounded. The source claimed that Geovanni Ruiz was out walking his two 7-year-old dachshunds when a man approached him and demanded money while holding a gun to his head. Both canines were hit by bullets as the man discharged his gun around five times toward the ground.

Ruiz claims that when the man continued to fire several more shots in his direction, he picked up both of his dogs and left. Upon returning to his home, the victim discovered that one of his dogs was badly injured during the shooting. When Ruiz arrived at the emergency clinic, Bamby, one of his dogs, survived, while Jacob, another, succumbed to gunshot wounds.

Used composite sketch to identify Harris

According to Tampa police, they were able to identify Harris using surveillance footage and a composite sketch. Before the robbery attempt, the 17-year-old was  reportedly driving about the neighborhood in an SUV. Police said that after showing the victim a photo of Harris, the victim recognized Harris as the shooter. Police claimed they found Harris and arrested him around 2.5 hours after the shooting.

Cold-hearted criminal of Tampa streets

The 17-year-old is allegedly connected to several robberies in Hillsborough County, according to the agency. Harris is accused of many offenses, including felonious violent assault, armed robbery, felony aggravated battery with great bodily harm and severe animal cruelty.

Police Chief Mary O’Connor declared, “We removed a heartless criminal from our Tampa streets”. This guy killed a dog, and he probably would have killed the dog’s owner as well if the bullets hadn’t just barely missed.


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